How do I beat Raktavija fight 62?

  1. Im trying to beat the 2 raktavija and my guys keep switching between the two when im fighting. Anyone know how to beat them or how to stop them from switching back and forth?

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    JChiSox - 7 years ago

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  1. Okay i used this method and it worked for me and i took 5 stars rank from the first time:
    Batlle team: Light, Hope, Snow
    Paradigm: commando, syngrit, sentinel use this until you have a full protection
    Then switch to: commando, raveger, sentinel
    When Snow has a low HP switch to: commando, medic, sentinel
    When Light and Hope have low HP switch to: medic, medic, sentinel
    When the protection ( buffs) start to fade switch to the first paradigm
    After you killed the first one you can switch to: commando, ravager, ravager finish him quickly
    And you can switch to medic, medic , sentinel to quick recovery
    But you must have more than 10000 Hp for your caracters and resist upgraded accessories

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  1. Make sure you have your magic defense as high as humanly possible (Witch's Bracelets, Imperial Armlets, etc.). Use an Aegisol before battle. Fortisol is a bonus. Com/Syn/Rav until your party is Hasted (Shelled, if you can, but they debuff a lot so don't spend too much time on it). Rav/Rav/Rav to stagger the first one. Rav/Med/Med heals. Once one is staggered, Sab/Com/Med to give it 3 or 4 debuffs, then Com/Rav/Rav for damage. You'll have to repeat this process a couple times to kill the first one. Once one is down, the second one is easy. You can set up a Com/Com/Com for damage while it's staggered.

    There are probably two reasons you're having trouble keeping your party focused. First, if you have more than one Com, they will attack different targets if they can. Second, Sab's will try to debuff the entire enemy party. It's best to control your Sab directly so you can pick which one to debuff, and only have one Com in the party while both of them are still alive.

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  2. As Powercalldlam says, but here's the alteration that saved me:

    Vanille / Lightning / Fang
    All accessory slots filled with Witch's Bracelet *
    Vanille Malboro Wand / Linghtning Ultima Weapon / Fang Glaive (all maxed)

    Start out with Rapid Growth (Syn/Syn/Syn) and get everyone buffed with Shellra and Protectra, then use either Relentless Assault (Rav/Rav/Com) or Cerberus (Com/Com/Com) to start on the Stagger, but not accelerate it too quickly that it disappears quickly,

    Use Salvation (Med/Med/Med) for healing, and keep Curaja Curaja Curasa saved as your ability, same can be done for Shellra/Protectra in Rapid Growth

    Just use Tri Disaster after healing (Rav/Rav/Rav), while switching to Salvation for the occasional healing. After you stagger it, do like Powercalledlam says and use Scouting Party (Sab/Med/Com) to inflict Deptrotect and Imperil in one shot, and switch to Relentless Assualt to DPS it.

    If you don't kill the first one in one shot, just rebuff, heal, and repeat the process till it's dead. Then work on the other.

    The nice thing about Rapid Growth is that Fang can cast Bravera on herself, which amps up the damage, and she can Haste the others.

    But yea, that process should work. Witch's Bracelets can be bought in B&W Outfitters for 12k each, but if you death spam the turtles for Platinum Ingots beforehand, it should be a simple matter of buying them, and using Ultracompact Reactors from R&D Depot (Mission 7 reward) to instantly * them.

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