Best Weapons for Lightning, Sazh, and Hope?

  1. My team is Lighting Sazh and Hope and im trying to figure out what the best equipment is for this team cause Lightning is using the Gradius (which is tier 3 btw) Sazh is using the Hi-powers guns great for commando but usless for magic and has a horrible bonus (reduces his HP, these are tier 3 level 100, they are mastered), and Hope is using the Hawkeye great for magic, ok for str. are these the best weapons for them or no, if you can please tell me their perfect weapons, thanks in advance.

    By the way. I want my team commando commando ravengar, so if you can please give me the perfect setup for lightning sazh and hope

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  1. There is no "best" weapon, as it all comes to personal preference. However, there are good places to start.

    The Lionheart is typically regarded as Lightning's best weapon, due to the more rapid Stagger rate.

    Most people play Sazh as a MAG character, so I dunno there.

    But the Hawkeye is DEFINITELY Hope's best weapon, period.

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  1. in stage 3 lvl 100;
    blazefire = 620ATK, 620MAG.
    Axis = 315ATK, 315MAG.
    Edged = 210ATK, 723MAG.
    lifesaber= 520ATK, 520MAG.
    Gladius= 723ATK, 210MAG.
    Organyx=750ATK, 750MAG.
    Hauteclaire= 711ATK, 711MAG.
    Lionheart= 508ATK, 508MAG.
    my tactic is to equip hermes sandles, sprint shoes, aurora scarf and nimbletoe boots on light so she gets +20percent ATB means that theyr all superfast and haste at start and if she go crit. also full ATB at start and bonus to evade (only rly handy as SEN). Hautteclair has highATK/MAG but cant stagger, since she COM then this doesnt matter as much. Conversly, Lionheart makes them stagger faster and ok ATK/MAG. Axis charges ATB wit every hit and if u hit the enemy with a debuff etc then as COM u get i think Faultsiphon which charge ATB aswell :L i like to hit things alot :D. opposite to this is Organyx which is slow but wit the Accesories detailed above its made all better :] (or you could equip 4 Kaiser Knuckles( full upgrade warrior/brawler/power wrist) and genji gloves to get +1200 strength and uncapped damage and really land some heavy blows =]). if i get the chance then i tend to try change weapons to ther weakness like to Gladius for ATK or Edged for MAG..... but i hope this has helped despite being so long!!!!!! will post later bout sazh/hope, gtg2work nw :L

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  2. Man Kyuki that was a waste of comment completely --->coming from somone who owns both<---

    Ps3 = more problems then Xbox 360 for the record

    First off Xbox has 3 disk not 2 that doesnt even make sense considering there all the same amount of game space meaning its 3 disk just like ps3. on the other hand i would assume the best weapons would be

    Organyx = Light turned into omega weapon 750 Str 750 Mag

    Speca Defender = Sazh turned into total ecplise 713 Str 911 Mag

    Malphas = Hope Turned into Nue 832str 832 Mag

    Overall best even stats with decent Mag and Decent Str around the same level

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  3. Kyuki is prolly ignorant considering FF7 which is arguably one of the best in the series shipped with 3 disks also. Not to mention other than having 3 disks, FF13 is the same on both consoles. Want proof? go look at the IGN video comparison.

    Anyways, to answer the question because this is a Q/A area, go check my same question for more answers.

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  4. yeah Kyuki your dumb watch the video on ign there both the same except xbox u get acheivments rather then trophies!!!!!!!!

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  5. LMAO, Kyuki28 cracks me up. (S)he sounds like I did at one point. I was hardcore ANTI-XBox, PRO-Playstation (2) Then the 360 came around. Sorry, but the 360 is an all around better system. Just a suggestion, do a little research before you make too much of an ass out of yourself. lol.

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  6. Lightning - lionheart. Quick stagger is amazing, and the stats are 508 for both mag and str when maxed to omega. its very wellrouned, and since you will be going from ravenger to commando to medic a lot in battles, you need the stat boost imo. behind that is the axis blade. that is well rounded too (315 for both mag and str), less stats but its quick, and you get a nice atb charge that will cut through enemies like no tomorrow (if used properly). I went with lionheart. better stats, and i love the quick stagger. its a great weapon especially if shes your main.

    sazh - it depends on how you will be playing him. im assuming hope will be your ravenger/medic/syn leaving light and sazh to be either commando or rav. if you plan on using sazh as your commando and light as your rav, then give him either the rigels or the procyons. the rigels have nice stats (sitting just over 1000 for both mag and str) but its stagger lock, which in this case, since he would be commando, that wont be a problem since commandos dont build stagger really in the first place. if you go with the procyons, it doesnt have the stats like that (@ 400 mag and 600 str) but it does have stagger maintenance (makes the stagger last 10% longer and 30% once you upgrade it). being that most of the harder enemies require them to be staggered to kill them, its quite nice. if your farming cp against enemies that die quick, kinda makes it useless ya know? i dont really use him that much (i use light, fang and hope) but i would probably go with procyons. ill explain at the end.

    Hope - either the osthirvani or the vidofnir. osthirvani is more for ravenger because of the siphon boost (builds the atb gauge faster). the vidofnir is more for the synergist (it holds the buffs 80% longs, and when you have haste, strength, defense buffs longer and dont waste time switching back and forth so, you, in turn, can dish out more damage. talking stats, hawkeye leads with a nice 900~ mag, but if you can deal with 200 less mag (the 2 weapons have the same mag stat, 713) and get the nice weapon buff, you definitely notice. but as for myself, i went for the osthirvani.

    so if your set up is those 3 and took those weapons, your weapon buffs would be lionheart quick stagger (bring the stagger up fast), procyons stagger maintenance (keep that stagger longer) and the osthirvani siphon boost ( when they are staggered, you can kill them quicker). the game is full of diversity and everything has its pros and cons.

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  7. on a side note, Kyuki has no idea what he is talking about. your dumb im sorry. 1st off, the reason its 3 disks (not 2, dummy) is because it (like every ff game) is huge. Now that things are in hd, files are becoming even larger. thankfully, blueray disks hold 50x more information than a normal dvd does. since xbox doesnt have a blue ray player, it cant be put on a blue ray disk, hence the disk difference. graphics wise tho, same thing. Ps3 is maybe a notch more vibrant, probably due to the bluray but theres no real difference. its a beautiful game.

    I own a ps3 and an ex-360 owner. both systems are amazing. For many reasons i decided to go with the ps3 (if i had the money i would get a xbox again fyi). xbox live has a better online community, flowing with a large community, and even though you pay for it, you get what you pay for. its very manageable and more reliable. ps3's online isnt bad at all (considering its free!) and i never have problems with it, but it could be better. xbox right now has a 30% chance to get rrod compared to ps3's 10% chance to get ylod (i read the ps3 is 5% but i doubt that, it sounded to bias) i like it being a blueray player. blueray is a new age disk that is going to outdue regular cds soon. games are getting better and larger, and gaming companies are going to want to produce games with as little limitations as possible. most people will never do this, but i like having linux on my ps3 but this feature really isnt a make or break, but its cool and nice to have. bluetooth capability! best part imo. use any of your bluetooth headsets for your ps3, and you can connect your ps3 controller wirelessly to your computer. xbox does not have bluetooth. and ps3 has built in wireless and xbox, you have to pay for the adapter (lame). they have the same games for the most part. i went for ps3 for this reason above all reasons, and even tho the game sucked compared to its predecessors, i got it for socom (socom 4 coming out woo!) Long story short, xbox - better for online.. a LOT more hardcore players which is nice. Ps3 - has some techy advantages but hey, you get the system to play GAMES on them, bottom line. they both look the same and function the same. xbox has games ps3 will never have and vise versa.

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  9. butt sex with a large black man? that sounds horrible!!
    anywho i own both 360 and PS3 and i just like PS3 better, though i agree the online community is a little better on 360 i am not rich AT ALL(although i have both systems =P) so i cant afford to pay every month for online so i go PS3 more
    and to topic LionHeart sounds pretty beast, whats her suppossed best weapon though? like ATB gauge +1 weapon

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  10. Kyukki 28 shut up
    i think is up to you what you want

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  11. Kyukki28 = waste of space n oxygen
    PS3 or Xbox doesn't matter
    Lightning+Lion Heart/Organyx
    Sazh+not great for COM tho gud for RAV/SYN giv him smthing w/ high magic

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  12. The way i set up my team is that:
    Lightning - axis blade (Placed with the whistlewind scarf, sprint shoes, hermes sandles ect) This will give her excelent speed and will use her ability as a ravager really well (yeah i prefer her as a ravager after the tech she gains in her stage 9 crystarium) and with the hasting abilities she basically staggers enemies by herself

    Sazh - I dont really use but again i prefer him as a synergist or ravager and for that i gave him the deneb dullers (i think) coz this has the postive effect synthasis ability makin him perfect for his synergist role (also not bad attack or defence)

    Hope - I gave him an otshivani just coz its syntasis ability is the same as the axis blade and speeds him up so he can stagger really quickly and if needed heal really quickly

    I gotta ask tho in your team i can see light as a commando, all 3 as ravagers, sazh and hope as synergists, lightning and hope as medics... but who is your sabotuer and sentinal?

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