Which weapons should I upgrade?

  1. Currently I have the following weapons:

    edged carbine


    vega 42
    denub dueler*

    wild bear
    power circle*

    binding rod*
    pearlwing staff
    beladonna wand

    The * stands for what i've got equipped. Which weapons should i spend my meager 4k gil on to upgrade? I also want to have kept in mind which weapons I may receive a leveled up version of in a later chest so to not upgrade that one and i also don't want to lose the achievement for not having everything. I am also concerned that I may not be using the correct weapons even though based on the stats they seem best right now. Some help please.



    User Info: belaclya

    belaclya - 7 years ago


  1. Well there is no easy way to answer this so i will go with what i know. as far as i know you only find one version of each weapon in its base form at level 1. also don't worry about achievement crunching until you get to the post-game

    For Lightning i used for the longest time gladius i did find the edged carbine kinda useless because the way i see it her main role is a Commando.
    for Hope i would recommend the hawkeye
    for Sazh stay with the vega 42s for they are very balanced and they are easier to upgrade
    for snow the power circle though i do prefer umbra you find later
    for Vanille (i appolgize if i spelled her name wrong) the belladona wand because its debuffing bonus is handy
    one last thing to remember from what i have seen all the weapons have their strengths and weaknesses so it's really a matter of opinion but i hope that i have provided some help to you

    User Info: Shirocano

    Shirocano - 7 years ago 0 0

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