Where can I find trapezohedron?

  1. I see it n the store for 2 million, i missed out on the gil farming, so that definitely wont happen. I've also heard that they are dropped by adamantoise, the big turtle things. are those the only two ways to get one?

    User Info: lloyd1170

    lloyd1170 - 7 years ago

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  1. Inzzane what are you talking about with the Behemoth King stuff...40k CP and the 1% chance of a Trapzohedron drop are stats for Adamantortoise and Adamantoise (the 2nd having almost 2mil more hp). Long Gui also drops it at the same rate but gives 100k CP. If your really desperate to attempt any of em just look for the big turtle like enemies with chains on their legs. If you want to collect gil then hunt for purfumes off Sacrifices running from the portal to Orphan's Cradle to the last set of Archangels in Edenhall. You'll also get the chips Swiftelf mentioned doing this as well as tons of extra Scarletite.

    Purfume- 12500gil
    Scarletite- 7000gil (and likely never having to buy it again for weapon upgrades)
    Incentive Chip and Credit Chip- 2500gil and 500gil

    You're less likely to die from a Death spell cast by a Sacrifice then you are to get easily squished like a bug by the big turtles

    User Info: TLily

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  1. You can dismantle to get them as well, If you have one Trapezoidhedron, than use it to upgrade one of Fang's Weapons into her ultimate one and fully upgrade it until its max level than dismantle it, you'll get the first weapon and 3 Trapezoidhedrons and some other things. Rinse and Repeat and you can get some pretty easily. So to speak. Also, if your low on cash I think the PSICOM and GC enemies in Eden can drop the Credit Chips and Incentive chips, these sell very well, and once your starting to farm for upgrading, it shouldn't be too hard.

    It also works with Vanilles weapons.

    User Info: Swiftelf

    Swiftelf - 7 years ago 2 0
  2. You can fight against the "King Behemoth", he gives you ~40.000KP an he drops Trapezoidhedron. (he also drops some other stuff that can be sold for high gil).

    But you need a very strong group. Just look in the faq-section to find his place.

    User Info: T2_Inzzane

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  3. Tlily the long gui has a much higher drop rate then the regular admantoise im just saying
    you can easily kill admantoise if you use the summon/death trick
    all you got to do is make vanille your party leader then add hope and fang
    fang should be sab/hope syn/vanille sab/
    just summon use gestalt mode then make it go away quickly.
    you have about 5 to six chances to kill him.
    you have to have stage 9 crystarium to get death though

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  4. Yes yes.

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  5. Someone said something about grinding mission 24 in the Tower, I'm about to test that out now.

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  6. ^^^ to add to that: I realize the income is low, but the instant turnover can't be beat.

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