How do I beat (Long Gui)?

  1. Strategy with 3 Genji Gloves and 999.999 DEATH spam doesn't work. Is it even possible to inflict such injury that beast?

    User Info: TurgonII

    TurgonII - 7 years ago

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  1. If you are (close) to maxed, you can easily defeat them by this set-up.....
    Using Vanille-Light-Fang.


    Start with 1, go to steelguard with vanille, to reduce the dmg.
    if your allies get hit too hard (leaving them with 8k- hp), switch to 6, and use 3 curaja's, if you don't get hit too hard, switch to 2, and manually cast bravera-faithra-protectra on yourself and allies.
    After that, go to 6 again, triple curaja, then back to 2, for veil and vigilance.
    Then switch to 3, and summon your monster.
    Debuff him (deprotect/deshell/imperil/poison), then switch to 4.
    Keep spamming till he almost leaves/10% from stagger points, and switch back to 2.
    Renew your buffs on Vanille and Light, while Light puts enfire on everyone.
    Back to 4, and get multiplier to 900%.
    Then to 3, and cast Death.
    After the hit, go back to 3, and recast death, and immediatly back to 5 again.
    You'll be hitting 999.999s with Vanille, and if you use the equip i stated below, Light will be hitting 250k per hit aprox.
    You might not get him down in 1 stagger, but if you are fast enough, you can easily stagger him again, and finish him off.

    Equip Vanille with genji gloves, make sure her magic is 3000 or higher, and then maybe some physical resistance.
    Equip Light with genji gloves, and make sure her strength is 3000 or higher, and maybe some Phys resistance.
    Equip Fang with genji glove, if you didnt dismantle it like i did (DO NOT DO THIS....), and get her strength atleast 2500, and some physical defense.

    You won't need any shrouds, all you need is 3Tp, and (close to) maxed Crystarium.
    Incase you are not (close to) maxed yet, try farming the Adamantoise in Edenhall, with the Growth egg, you can get maxed and enough trapezedrons there without too much trouble.
    Also with the ingot's you are getting while farming Adamantoise, you can try to max your ultimate weapons.
    (Buy sturdy bones + ultracompact reactors).

    This is a very long answer, but its a 95% succes rate to kill Long Gui, and i use this to farm him for Ingot's, as i already have 8 spare Trapezedrons, using this method...

    User Info: Jartin

    Jartin - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. You should be able to knock its leg out with a summon. then just debuff it, and attack it with ravagers until it staggers. then use lightning's army of one to bring it to 999% then switch to cerebus or a paradigm with two COM. Genji Glove are a must!!

    User Info: shAd0w_dAnc3r

    shAd0w_dAnc3r - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Easiest way, but requires an Elixer.

    Sazh as leader, summon monster, poison him as a sab, stay with summon as long as possible, and the just let the gestahlt meter run out, dont use any gestahlt attacks.
    (i suggest having a trip rav/trip com paradigm).
    when summon leaves, stagger him, and wail away with Blitz.
    Use elixer somewhere in the attacking streak.
    When he gets back up, summon again, poison again, and repeat from start.
    HE WILL DIE IN 2 Knockdowns, even if you dont wail on him with trip rav/com.

    User Info: Jartin

    Jartin - 7 years ago 0 0

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