How do I beat Gigantaur (Giant Cactuar)?

  1. It's in chapter 11, and it dishes out obscene amounts of damage and daze isn't working all too well in making sure it doesn't kill my leader. It's part of the Cie'th stones sidequests. Any advice in killing this giant cactaur?

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Accepted Answer

  1. Ok, there is a way to legitly get 5 stars, but you'll have to spend some coin. First, this is like a heavyweight fight.. whoever can outdamage the other will win and this won't take very long. So that means you'll need some hp to take it, which means you gotta do it post game.
    You'll need fang, sazh and snow (they are the highest hp guys)
    you'll need recommended for hp: 18k, 21k, 24k
    The thing about this is that you have to up strength too when you grab hp upgrades, which unfortunately, works against us. Because higher strength lowers the battle target time.
    So what you want is 2 of them with strong weapons and the other with a useful effect weapon. You only need tier 2 weapons, for me I used taming pole and pleides hi power, up to tier 2 max. Now the Pleides is ultra strong. +1100 str at max, but it really lowers Sazh's hp... to about 13k. I just put a lvl 1 paladin on snow (no upgrades), which boost his sentinel abilities.

    Now you'll also need about 7 pain dampeners (3k each). By now you should have been able to farm the Adamantoise and get some ingots so this should be just a drop in the bucket. Also need one fortisol and one aegisol for the battle (which is another 22k if you buy them from eden). If you finished the game, you should have all of these items except the pain dampeners.
    Fang: powerglove, 2 pain, and either ribbon or goddess favor
    Sazh: adamant bangle, 2 pain, white cape (cuz he'll need to cast a couple of spells)
    Snow: 3 pain + your choice of accessory

    Arrange so it's Fang, Sazh, Snow:
    Gigantaur is impossible to stagger unless you use that lucky insta break thing.

    I personally like controlling Sazh because his blitz rocks when you have 2200+ strength but the thing is, with only 13k, he can easily go down in 2 shots and if you're the leader, then you're done. So control Fang instead.
    Use Fortisol/Aegisol so that all the major buffs are already up.
    When you start the fight, use libra right away. He's weak to fire, so what will happen is Sazh will cast enfire on everyone, starting with 1st to 3rd. That's why you put Sazh 2nd. You only need him to cast enfire on Fang and Sazh. You use Com for Snow at the beginning only to get in a few shots, but with only 1400 str, he won't do much.

    His real strength lies in being a meat shield. Switch to Com/Com/Sen and just attack away, then it's just a matter of outdamaging Gig in time. As long as your leader doesn't die, you can keep reviving them with phoenix down (which also brings the hp back up to 70%). Now with enough pain dampeners, you should likely block it, but if one does get through, just use a painkiller. Fang is going to do most of the damage, so unless someone is dead or fang got pained, you should be attacking. The majority of the Gig's attacks should go to Snow because he is guarding but it's not full proof.

    With Fang and Sazh wacking away at 2500 and 2200 strength each + enfire, he should go down in 75 - 90 secs. If Fang dies, just keep retrying. Forget about medic, it's all about outpunching Gigantaur, unfortunately, you may have to retry, but it's sure to 5 star if you outlast him. Hope that helps.

    I know you're probably spending about 40-50k just for this fight, but this fight is purely for getting trophies, so you might as well.

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Other Answers

  1. well, ive leveled up quite a bit and im on chapter 11, and have most all my characters with full level 4 crystals, and one level 1, have players with catalysed level 2 weapons, and most accesories on star for each and hit points are coming up to 5000 on each character, im pretty strong at the moment, because i just played the boss Barthilus going through the main story, and killed him without a sweat ......

    but even i get pwnd every time i try to face that huge cactus ! My advice would be to complete the game, and come back because Crystarium goes to max stage, and i heard you can braek the cap of your hit points too above 10'000 and might need it to kill all the strongest monsters. Only monsters i cant kill his that larg cactus, those huge dinosaur looking things, and that MEGA huge molten lava thing ..........

    But if you do try or find a way to kill him at the moment, good luck !

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  2. Do this after chapter thirteen. Just because it becomes available in chapter eleven doesn't mean you should do it. The last crystarium stage is pretty much essential also I suggest being Vanille because her summon is the strongest and you'll need it. Even though he is susceptible to daze you will need Improved Debuffing II for it to hit and then it won't last long. Haste is an absolute must and a Sentinel is only useful when healing. I suggest having Vanille Lightning and Sazh but only after Sazh has become a formidable sentinel. I also suggest that you use the Organyx to become your Omega Weapon.

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  3. killing this was pretty hard on me aswell. but i managed to kill it.
    i had

    when you start the battle just keep casting daze on it with fang on it and lighting and hope will do the rest. also go in with the power ups, forgot the name but they give your protect,hate,veil,and all that

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  4. That fight was pretty easy imo. Just have fang as leader in sabouter and snow as sentinel and another sabouter just to debuff the gigantuar. keep dazing him, the stagger bar should rise almost instantly. then when you stagger him just summon bahamut and put your role into comando, he can deal 50k or more damage with just a punch. then just put yourself in gestal mode to finish the job. the megaflare can deal around 300k/400k.

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  5. There is one easy but long way to do this fight (taken from the official guide) First all all, you'll wan't to use Sazh as a ravager, Hope as a medic, and then either Fang or Snow as a sentinal. And as for fight preparations, I'd recommend equiping Sazh with 4 Pain dampeners (this is for the early stages of the fight to help with putting distance between Sazh and the gigantuar) Hope with 4 white capes (helps with much needed healing) and your sentinel with whichever combination of those 2 items. Now as for the fight itself, you'll probably want to use a quick librascope at the start, and then just keep on attacking with Sazh. And if you used the librascope, he'll keep alternating between fire and firestrike (fire and ground elements being it's weakness), and what this does is make him constantly move backwards until he's reached the edge of the arena, which will literally put you out of reach of 10,000 needles (you may need to use your summon if you take too much damage). And once you're out of reach of it's attack, you can then safely use haste on both Sazh and Hope, which will make it easier for Hope to keep the sentinel alive. And all you have to do is just keep attacking while casting haste every now and then, and it should fall after about 20+ minutes.

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  6. To be honest you're not going to be able to beat him legit. I had trouble with him and i have 3 max ultimate weapons and 4 lvl 5 chrystariums.

    How I did it, and how might work for you, its to get lucky, Lucky Break that is. =D

    Equip Lighting with Hauteclaire (you get it in ch. 11 somewhere i believe), as well as an energy sash or a speed sash (the Kill: ATB or TP accesories). You can also equip light with any weapon and 2 of either energy or speed sashes (or one of each), however you will want those extra accesorry slots for pain/fog resist so i recommend using hautelcaire. Anyways, this will give you the synthesized ability Random: Instant Chain, which will boost his chain gauge to the stagger point.

    You are also going to want some Pain Dampeners and Capes. You can buy them from B&W Outfitters i believe for around 1-3,000 each. It costs 50,000 to upgrade one to its max (30,000 for a pervkosite i think). So if you have some spare change go ahead and get and upgraded cape for your medic, otherwise just slap one on there.

    Set up your party like this.
    Light/Snow/Vanille (or your best Rav/Com, Sent, and Medic.)
    Light needs Pain&Fog Resist. Snow needs Pain Resist. Vanille needs Fog Resist.

    Start in Rav/Sent/Med. Pray for an instant chain. Once he staggers, switch to Com/Sent/Med. Do some damage and switch back.

    This is a battle that is going to be very frustrating and very challenging if you haven't completed the game (and gotten your 10th crystarium level. The 10th level gives you around 10k HP in your 3 main roles for each char). I think its doable, but its going to take alot of luck, and alot of patience.

    Good Luck.

    P.S. Another alternative if things are getting bad is to have fang as your Sent, and switch to Med/Sab/Med (light/fang/van). Spam daze on him and let your healers do their thing. I personally didn't like doing this as it wasn't very reliable, but it is an option.

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  7. btw, I tried the Daze thing, it doesn't work because as soon as you hit him, he "wakes up". And using Daze only to stagger him doesn't work either cuz it takes too long and he'll simply outdamage you after a while because Daze works about 40% of the time. There's the method to push him away with Sazh, but that takes forever (no 5 stars). And the insta chain thing is totally luck.

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