How do I beat atticus?

  1. How do i beat this thing? as i get 3/4 of the way through and it uses doom on me and i cant beat it quick enough.

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  1. The way to beat Attacus based on using Fortisol and Aegisol before the battle is this,

    I would recommend using Fang, Snow, and Hope. this is because Fang generally has stronger attacks and can debuff opponents aswell, Snow has a lot of health and so is needed for the sentinel role and Hope is the best Synergist and is good with the Medic Role.

    With the Paradigms i will have it in the order of character, for example:

    the battle team is Fang / Hope / Snow, that means the paradigm is in that order as well so for relentless Assault, which is Com/ Rav / Rav, the Com is Fang, the first Rav is hope and the second Rav is Snow.

    When the battle starts use Relentless Assault ( Com / Rav / Rav) and keep attacking attacus changing to Diversity ( Com/ Med / Rav ) when hp is low for your characters, then change to Tri- disaster ( Rav/ Rav / Rav ) to get the Stagger gauge up to make Commando more effective, then if you think the stagger gauge is starting to decrease too quickly change back to Relentless Assault, make sure you check your characters health so you dont die.

    When Attacus pulls out his second weapon change to Delta Attack ( Com / Rav / Sen ), this way snow draws attacus's attacks from Fang and Hope. keep fighting and when health goes low change to Solidarity ( Com / Med / Sen ) to build up health.

    If you want to increase the stagger gauge further make the last paradigm slot Mystic Tower, but bare in mind that you wont be able to debuff your opponents or buff your allies, but if you would rather debuff and buff change the last paradigm slot to Premeditation ( Sab / Syn / Sen ).

    At the 1/4 mark if you have followed this strategy then Attacus wont cast death because he is focused on attacking your sentinel leaving you to damage Attacus, but be wary that sometimes the effect of Provoke or Challenge wears off, but as long as you have 3 tp slots you can summon just before he casts doom which should give you a small amount of time.

    I will admit that this strategy is does not give you five stars but at least you aren't being defeated, just so you know Attacus gives you 75, 000 CP, but if you were to get growth egg first you can double it and you then have 150, 000 CP to spend on the Crystarium as well as Genji Gloves.

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  1. Use Lightning as a Sentinel with Nimbletoe Boots. Keep Haste, Bravery, and Faith on your party and Deshell, Deprotect, and Slow on him. Reapply when necessary. Use Rav/Rav/Sen to get his Chain Gauge up to around 300, then use Com/Com/Sen for the rest of the battle. Put a Medic in a couple other Paradigms (Rav/Med/Sen or Com/Med/Sen).

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  2. Okay, so I did not think that i could do this, but i found an awesome party that ended up letting me beat this guy in 13.24 minutes. I was shocked. Check it out
    I had Sahz as the leader, with Fang and Snow. The important thing is to build that stagger meter up. I ended up getting it to almost 500 before i killed this guy. Here were my paradigms

    Med/com/sen (I used this very little in the beginning to keep the meter up when brief heals were needed)
    I used Aegisol and fortisol before this fight even started so that i did not have to waste time in the beginning with buffs.

    Most people would say to have all ravagers, but i played it safe with a commando, to be sure that the meter would stay up. In the beginning, i stuck with relentless assault, occasionally using Cold Blooded, (because I like how it looks, and Sahz is awesome)
    Switching to solidarity and even combat clinic if needed. As soon as this guy directs his attention at you, make sure to switch to snow being a sentinel in Delta Attack, so that you can keep kicking him until he looks away. Switch back to Relentless Assault until he upgrades his sword. Switch to Delta attack, and keep snow's health up if it drops too far, which is shouldnt but just in case. Make sure to keep at LEAST haste up. If you need the extra confidence, go ahead and do a few extra buffs to give Fang some time to put some serious debuffs on Attacus. Slow helps the best, but it is up to Fang. DO NOT forget to use Libra on him after trying this multiple times. It is easy to forget to do. This is to be sure your party wont make any mistakes.
    When you have snow's health up pretty high, try to switch to Relentless Assault in between his "concentration" move, to get in a few hard hits. switch back to combat clinic as soon as he strikes snow with it, to help him keep up his HP. Go back to Delta attack, and keep repeating.
    one important thing, DO NOT stay in combat clinic for too long, always keep an eye on attacus' stagger meter. This fight will go quicker if you keep it up because your damage increases as it fills up.
    Fang is essential for this because she will keep hitting Attacus with "blind side" while he is preoccupied with Snow, which takes a lot of hp away. keep this up, and have your quick fingers ready for some hot paradigm switching, and you will have this chump defeated before your next bathroom break.

    Hope this helps in some way!

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  3. Triple things are your friend, it is through most of the Post-game.
    I heavily suggest using the 2 Sol's, and starting with Sab/sab/sab, get deshell/deprotect on him, asap.
    then switch to Rav/rav/rav to build a nice chain.
    for the first 50% when he starts damaging someone, switch to rav/med/rav, and kick back to triple rav when healed enough.
    Also carry a paradigm around with triple Syn, so you can get buffs back fast for when they wear off.
    after the 50% youll be needing your last triple paradigm, triple sentinel.
    As soon as he starts his focus attack, you can get 3 attacks in tops, then switch to triple sentinel.
    The damage it does is laughable then.
    For healing go back to rav/med/rav, and when he is not focussing, and your healed enough, keep picking at him with rav/rav/rav.
    You could switch to com/com/com when his multiplier hits 650% cause if you dont have genji's equipped you'll be easily dealing 99.999s by then due to deprotect/bravery/faith.
    if you jsut keep wailing at him like this, make sure you are buffed, and he is debuffed, you can (easily) take him down in under 8 minutes; being a 5 star victory.

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  4. Stop rushing things and go do trap farming/ingot farming until you have maxed cryst's and power house it.

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  5. Thanks hereticz12903, your strategy really helped me out, i've been stuck on that mission for ages

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  6. Probably a bit late, but I'll contend that I was able to 5 star this on my second attempt without -excessive- grinding of CP, gil, or much else really except getting RAV (ideally advanced enough that for -strike attacks) for Fang and COM (up to Ruin) for Hope. All primary roles at level 4, the mentioned minor roles at 1.

    Fang Hope Snow

    COM / RAV / SEN
    RAV / RAV / SEN *
    SAB / MED / SEN
    SAB / RAV / SEN
    SAB / SYN / SEN *--Start
    COM / COM / COM *

    The starred paradigms are what I most recommend and you can tweak the others to your liking based on the strategy below.

    Give Snow the Paladin weapon and any Resist Physical/Damage accessories you can, upgraded if possible.
    I advise equipment that gives ATB+ for Fang and Hope, but it's really up to you. If any of your other party members happen to fill the roles needed at a better capacity, feel free to use them.

    Keep the starting paradigm up until everyone is fully buffed with Protect Shell Haste Brave and Faith, and Attacus has Deprotect, Deshell, Slow and (if you have nothing else to do) Curse. After that, shift to RAV/RAV/SEN to build chain gauge. You can stagger him if you get the meter all the way to 999%, despite the game saying he has no stagger point. Whenever the first 3 debuffs fall, reapply them ASAP to keep up damage rate as you build chain. Switch to a healing paradigm if Snow dips into yellow HP, healing him earlier when Attacus moves into his second and third stages. If buffs need to be reapplied, try to stabilize the chain gauge with a COM first.

    Be sure to have the party fully offensively buffed and Attacus debuffed before you stagger him completely. After that switch to triple COM and keep him juggled until he (hopefully) dies. This method resulted in around an 18 minute kill out of a ~23 minute target time. Slower than the aforementioned methods but, in my opinion, almost impossible to mess up.

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