How do I beat (Barthandelus, second fight)?

  1. So, having trouble with the second fight against Barthandelus in Oerba. He just keeps casting doom, and I can't beat him in time.
    Any tips?

    User Info: klenman

    klenman - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Make sure you have, combat clinic, evened odds, and relentless assault, and diversity paradigms respectively. I reccomend Light, Hope, and Fang for this. Start off the battle with Evened odds and immediately use libra/librascope. Keep casting cure until hope has bestowed about 5 buffs on everyone (might only be four, just keep an eye on hope you should know when he's done). Fang will have gotten a debuff or two on him, immediately switch to relentless assault and go buck wild on him. Occasionaly switching to diversity if only one character gets low on health, or combat clinic if multiples do. Once you stagger him keep relentless assault going as long as you can without healing to max out damage. This is a very long fight and your buffs won't last so take the time to reapply them. He has a nasty blast that hits everyone (i believe it's called thanatos laser), once he readies it make sure you're in combat clinic before he fires. Keep this up and he'll go down. If you need to, double back and grind. Chapter 11 is the first time you may really need to do this.

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Other Answers

  1. Once you're at the point where he casts doom all you can do is go for Relentless Assualt and hope the status effects don't become a problem. Other then that just grinding is the best bet and will come in help in the next area anyways. Although I lost the first try on this one, I went back for the second attempt and never saw doom used at all...I have absolutly no idea why but I kept checking his hp since it should be cast around 400k. 100k left and still no doom and probably the most shocked expression on my face at that point. Not sure if I was overpowered or what but if you end up really lucky you might be able to avoid doom completely

    User Info: TLily

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  2. There is a much safer way to beat him, and its really simple.

    1. Make sure your characters have at least lvl4 in the 3 recommended roles.
    2. If you can, try to get Instant Chain synthesis ability for Lightning, this will help quite a bit.
    3. Ok, battle starts. Get him debuffed while he is weak. At the VERY LEAST keep Slow on him at all times.
    4. Once he is debuffed switch to Delta Attack (Com/Sen/Rav) and use ONLY 2 rounds on him. Switch to Mystic Tower (Rav/Sen/Rav) and bring up his chain gauge. Healing when necessary. (Med/Sen/Med).
    5. Once he is staggered switch to Relentless Assualt (Rav/Com/Rav) or Aggression (Com/Com/Rav). I found Aggression to be more effective at HP drainage. Make sure to keep your party's HP in the green.
    6. Repeat steps 3 through 5.

    My party was: Lightning/Fang/Hope

    Follow this and should be fine. Beating the Target Time easily to avoid the "Doom" spell on your party leader.Make sure you have 5 TP to start with. You will need it, incase your overwhelmed by too many status ailments at once.

    User Info: FF13Helper

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