How do I beat Mission 62 (2 raktavija)?

  1. I am having alot of trouble beating this mission. its the only one i have to do to unlock mission 64. i gont have the gil to get the fully upgraged +magic item. and i dont know if equiping multiple CCand CC(rare items) will improve droprates compaired to only equiping 1. their magic is too strong and i have no time to do any damage. i really need help. (fang ultimate weapon/dragoon lance) lighning ultimate/lionheart). and i now that wrong equip for fang for magic dampener

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    gamecheatmaster - 7 years ago
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    I have done the imperil and 3 rav but they take turns with multicast i can get one staggered w/o going crit. hp. i did test tortise SENx3 it did help but it still gives me trouble. atticus was 10x easyer lol

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    Finaly beat it went armor way using 8 wizard braclets getting each person like 50% magic resist. went by very easy after that. hunt 64 though umph lol

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Accepted Answer

  1. i cant recall where i found a guide for it, but it said something about using magic dampener and magic braces, but i didn't bother with the dampener, waste of money for just one mission considering you need 4 dark matters at 840k each. so i settled for either 2 or 3 witch's braces each and i was only a short way into each characters alternate classes on the crystarium, so its not like i was super leveled up, i know i only have at max tier two weapons, since i still don't even have tier 3 (tho I'm working it atm). anyway i believe i used a tri-disaster paradigm (3 RAVs) either cerberus/ Aggression/relentless assault (3 com/2 com 1 rav/1com 2 rav) depending on who you use in your party, and evened odds paradigm (SYN SAB MED) for the usual buff/debuff, possibly a Salvation (3 MED) for emergencies, if you're still having problems with staying alive, try throwing in a SEN and mix it into most of the paradigms.

    i recall using lightning as my main, probably fang and hope as back up.
    lightning's one man army helps a ton here, fang easily has slow for SAB by now, and Hope makes a great medic with SYN haste, though Light will need to back up as MED if necessary.

    starting with Evened odds to buff then tri-disaster or relentless assault if you cant make 3 RAVs and just build up as much chain as you can till he staggers, then use lightning's one man army to build the chain to 999% in like two turns then use your most offensive paradigm to take out as much hp as you can.

    Debuff him just before he staggers if you can.

    Then next, just take it slow, it took me 2 staggers to kill each one, and i still ended with a 5 star.

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Other Answers

  1. i also had some troubles at first completing this mission because i was just merely to weak, but since this is your 2nd last mission i would say you are strong enough. well i think your just setting your paradigms wrong.

    make sure you always cast imperial and slow on them, this will ensure quick staggers with 3 RAVS. and always switch trough 3 medic because its more effective and quicker than one MED and one SEN if you know what.

    and thats all pretty much to it. debuff, stagger and heal.

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