What are best weapons?

  1. Is Lionheart the best weapon for Lightning? What weapons do you guys recommend for the other characters?

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    onvicco - 7 years ago

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  1. Lionheart is good n so is Organyx cuz it is the strongest yet Lionheart has quick stagger. so ii depends either on brute strength or tactical damage thru stagger.

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  1. Lionheart looks great, haven't gotten it quite yet, once I do I'll decide if its any better than my Axis Blade and Whistlewind Scarf Combo that gives me 10% faster ATB regen. As for others, Hawkeye and its upgrade are pretty sick for Hope and Gaebolg looks very nice for Fang. The Procyns (spelling might be wrong) look good for Sazh due to their stagger maintainence, as for Vanille it depends on what you have her doing mainly, Healer Staff for Med, Belladonna Wand if you want to be a Sabatouer, and Pearlwing Staff is good for all around. For Snow, I have no idea, his starter one is pretty decent, I don't really use Snow myself so I don't know.

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  2. Well I use Lionheart for Lightning, Its upgraded to ultima (Tier 2)and maxxed at that. I use Taming pole for Fang, upgraded to Venus Gospel (Tier 2). And i plan on getting the weapon for Hope that has bonus to siphon.
    I am using this setup to get stagger as fast as I can, and have hope gain quick ATB when it happens. I did just get both weapons though, maxxed them out as I could right away. Its nice when taming pole intantly fills up the chain gauge to full.

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  3. Lionheart is best. it comes out about 20 str lower than Gladius when they are both totally upgraded, however it comes out with a whole lot more magic (for ruin) and also has stagger boost, not so useful untill you get to the harder fights at endgame.

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  4. You can upgrade any of the characters weapon to its final form, but the catalyst to do so is kinda expensive.

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  5. Look it took me a while to figure out about upgrading and stuff but one i did i started off these are steps to get lightnings best.
    1.Buy 99 sturdy bones and 99 perfect conducters (1200 gil i think)
    2. kill adamtoise (with vanilles death)
    3. keep fighting till you get trapezehedron (or something like that)
    4.Use the sturdy bones to get about 600 exp to get 3x (on weapon of your choise i used lionheart)
    5.then use about 60 perfect conducters.
    6.use the transformation catylast thing
    7.that will make ultimate weapon stock up on 99 of sturdy bones and perfect conducters
    8.star that then use trapezehedron
    9.and YAY get omega weapon star it up 6 atb bars
    if you do this on fangs weapon and deconstruct it you will get 3 trapezehedron and make more ultimate weapons

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  6. Lightning's best weapon is either the Axis Blade or Lionheart. Lionheart has about 200 more strength when topped out, but ATB Charge II (the ability on the Axis Blade) makes it so you attack so much that it surpasses the Lionheart in overall damage. This is even more effective when combined with 3 Accessories from the Boost Synthesis Group (Hermes Sandals, Sprint Shoes, Tetradic Crown, Tetradic Tiara, Whistlewind Scarf, Aurora Scarf, or Nimbletoe Boots) as they will Raise your ATB Rate even more. For even more fun, if you leave the Axis Blade as the Enkindler and equip say... An Aurora Scarf, Sprint Shoes, Energy Sash and Speed Sash. You get 20% ATB Rate boost AND Random: Instant Chain, which allows you to randomly stagger enemies regardless of what the meter is at, and since you'll be attacking so much it happens very, very often. :)

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  7. Hmm Lightnings best I doubt is Axis... the first one Blazefire(?) ends up being a pretty solid wep for her to use... you need to not have stagger lock, she does have a lot of magic as a Rav and rarely she should be used as a Com as Fang is a lot better, so Gladius etc that focuses on str alone isn't exactly the best combo for her... also look at the boards and search for HUGE GUIDE, there is a wep one there, and pretty much would answer your entire question and give more detail than most would care to on here.

    But.. Lionheart is very good seeing as how Light is such a good Rav and they are used for staggering ;)

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  8. I think the Axis Blade for Lightning because of ATB charge.
    I think Either the Belladona Wand or Healer's Staff depends on if you want to be a SAB or MED
    I think Paladin with its guard for snow because hes mainly only good sentinel but you probably wouldnt use sazh or snow much
    I think sazh needs a gun with either a lot of strength for COM or magic for RAV
    fang should use her taming pole it gets the best upgraded stats for commando or Sabotuer
    and finally hope should use his airwing because it gives the most magic
    i hope this helps you thanks

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  9. yes the Lionheart is the best but it can get even better than that! once u have reached the Lionheats max level use one of the rare stones u get u can only use one! and u transform it into the ULTIMA WEAPON thats the new name for it ultima weapon. yes the ATK and SRT r a lil down but once u MAX out the ultima weapon it becomes 3x stronger than the Lionheart and all the other weapons of lightning and has better effect of even a quicker stagger point it is the best weapon for lightning thats y its called the ULTIMA WEAPON!!! and it looks bad ass too!!! enjoy!

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  10. ARKONG all of the teir 3 weaps are called the same name.

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  11. This from the FAQ, get organyx, pleiades hi-powers, sacrificial circle, simurgh, tigerclaw, and dragoon lance. Then upgrade the sh** out of them.

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  12. For Light= Lionheart looks great to me but in the early stages of the game I recommend you using Gladius/Axis Blade
    For Hope=I would recommend you using Hawkeye and its Tiers
    For Fang= I would recommend you using Gae Bolg
    For Vanille= Belladonna Wand or Healer's Staff ( I recommend Belladonna Wand)
    For Sazh= Procyons will be the best weapon for him
    For Snow= Umbra is the best

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  13. Lightning - Lionheart = Ultima Weapon = Omega Weapon
    Fang - Punisher = Banescissor Spear = Kain's Lance
    Hope - Vidofnir = Hresvelger = Nue/ Hawkeye = Eagletalon = Nue
    Vanille - Belladonna Wand = Malboro Wand = Nirvana
    Sazh - Antares Deluxes = Formalhaut Elites = Total Eclipses
    Snow - Umbra = Solaris = Save The Queen
    (All Of The 3rd Tier Weapons Give ATB +1 Bonus)
    The Weapons i Have Now are:
    Fang* - Calamity Spear* (Couldn't Get Punisher/Lionheart/Antares Deluxes Yet) (2nd Tier Pandoran Spear)
    Lightning* - Axis Blade Lv1
    Hope* - Hresvelger Lv10-20 (i forgot)
    Snow - Umbra Lv9
    Sazh - Procyons Lv1
    Vanille - Malboro Wand Lv10-15
    * On A Person = In Party
    * On a Weapon = Max Level

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