What is the best weapon for Lightning, Hope, and Fang?

  1. If Light: ravager, Hope:medic, and Fang:commando.
    I'm on chapter 9 and the only weapon i upgrade is edged carbine, and level 5! I know it's horrible..
    So i need a guide here to know what weapon i need to max and match the role.

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    vane_in_box - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Thanks for the answers!
    now I'm on chapter 10 (disc 3) and i have upgraded axis blade, only lev 10 tho..
    I'm not an expert on upgrading weapon..
    And will someone tell me the best component for upgrading beside super conductor?

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    vane_in_box - 7 years ago
  3. Additional Details:
    I usually buy 36 sturdy bones for bonus x3
    20 wicked fangs can do it?

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  1. that's a matter of personal preference really, one that you must keep in mind when making a choice, you're question is very specific, but let's see what we can do for you.

    Lightning role: ravager

    blazefire saber
    (min level 1, max Level 26, min strength 15, max strength 115, min magic 15, max magic 115)
    synthesis group: Physical defense
    catalyst: perovskite
    Buy: up in arms 2,000 gil

    flamberge (upgrade from bazefire saber)
    (max level 61, min strength 23, max strength 323, min magic 23, max magic 323)
    synthesis group: Physical defense
    catalyst: trapezohedron

    Omega weapon 1 (upgraded from flamberge)
    (max level 100, min strength 26, max strength 620, min magic 26, max magic 620)
    synthesis group: independent.

    the three weapons above are focused on balance with no special property, the synthesized ability of Physical defense, for 5 items including sword and accessories will nullify the first 30 points of physical damage per attack. Please note that the omega weapon is not in the same synthesis group, and therefore will not contribute to the synthesis ability.

    Axis blade
    (min level 1, max level 21, min strength 8, max strength 48, min magic 8, max magic 48)
    synthesis group: boost
    Special property: Attack ATB Charge
    catalyst: adamantite
    Buy: plautus's workshop 15,000 gil

    Enkindler (upgraded from axis blade)
    (max level 41, min strength 13, max strength 133, min magic 13, max magic 133)
    synthesis group: boost
    Special property: Attack ATB Charge 2
    catalyst: trapezohedron

    Omega Weapon 2 (upgraded from enkindler)
    (max level 100, min strength 18, max strength 315, min magic 18, max magic 315)
    synthesis group: independent
    Special property: Attack ATB Charge 2

    The second set of three may not boast the highest strength or magic, but it belongs to the boost synthesis group, in which for 5 items including the sword your ATB gauge will charge at an increased speed of 30% which means for every 10 attacks the Atb gauge in this combination could charge thirteen. Please note that like before the omega weapon is in a different synthesis group

    edged carbine
    (min level 1, max level 26, min strength 8, max strength 83, min magic 20, max magic 170)
    synthesis group: magical defense
    catalyst: perovskite
    buy: up in arms 4,600 gil

    Razor carbine (upgraded from edged carbine)
    (max level 61, min strength 10, max strength 190, min magic 28, max magic 448)
    Synthesis group: magical defense
    catalyst: trapezohedron

    Omega weapon 3 (upgraded from razor carbine)
    (max level 100, min strength 12, max strength 210, min magic 30, max magic 723)
    Synthesis group: independent

    As you can see by this set; emphasis is placed on magic and the synthesis group of magical defense with 5 items from that group would nullify the first 30 points of magical damage per attack. Please take note if you haven't all ultimate weapons (3rd stage weapons) all belong to the independent synthesis group

    now I've showed you the specifics for 3 of lightnings weapons, but this is my prime suggestion;

    i would merely suggest going with the blazefire saber until you reach mah'habara there you will find the hauteclaire which when it becomes an omega weapon it will have a max attack at 711 with a max magic to match

    as for hope if he's your designated healer give him the hawk-eye even is you decide on using him for a ravager he'll have a beefed up attack with the hawk-eye maxing out at 917 for magic with the 'hawk-eye' 'nue' and you can get it from up in arms for only 4,400 gil a worthy investment

    now for fang
    i'd say the bladed lance until you find more weapons in chests and expieriment there are many combinations for different weapons accessories and battle teams

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  1. Personally, I would have Vanille as a medic because she has better healing spells and with the Cure Rod she has improved healing.

    As for my answer. At chapter 9, I would say for Lightning use any tier of the Blazefire Saber(Blazefire Saber, Flamberge, Omega Weapon) because it is equal in magic and strength. I've used Blazefire Saber and Flamberge the whole game. If you like the Blazefire Saber later on get Organyx, it's basically the same just stronger. If you just use ravager continue upgrading the Edged Carbine. In the end I would definitely get Organyx.

    For Hope I would use Hawkeye because it has a very high magic, which is better for medic and ravager and he is bad as commando anyway so you don't need strength.

    For Fang I would use the Bladed Lance because it has high strength and also has an ok magic score for when she's a saboteur.

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  2. Its a matter of preference really. Throughout the game each character will get several weapons with varying bonuses. If you want the best straight throughput, their starting weapons have the best overall stats. If you're looking for the best bonuses, keep in mind that you'll get less Strength and Magic as a result; so you should choose which bonus you prefer personally. A lot of people like the bonuses that boost your ATB on attack or stun an enemy when attacking.

    Regardless of what you choose, it doesn't really matter until Chapter 12 or so. Up until the end of the game you won't have the funds or materials necessary to upgrade beyond your initial weapon level.

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  3. One good upgrading item at an ok price is in Lenora's Garage. The ringjoint(or anything in their for 840 gil). Also before you buy these and upgrade, go to Creature's Comforts and buy 20 or 30 wicked fangs and use those before the ringjoint to get a X3 multiplier.

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  4. Lightning ----- Gladius

    Hope ----- Hawkeye

    Fang ----- Bladed Lance

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