How do I unlock Mission 14?

  1. Pretty much what the title says, and is this the mission you have to do to ride chocobo's?

    User Info: chocoboknight12

    chocoboknight12 - 7 years ago

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  1. You can unlock the chocobos anytime from the moment you step onto Archlytte steppes for the first time. YOu have to start doing cie'th stone missions in order 1, 2,3 so on and so forth. this will mean you have to back track through Valis Media (WHere you first started on Gran Pulse) Mission 7 is in the ruins all the way at the end of the Yaschas Masiff (The paddraen Archaeopolis). This should be either your first or second Undying cieth mission. Doing this unlocks Mission 12, which is the stone that blocks the Font of Namva (Where the chocobo's are) then do mission 13 which is near the entrance to the valley that goes to the Font of Namva (Right at the bottom of the hill sitting on its own) this should unlock mission 14 which is located next to a lake north of mission 13.

    Alot of text but i hope it helps lol. Also new Cie'th mission Unlock every time you get a rank up. Doing 14 should give you the rank Feathered Friend and the Gyshal Reins

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  1. You have to be playing the post game content first of all. Then you have to do mission #12, which removes the Cie'th paling from the area where the chocobos are. #12 unlocks #13 which, in turn, unlocks #14. Completing #14 earns you the Gysahl Reins enabling you to ride those majestic, yellow creatures.

    User Info: Faytgirl80

    Faytgirl80 - 7 years ago 1 2

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