How do I beat Alexander?

  1. Ive tried using every single role combo and nothing seems to work. help!

    User Info: sibwarra2000

    sibwarra2000 - 7 years ago

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  1. Using Hope, Lightning and Fang use the following Paradigms:

    Syn/Rav/Sen - Start the battle with this, buff everyone. The buffs and the attacks from light will increase his meter thing.
    Med/Rav/Sen - Once you are fully buffed switch between this and the third paradigm when you need healing. Since he submits to those who heals you can still gain a little progress by switching to a healer and healing anyone.
    Rav/Rav/Sen - After everyone is buffed use this to wail on him. You can use Rav/Rav/Com but I find that having a Sentinal made it a little easier damage wise, and the extra attacks from the Commando didn't help much.

    This is the method I used to beat him. Did it on the first try with no shrouds and I had skipped about half of the random battles prior to this, so I wasn't maxed on any classes or anything.

    User Info: GlassHamster

    GlassHamster - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. Hmm .. It was Hope/Light/Fang u had right?
    Cast protect on everyone ASAP.. Saves alot of damage.
    Have fang on sentinel to tank when he attacks.

    He only attacks once every 10 seconds or so for 2-3 hits.. After he attacked he stands still for a while (Prolly recharging imo for his big gigantic painfull hits)

    Sooo bodem line.
    Syn/Med/Sen - U start with
    Rav/Rav/Com - U attack with when he stands still
    med/med/sen -When he attacks depending what is more usefull for u
    Rav/med/Sen - When he attacks depending what is more usefull for u

    Hope it helped

    User Info: pipituga

    pipituga - 7 years ago 1 0
  2. Yields to those who:
    -amass chain bonuses
    -heal the wounded
    -strengthen their allies

    Simple, buff everyone up using hope Pref. Protect & Shell.
    Switch to relentless assult to mass up the chain bonus.
    Swich to heals when needed (re-buff if it fades)
    Mainly hit the target with everything you have and it should go down well quick, i had no problems with this :)

    User Info: master_albo

    master_albo - 7 years ago 1 1

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