Attacus the Soulless, Mission 51?

  1. Ok, I'm sitting here at the end of Titan's Trials, I'm facing the final possible missing against this moronic cieth Attacus, 9 million HP and can't be staggered. Anybody beaten him and got a hint for me?

    User Info: Zunar

    Zunar - 7 years ago

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  1. The best way to beat him is to play it safe, but he gets more difficult as the battle progress's. At about 25% hp lose or so he changes his charge move, i forgot what its called. And again at 50% HP he changes it to meditate, which without a SEN will instantly kill any character, even Snow with his massive HP. His no stagger point means nothing. damage will still increase as you pound on him.

    Here is the strategy I used.

    Start the battle by inflicting deshell, deprotect, slow and curse on him. He is susceptible to those. Refresh them as much as you can without putting your party at risk. I also put Haste, Bravery, Faith, protect, shell and Veil on my party. Veil helps from being inflicted by Deprotect or Deshell.

    Once I was prepped i immedietly used Delta attack then switched to mystic tower to build up the chain gauge a little bit. Lightning's One Man Army is great for this. So is Hope's Last Resort. Try to keep the chain gauge going as much as possible. Once the chain gauge was around 250-350% i switched back to Delta attack to let my Com unleash mayhem.

    Having Instant chain equiped for your attacking characters will help you tremendously. Since he has a large chain resistance, having this equipped will enable a possible fast victory.

    Follow this and you should make relativly short work of him. Remember to keep him debuffed as much as possible. Refreshing your buffs also helps. Strategic warfare buffs your characters while keeping the chain fixed. (Com/Sen/Syn)

    My Party was Lightning, Fang, and Hope when I beat him.

    User Info: FF13Helper

    FF13Helper (Expert) - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. No tips for you......although I did beat him using the safe method.......well, to be more precise, the long as all hell method by almost costantly using a sentinal.

    User Info: Celldrax

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  2. if you haven't beat him by now, try looking into the Missions guide on FAQ section. they author gives an excellent way to beat him, and gives an easy 5 star rating, that's actually what i ended up doing.

    User Info: iakingdom

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  3. This is what i did. Fang snow vanille. entered with fortisol and agisol. started sab/com/sab got depro and any other good debuffs. went relentless assault unill he took out his first sword then i went delta attack. snow as sen with solaris. atticut did like no dam to snow. i just kept up with damage started toing 100kdam switch to med/sen/med if u ever need heal snow easy fight.

    User Info: gamecheatmaster

    gamecheatmaster - 7 years ago 1 1
  4. prob with sentinel is he can cast doom which will kill your leader after the clock runs out after an hour and 23 min i had to restart with about 3/7 of his hp left, but yeah you can go it safe and chance a doom counter, or you can do things like a true L'Cie and focus on attack making switches to salvation as need, maybe so buffs and/or debuffs, but once hes bellow half you might want to consider taking him out quick once again switching to salvation or even combat clinic to make brief heal breaks, 3rd weapons will help a lot and having your characters maxed in commando ravager and medic goes a long way too, also he has a habit of casting deprotect and deshell so have a healer that can use esuna never use dispel because you may want to summon an eidolon if your party falls to its last leg, and another thing even though its late in the game you may want to stock up on phoenix downs cause you may not be in an easy situation to resurrect any fallen members right away. finally bust out your four-leaf clovers your horseshoes, stash of 'heads up' pennies because the one thing you're gonna need a lot of is good luck and even more patience.

    User Info: mrlotus

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  5. I found Lightning to be a better "tank" on this guy since Elude + Nimbletoe Boots = WIN. About every other time he tried to attack her (after his first tranformation), it was instant misses. I barely had to heal her which left the others to do damage without the fear of being damaged. What I would suggest is having all paradigms but one, with a SEN in it. Use the other slot or two for the first 50% of his health, and use Relentless or Aggression. Note that the instant chain thing is nice, but you don't need Lightning to get the ability. WHATEVER you do, DO NOT Highwind him. Also, I think at about 25% left, he becomes almost impossible to debuff. Just make sure you are buffed and the stagger meter is high, and it won't matter.

    User Info: Sasquatch8080

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  6. I didn't have any trouble getting a 5 star rating against this guy. Let alone beating him.
    Even so when he unleased his Meditate attack it crippled any character (Sentinal or not) so i just kept a 3 medics paradime ready. so i could heal instantly.
    I also ensured that someone was almost always attacking, and i kept up the debuffs on him and kept buffing my characters. Its true that he becomes harder to debuff but it does work, and to great effect.

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  7. Yeah its important to have your main with synergist abilities to get rid of deprotect. I had snow as leader switched to syn to cast protect when I got hit with deprotect, switched to sen to take the charge attack

    Also equipped a royal armlet and generals belt to resist physical dmg

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  8. Just so you know i had lightning with 18k hp and with protect on i still had about 9k hp left- basically keep protecton and haste and bravery and faith and you pretty much shouldn't die too much- it is still a long battle though in comprison to other ones

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  9. I have no problems at this guy...

    This guy can be staggered if you reach his stagger point which is 999%

    At first, I had an 4 star rating
    but when I have my second battle, I earned an 5 star rating! (WITH STAGGER)

    then I tried my third battle (NO STAGGER INVOLVED) but I still got an 5 star rating...
    then fourth battle, it is like my third battle.


    Well I used Fang, Light, Vanille.

    I cannot remember my accessories at that time...

    The key here is that there is always the RAVAGER in any paradigm.

    COM/COM/COM (In case if staggered)
    SAB/RAV/RAV (default)

    Do not concentrate about his health, concentrate on filling his stagger gauge...

    1. Enter the battle with Aegisol and Fortisol.
    2. Debuff! (I think four debuffs, Deprotect...)
    3. RAV/RAV/RAV!!!
    4. ATTACK!!!
    5. When debuffs dissapear...
    6. RAV/RAV/SAB!!!
    7. Debuff!
    8. Rinse & Repeat

    NOTE: If one is in low health or have been debuffed, switch to RAV/RAV/MED, If all are in low health, switch either to SYN/MED/MED or SAB/MED/MED.

    If staggered...
    9. COM/COM/COM
    10. ATTACK!

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  10. Go use the death trick to kill some turtles to power level and get some tier 3 weapons + better accessories. One option is to power stock Champion Belts (+30 Physical Res) [Upgrade from General Belts which are bought in a shop]. But I just buffed/debuffed and built stagger to as high as I could before he pulled the sword from his chest. Then I got ready to heal whoever he landed the attack on, making sure my leader was in Sen and blocking. Then I healed up, and went commando on him to take little chunks out. No stagger required. I won in about 7 minutes first try ever, and that was slow. Why rush? Go turn your char's into tanks and come back and blow him away.

    User Info: YourFinalMoment

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  11. well the best way is to raise his stagger to a reasonable amount ( I used 300%) then have 1 healer 1 sentinel and 1 attacker(preferably fang or someone with high attack points), and also healer/sentinel/synergist. also have a all out attack paragram, and also have elixers( they fully restore the health of your party members THAT ARE ALIVE) for multiple summoning in one go but only use them when either you are about to die or he's about to die and he casted doom and you and at the same time of all of that you know that your not gonna make it with your people. (that was my situation and it also was the time I figured out about the use of elixers)

    User Info: shane1452

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  12. Ok im not entirely sure if its goin to work as i havnt tried it yet (going back thru the missions gettin all 5 stars now) but my method for killin him this time is going to be to try a instant stagger which if you dont know is a synthesised ability im using it through lightning the idea is that it instantly staggers no matter how far from stagger the enemy is but theres only like a 1% chance which when you consider 6 hits/turn it comes out quite commonly with him staggered it should b extremely easy to destroy him in under 3 minutes,the equipment im using for the instant stagger is weapon: omega weapon (upgraded from the hauteclaire this and lionheart are the only weapons that cant instant stagger for lightning although everyone has 1 or 2) and accessorys champions badge energy sash and hunters friend(these are the accessories that create the ability when equipt with the hauteclaire or lionheart) and ofcourse the good old genji gloves. ill giv it a go an let you know if it works

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  13. Sorry to correct my post above only weapons that CAN instantly stagger with lightning :P

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  14. Beat him with maxed Lv 4 Crystalium and useful skills unlocked, and buy 2 max general belts and aurora scarf for each character to have 50% physical reduction and some speed boost(coz is a long fight) on all characters.

    my team is vanile 8400 hp, lightning 8500hp, fang 8700hp

    first two phase should be quite easy just hammer away and build up as much chain gauge as you can with rav/rav/rav(hopefully 500%+) before he takes out his massive sword at 50% hp.

    after he took out his big sword, switch role to com/sen/com to hit , or buffed up using med/sen/syn , because of the sen his one hit ko will always hit lightning and it should be evaded quite often, as soon as he finishes using concerntrate quickly switch to med/med(seb)/seb to heal up or revive abit and refreshes debuff for one turn or two turn then switch back to com/sen/com or med/sen/syn formation, he should drop pretty quickly.

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  15. if he is to hard i would try grinding for a little bit to upgrade you main 3 characters weapons

    Best 3 ways to grind,
    1. B4 you beat the Game there are a group of 3 Sacrifices and one with 4 and behind them portals spawn to go to gran pulse or edenhall; keep attacking the one with 3 use SAB SAB RAV and mainly use fogga and painga then switch to RAV COM RAV and usee ruinga it gives you good stuff to sell and to reset the mob near the fight go to the little ledge ramo thing and go most of the way down go back up preemptive strike and repeat
    2. Repeat sidequest mission 24
    3. Use Vanille's "Death" trick on an adamantortoise or toise
    first summon hecatoncheir and yes you must play as vanille once he is summoned mannnually go to abilities and spam death if it gets back up and kills you try again
    you get 40,000 crystarium and if youre lucky get a trapezohedron but its a 1% drop
    hope this helps good luck

    User Info: snipercat97

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  16. This is a guide to how to get 5 stars on Attacus. ( I tried it and it worked! ) Any characters would be fine, but I mostly recommend to use Fang, Hope, and Snow.
    Begin your Paradigm as Superiorty. Fang as Sab. Hope as Syn. and Snow as Syn. After all of your team mates have been Buffed with all your Syn. spells and Attacus has been fully Sab.-ed, You Stagger him with three ravagers. ( Yes he can actually be staggered. ) Then do Fang Com. Hope Rav. and Snow Sen. Then if he debuffs himself or you just do Superiorty again then the same routine all over again.

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  17. Remember one thing every time you cut a limb his power will encrease and yours too.....i used the safe methode and i didn't die nor any of my allies.
    battle team: Light, Fang, Snow
    paradism: ravager, sab,sen, after full debuff switch
    second step : rav, com,sen
    When snow goes low Hp switch to: medic, com, sen
    i killed him in about 6 min or soo..... 5 star s rank .

    User Info: elfistein

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