How do I beat Adamantoise?

  1. Can you kill it before you finish the game ?

    ive heard there's a trick with death ?

    And what should i equip as accessories ?


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    silverkhalsa1 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ok, you CAN kill it with "Death" but its a very very risky gamble. I don't advise it. Death has a base % chance of a whooping... 1%. Increasing with accs/Weapons/Sab Role Level.

    If you wish to challange this beast, best wait until the end of the game. He hits you for at least 8k damage with Quake without accessories on. Thats WITH a Sen active.

    When you challange this Monstrosity, make sure your leader (Best playing as Fang) has the Ethernal Damage synthesis ability. Note it is only for Fang and Hope, which is why i suggest using Fang as your Leader when you fight this thing). It nullifies ALL physical Damage.

    Having Earth accs helps out tremendously too.

    Use a Sab to weaken his legs and go for quick staggers. These things weaken ALL damage by a tenth, including all elementals and have i believe a stagger point of 250%. Once they are staggered slaughter it. Healing when your party needs too. You will need a party with at least 10k+ HP, 15k for your Sen.

    Once the legs are dead, the Adamantoise falls to the ground and loses all its resistances. Use Relentless Assualt to stagger it, Lightning's and Hope's "Special" attacks work wonders. Army of One and Last Resort I believe. Once he is staggered, use Aggression for maximum damage.

    He does around 3k Damage with normal attacks and 8k with Quake on unprepared parties. Take care.

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