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    Speed Run Guide by G__AnakinRPG

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 06/07/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     FFFFFF FFFFFF XX    XX IIII IIII IIII   
                     FF     FF      XX  XX   II   II   II    
                     FFFF   FFFF     XXXX    II   II   II     
                     FF     FF        XX     II   II   II      
                     FF     FF      XX  XX   II   II   II       
                     FF     FF     XX    xX IIII IIII IIII 
                       ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨),.•*)¸.•*¨),.•*)
                      (¸.•´ (¸.•Final Fantasy .•´ ¸¸.•*)
                         (`*•.¸( `*•.XIII¸ ¸.•*´ )¸.•* )
                           «´`•.*( Speed Run *.•´`»
                           ¸.•*´( ¸.•*´ `*•.¸ )`*•.¸ )   
    Final Fantasy XIII Speed Run Guide
    1. Introduction / Table of Contents
    This is a speed run of Final Fantasy XIII.  You are expected to have played
    this game several times and know you're way around.  This guide will not 
    baby you with teaching you the basics.  
    The goal of this guide is to beat the game as quickly as possible.  
    The contents of the guide can be seen below.
    Section Number & Name
    1.  Introduction	   
    2.    Tips & Notes			
    3.     Walkthrough			
    4.      Legal Information		  
    5.       Update History		  
    6.         Contact Information		
    2. Tips & Notes
    -Skip all cutscenes
    -Replay each segment several times; learn which enemies can be avoided and 
    their behavior and which Treasure Balls are worth it.
    -Abuse the deceptisol trick.  You can run past many enemies, engage a later
    one, and then retry to get the deceptisol back while appearing next to the 
    enemy you engaged, which you can just run past!
    -After loading a save, you get penalized for the load time.  ~20 seconds. 
    You'll want to limit your saves, but not make segments too long because 
    you will get sloppy.
    -You'll want to farm at least two deceptisols (more details later).
    -Bosses that can use a Fortisol to make easier/faster:  Farm in the Pulse 
    Vestige from the Pantheron in the middle of the first room.  You can buy 
    them in chapter 13.
     Aster Protoflorian      	
     Barthandelus 1		
     Barthandelus 2		
     Proudclad 1
     Proudclad 2		
     Barthandelus 3		
     -any other boss(es) you want to use one on, feel free.
    -Bosses that can use an Aegisol to make easier/faster.  Farm in the Vile 
    Peaks, at the first save point you see with Lightning and Hope. Farm on 
    the lone Thexteron over the barrier.  You can buy them in chapter 13.
     Barthandelus 1
     Cid (?)			
     Barthandelus 2
     Proudclad 2 		
     Barthandelus 3		
     -any other boss(es) you want to use one on, feel free.
    -Enemies that can use a Deceptisol to make it easier/faster.  Farm in the
    Pulse Vestige from Zwerg Scandroids.
    -All Missions In Taejin’s Tower – They Are Nightmares!
    So, farm 8 Deceptisols for an easier time.  Note:  This hurts time slightly, 
    but really, the missions are nightmares!  Read notes on missions to get a 
    better feel of how many you need.
    -I will not mention variations in shroud usage.  If I accidently get an extra
    one while fighting some forced battle or another, I will use it on some 
    random boss or battle without mentioning it in the guide.  Feel free to make 
    use of any extra ones you have.
    3. Walkthrough
    Start the game.
    3.1  Chapter 1; the Hanged Edge
    Manasvin Warmech:  If he hits you while you're attacking, he'll "stagger" you.
    Wait until he attacks first round, then attack.  Keep this up until you beat
    him.  Do the same for the second battle.  Time - 1:06
    Go forward.  You can skip the third battle.  Grab the Iron Bangle on the 
    stairs; equip to Lightning.  You can skip the battle if you get on the stairs
    When you see a drop ship, you can skip the troops it drops.
    Go forward.  Play until you reach the boss battle.
    - - -
    Boss: PSICOM Marauder 
    Blitz the leader.  Attack when he is broken.  Then kill the lackeys if they
    survived blitz.
    Time - 42 seconds
    - - -
    Snow's start.
    Go forward.  I managed to fight only three battles.
    After cutscenes, get Iron Bangle.  Don't equip it.  I skipped all battles here.
    Go forward to fight a Behemoth.   Just attack it.  It'll take ~56 seconds.
    s.1 - 12:57
    Fight the Myrmidon with Lightning.  Use one potion if necessary.  Took me 47 
    As Snow, grab the Power Circle.  Equip it along with that old Iron Bangle.
    Go forward.  Fight when necessary and end the Chapter.
    3.2  Chapter 2; the Pulse Vestige
    Fight the story Pantheron, then fight the Pantheron in the center.  Hope for 
    a Fortisol.  
    s.3 - 17:51
    Fight/Save/Reload this Pantheron to farm eight Fortisols.  Keep in mind that 
    you may get extra Fortisols in the game from random battles and you will get 
    two from easy chest.  Keep this in mind if you want to experiment with the 
    bosses.  Eight Fortisols is the dead minimum.
    All Fortisols gathered: s.4 - not recorded
    Head towards the objective mark, skipping the two Pantherons.  Run to the 
    Snow- Kill the Pantherons and hit the switch.
    Lightning - skip the first three wolfs if you can. 
    Kill the Zwergs to the left for a chance at a Deceptisol, and you get a 
    Phoenix Down from the chest.
    Skip the Myrmidon.  Lure him out to the left, dash to the right and run 
    behind him.  You don't want to fight more of the abominations than needed. 
    Go upstairs and fight the battle for the Treasure Ball that holds the Gladius.  
    Equip it on Lightning and go ahead and equip an Iron Bangle on Sazh.
    Go upstairs to skip a Pantheron and a Myrmidon. Run to their left.
    Snow - kill, hit switch, then stand on the platform.
    Vanille – get Fortisol from the chest in the middle of the room surrounded by
    Make sure that you have at least two deceptisols (Eight would be better, but 
    not necessary.  It is for your sanity, not time).
    Head for the objective, skipping the Pantherons.
    Run past the Pantherons sleeping near the chest to go to the objective.  Fight
    the battle along with Snow.
    Lightning - Get the Power Wristband.  Equip it.  
    Run up the stairs, skipping all of the battles until you reach the Ghast
     blocking the path.  Fight the monster.
    s.5 - time not recorded.
    Run down the hall, trying to ignore all of the Ghouls.  The best I’ve gotten
     is only one battle.  Fight the two Ghast at the end of the hall way.  Use one
     potion if necessary.  If Sazh dies at the end of the battle, just finish it. 
     ~52 second battle.
    Everyone meets up now.
    Run up the stairs, skipping all of the battles.  
    Boss Fight:  Anima
    Attack the arms.  After the arms die, Anima will regenerate them.  Attack the
    center during this time.  The arms will restore.  Immediately attack them, 
    otherwise Anima will sweep at you for ~50 damage.  Destroy the arms again.  
    Use a potion at the very end of the last arms life.  Then tackle the main body. 
    When the arms regenerate, Anima will use a magic attack, and the arms will
    resonate.  The heal earlier will last you through, that’s why we used it at 
    the start of the restoration; otherwise you will likely be KOed..  Destroy the
    arms again and attack the body.  If you don’t kill it in time, continue.  
    It will die before the arms kill you.
    Modify the potion usage as necessary.
    Time - 1:59
    3.3 Chapter 3; Lake Bresha
    Skip all cutscenes and walk until the Crystarium tutorial is introduced.  
    Skip it.  Go left to get the Pearlwing Staff, and to fight a battle that will
    leave you with 120 cp.  
    Open the Crystarium:  
    Lightning - Work towards the Strength +10 on the Ravager board.
    Snow – Finish off Sentinel and Commando. 
    Don't waste time on Vanille's right now.  You could also save Lightning for 
    later, but as she's the leader, I updated her.  Snow just gets really large 
    Create this Paradigm deck.  Change the order however you like.
    COM/COM/RAV *Flag for use
    s.6 - 43:01
    Skip the battle against the Cie’th and climb up the machinery. There is 200 
    gil in a short side path here. As part of the story, obliterate the soldiers. 
    After this, you’re forced to fight some Cie’th. Kill ‘em.
    Follow the path until the Bresha Basses appear. Take left to fight some Bresha
    Basses guarding a chest. Engage them.
    This can be a tough battle. Switch to Solidarity if needed. An ambush will 
    cut time down greatly. 
    Go back up to the Bresha Basses and take the other path. Do not save at the 
    save point.
    Go forward and after some cutscenes and more walking, you’ll see some 
    pantherons. Skip 'em.
    Follow the path, skipping this next pair of Pantherons. Run to the right to 
    avoid them. Open the next chest for some upgrade items. Fight the soldiers 
    you now see for a Magician’s Mark.
    Climb up and save.
    s.7 - 49:34
    Light – closer to that Str+10 on Ravager
    Snow – Finish
    Vanille- Get water on Ravager and HP+30 on Medic.
    Sazh – just hold X.
    Boss: Wrecked Manasvin Warmech
    Start with COM/COM/RAV. Use one round of this to slow the stagger gauge. 
    Immediately switch to Tri-Disaster; this will quickly stagger him.
    As soon as he is staggered, switch to COM SEN MED. He will use crystal strike.
    After the attack switch to COM RAV MED to attack and heal. After healing up,
    switch to COM/COM/RAV to hurt. He will become unstaggered, so stay in this to
    slow the gauge. Go back to Tri-Disaster to re-stagger, then switch to 
    COM/COM/RAV to kill. 
    He needs to die before reusing Crystal Strike or in some way shape or form 
    killing you.
    Battle Duration: 1:29
    After battle, use the Crystarium to give Lightning that longed for Str+10.
    Equip the Magician’s Mark to Vanille (or Sazh if you prefer).
    Add the Tri-Disaster Paradigm (aka RAV/RAV/RAV).
    Proceed forward to fight some basses; they can be skipped if lucky. Take the
    right path, open the chest and then jump down. Try to not fight the 
    Pantherons you just jumped down on.  You can go down the pipe for Deneb 
    Duelers and gil, but I wouldn't waste the time.
    Go up and across the upper pipe. Go forward to the machine that Lightning
    activates to shoot the wall down. Skip that cutscene. Go across the bridge,
    fight and then save.
    s.8 - 55:39
    Further, you fight a behemoth.  Start with COM/RAV/RAV to slow the stagger
    gauge.  Then switch to Tri-Disaster to knock it up to 500%.  Switch back to
    COM/RAV/RAV to kill.  Heal if necessary.  ~48 seconds.
    Don't get that worthless librascope; there are easier one and you only need 
    From here forth, the details will lesson.  You should try your best to skip 
    all battles; that is the general rule.  Any difficult to skip battles will be
    mentioned; also, any impossible to skip easy battles will not be mentioned.
    Go forward.  In a while you reach a bridge.  To the right is a chest with two
    Digital Circuits.  Cross the bridge, making sure to dodge the Watchdrones and
    Soldiers.  You will reach a climbing wall thingy.  Climb up; grab the 2x 
    Parafin Oils.  
    Use a Deceptisol at the top.  Run past the Watchdrone and Velocycle.  Go 
    forward for a scene, skip, and then further.  Engage the battle and retry to 
    get the deceptisol back.  Then, refight the battle so you can get past.  It 
    is a trio of Watchdrones.  Don't grab the first Treasure Balls after this.
    You're now at the city.  Grab the 600 gil, then avoid the behemoth and grab 
    the two digital circuits in the upper area.  Then, use a deceptisol to run 
    past then enemies and up the ramp.  Jump down, run to the second set of 
    enemies and engage it before your deceptisol runs out.  Retry, then leave the
    Continue with the dungeon until you jump through a wall; then, go up some 
    stairs.  Run past the enemies up there and jump down.  Immediately run to the
    Get the TB near the save point for a Phoenix Down.  Then save.
    s.9 - 1:05:18
    Boss: Garuda Interceptor
    View this boss like a flying behemoth, but easier.  Take it down.  Twice.
    It is easy to stagger, and dies quickly.  Don't waste time healing.
    Time – 1:37
    Die in the battle with Snow, then defend against the Shiva sisters.  
    Shiva took 2:21.  It is not worthy of a boss section.  However, if this can 
    be sped up, please contact me.
    Here is an E-mail I received from Gamefaqs member psxsquall in response 
    to help on Shiva  
    I really appreciate your speed run guide, only at the end of ch.3 and 
    I'm already 4 mins behind... oh well, you're too much haha
    I saw that you were able to beat the Shiva Sisters in 2:21. I did it in
    As soon as the battle starts, switch to Rav and do froststrike x3 while 
    Nix ATB Charges.
    Before she's done with it, go Sen and shield 3x, her spinning move should
    increase the Gestalt bar by quite a bit. Then just go back to Rav and 
    froststrike x3 again until she's almost done with the next ATB Charge. 
    Just keep switching between Sen and Rav and that should save you those few 
    I know it's not much, but hey, few seconds here and there adds up right?
    3.4  Chapter 4; the Vile Peaks
    Easy stuff until you start controlling Light and Hope.
    Save at the start.  Save.
    s.10 - 1:12:45
    Light - Direct path on COM
    Hope - Aero, work on SYNergist for the rest of the CP
    Put that Silver Bangle on Hope.
    Farm three Aegisols here.  You can get them from the Thexteron, the green 
    scaly wolf, over the obstacle.  The TB near him is a librascope.  Get it.  
    Save and reload after each successful Aegisol.
    Save after all farming.
    Go forward, dodging the dogs.  Then jump across the platform.  Then you will 
    be forced to fight 3x Watchdrones.  Then there is another fight up the path 
    against two Watchdrones and a Thexteron (wolf/dog).
    You're now in control of Sazh.
    Fight battle, hit switch.  Dodge the next fight, then fight the next fight.  
    Get the Black Belt from the TB.  Then go through the pipe.  This next battle 
    can be avoided if you're lucky.  Try it; it is difficult so you might want to 
    try it.
    Run all the very, very, long way until you get Lightning.
    Sazh - Bravery, towards Overwhelm on RAV
    Light - Direct on COM
    Vanille - HP or Fire
    Hope - worry about later.
    Go forward.  There is a switch blocked by 2 Incubuses and a Succumbs.
    Run past all battles, and you'll quickly reach the Dreadnaught.
    s.12 - 1:34:03
    Equip a Doctor's Code on Sazh.
    Boss: Dreadnaught 
    Buff, debuff, stagger, then attack. Renew debuffs when he does steam clean.  
    Use potions to heal.  Do the same for the next battle, but keep HP high for 
    special attack.
    De-equip Sazh and Vanille's gear.
    Light - COM; str + 7 branch and closer to Launch
    Hope - Thunder, closer to shell
    Upgrade the Power Wristband to *.  It'll take 15 (maybe 16) paraffin oils 
    after a 3x bonus.  The 16 depends on the materials you used for the 3x bonus.
    s.13 - 1:38:03
    Go forward for a scene.
    Now Light and Hope are in a fight.  It is against 5 soldiers.
    Run straight through, dodging all enemies.
    Mini-Game:  Don't bother, rush through.
    Go forward.  Ignore the 'ramp.'  Run until a save point.
    Before Odin.
    s.14 - 1:46:05
    Light - Water, HP+15
    Hope - Shell, then HP or Fira.
    Equip a Doctor's Code on Lightning.
    Flag the Super Soldier paradigm.
    Summon:  Odin
    Stock two attacks with Lightning, and then execute.  Do this several times 
    while Hope Protects and Shells you.  Then switch to the Dual Caster paradigm.
    If Hope and Lightning are not separated, reset.
    Switch between RAV RAV and COM RAV as necessary to keep the chain gauge slowed
    and up.  Have Light throw a potion every other round or so.  Keep both alive. 
    Towards the end, you can sacrifice Hope for time.
    Time - 1:20
    Go forward.
    There is a tutorial fight.   Skip the tutorial.   Attack the middle soldiers
    with blitz as Hope protects you.  Then summon.  Stagger both robots if you 
    can through out the course of the normal and gestalt modes.  Use circle and 
    X+left (right) for best damage, use X + up to get close for big damage.  Use 
    Zantesuken at the end if they aren't dead yet.
    Sazh’s Area:
    Equip Lightning's Power Wristband on Sazh.
    Crystarium - fill out low CP areas.
    Walkthrough the area; make sure when you reach a branching path, you take the
    branch to grab a chest and bypass some enemies.  Dodge the two gremlins, then
    fight the next set you see for an Ember Ring; wanted for Brynhildr.  Go right
    the moment you step off the stairs to dodge the battle and get a Phoenix Down.
    Hit the 4 switches, after 4 very annoying battles, then save in the center.  
    s.13 - 2:00:59
    Grab the Fortisol. De-equip Sazh of Lightning's Power Wristband.  When you
    reach the enemies blocking the new path, lure them out, then run between them.
    Finish the chapter.
    3.5  Chapter 5; Grapa Whitewoods
    Re-equip Lightning's Power Wristband.
    Light- get nearer to Launch
    Hope - Fira, more low CP stuff
    Feel free to kill the small read creatures; Crawlers.  They give good CP for
    a quick kill.  Skip the wolves.
    Save after the elevator.
    s.14 - 2:04:35
    Run through this second area until you reach an elevator.  Run through the 
    third area.  At the end, there is an objective mark; guarding it is a
    Behemoth and some dogs.  Run to the left to avoid them!
    s.15 - 2:09:35
    There are many forced fights here to get past gates.
    Just go through.  After you see a Lobo and 3x Crawlers, use the Crystarium.  
    This will help you get past a Feral Behemoth.  
    For the Feral Behemoth, slow the chain gauge with COM RAV, then RAV RAV to 
    stagger, then switch back to COM RAV to kill it. You should have Launch, 
    therefore able to beat him without a heal.
    Climb up to fight 10x Crawlers.   Light takes the lead.  
    Make paradigms:  
    Get rid of MED/RAV; Light has no place as a healer unless it is a double heal.
    s.16 - 2:17:36
    You're going to get the MED accessory for Lightning soon.  Buy another Power
    Wristband and * it.
    Charge straight forward.  Climb up when needed.
    Dodge as many enemies as possible.  When you see a chest, get it; it holds an 
    Edged Carbine.  You have to fight a Scaly flying thing.
    There's another Feral Behemoth blocking the gate.  Same strategy.
    s.17 - 2:22:36
    Ambush the Behemoth behind the gate.  Slow the gauge with COM before Hope 
    staggers it so that it doesn't fall too quickly and empty before you kill it.  
    After defeating it, open the chest for 2500 gil.  Attack the group of four 
    Crawlers nearby for quick CP.  Then, use the Crystarium. 
    Go further, dodging enemies until you climb up and use the elevator.  See the 
    dead soldiers.  Run through the area avoiding all fights; the Velocycle is
    probably forced.  Reach the end and get the Ethersol.  Then save.
    s.18 - 2:28:28
    Make sure you got the accessory slot and equip the Power Wristband* in it.
    Fight on the elevator, then activate it.  Use a Fortisol.
    Boss:  Aster Protoflorian
    Enter the fight with the Super Soldier Paradigm.  Libra as Hope casts Protect. 
    Then do one full ATB attack.  Switch between RAV/RAV, COM/MED, RAV/MED, AND
    COM/RAV as necessary to stay alive and keep the guage from falling.  Stagger
    it, then switch between RAV RAV and COM RAV after broken to take advantage 
    of the bar refill glitch every two rounds. 
    After his stagger empties, try to stagger him again, and go to 170%.  Then 
    summon Odin.  If he is weak to Lightning, you're in luck.  If not, go Gestalt
    when you reach max Gestalt (it replaces TP).   Use Up+X to get close, then 
    left + X  or right + X to deal big damage.  Use the thunder abilities if weak
    to thunder at the time.  Hope that Zantesuken kills it.
    Take him down normally.  The first strategy is for non-Fortisol.
    Time: 5:02 (non-Fortisol); 3:39 (with Fortisol)
    Run to the end of the area.  De-equip Lightning's Power Wristband*s.
    3.6  Chapter Six; Sunleth Waterscapes
    Vanille - do as much RAV as possible
    Sazh - get as much as you can on SYN; you need to get ready for Haste
    Create the SAB/RAV and SAB/COM paradigms.  
    Equip a Doctor's Code on Vanille and give Sazh a Power Wristband*.
    Go through the dungeon.  Grab the Belladonna Wand (equip), the Procyons 
    (equip), and the Doctor's Code.  Yes, you need two Doctor's Codes.
    Cutscenes.  Avoid all scale beasts.
    Run through this area until you reach a cutscene (Sazh takes a nap).  Save
    s.19 - 2:45:39
    I ran through the weather area with no fights.  Change the weather if needed
    to get by a group.
    Save before boss.  
    s.20 - 2:48:18
    Vanille - more RAV
    Sazh - more SYN 
    Use both an Aegisol and Fortisol.
    Boss:  Enki & Elil
    Attack Elil first (the yellow one);  it has  less Hp.
    Use potions to heal.
    At the start, switch between SAB/COM and SAB/RAV while debuffing Elil.  Then 
    go RAV/RAV and RAV/Com interchange.  Do this until one dies, then do it to 
    the other.  Use potions to heal.  Doctor's Code will make it easy to heal. 
     Recast debuffs when they clear them.
    Time - 3:04
    De-equip anything important. Go to the end.
    Chapter 7; Palumpolum
    Start with Light/Hope.  Save.
    s.21 - 2:55:15
    Light - level RAV
    Hope- level RAV
    Just run to the end of the tunnels.  I got one battle after coming out of the
    first pipe outside.
    De-equip Light's Power Wristband*.
    s.22 - 3:00:53
    Go up.
    Snow Vs. Orion + Soldiers
    You will automatically target Orion.  Use Up + X to get close.  The use any 
    other attack.  Use Up + X occasionally (aka, often) to get close to Orion; 
    otherwise, you will start attacking thin air.  Diamond Dust should kill Orion;
    if not, reset.
    Crystarium - Snow - Sentinel + Com.  Do what you feel is good.  Equip the 
    Power Wristband*.
    Go up, dodging enemies and using Deceptisol trick as often as you feel 
    necessary.  Jump on the ice, then go over to the metal platform.  Go up the 
    ramp to fight soldiers.  Make sure to kill the Bazooka user first!  Get the
    Paladin from the TB.
    Go down the ramp, use a Deceptisol, run past the enemies, then jump down into 
    the hallway.  Jump back up to engage in a battle, then retry.  You will be 
    near then edge and can jump down.  Go down the hall to end the area.  
    As Fang, run past all of the enemies.  You're now in control of Snow again.
    Run past the enemies and climb up in to the upper area.  Get the 2x Incentive
    Chips.  Then jump down into the enemies and run past them.  When you reach a
    fork, go upstairs then down them on the other side to escape the enemies.  
    Use a deceptisol to get past the next enemies.  Run through the place; it is 
    linear.  Make sure the deceptisol lasts until Snow and Hope fly up to the roof
    of the building.  Save.
    s.23 - 3:10:29
    Get the Shaman's Mark.  Engage the enemy, retry, and he's gone.  You'll see 
    him fly back over you.  Get the Vindofnir.  Use the deceptisol trick to make 
    it to the boss without fights.  Retry to renew as necessary.  Engaging the 
    boss and retrying will give it back also.
    Make sure Hope is equipped with Vindofnir and Shaman's Mark.  De-equip Snow's
    Power Wristband*.  It is needed elsewhere.
    s.24 - 3:13:28
    Make a COM/SYN and RAV/RAV paradigm.
    Boss: Ushumugal Subjugator 1 
    Start with COM/SYN to buff.  Then switch to RAV/RAV or RAV/MED if healing is 
    needed.  Go to COM/RAV to slow gauge down.  Interchange with RAV/RAV.
    Stagger, kill.  The end.
    Time: 2:17
    Fang now:
    Fang- SAB accessory, Com Launch
    Light - don't bother.  RAV if anything.
    Equip the Power Wristband*s on Fang.  Equip MAG + items on Light.
    Use the Deceptisol glitch twice to make it through this area.  In the next 
    area, get the black belt.  
    Don't use a Fortisol; it is wasted on the first part of the battle.
    Boss:  Ushumugal Subjugator
    Make sure to Slow it.  It is extremely important.  Let Hope buff all with
    protect.  Then go between COM/RAV/MED and COM/RAV/RAV for damage, healing 
    and breaking.  
    Time: 4:27
    Get the Phoenix Down outside of Hope's house.
    Save at Hope's house before the attack.  s.25 – 3:53:02
    After the first battle, create these paradigms:  
    Get Brawler's Wristband and Ethersol.  Make sure to flag RAV/SEN/SYN.  Equip
    Lightning with MAG + gear and a Doctor's Code.
    Light - RAV
    Fang - whatever
    Hope - Cura
    Use a Fortisol.
    Boss: Havoc Skytank.
    Let Hope cast Protect on all.  Have Lightning use Thunder on one of the Hulls.
    Summon Odin and get the Gestalt as high as you can (have Light switch to the
    other hull at when it reaches 1/4 HP), then go Gestalt and use circle to hit 
    the whole thing, then Zantesuken.
    Go between COM/SEN/RAV and COM/SEN/MED to slowly take down each part, hulls
    first then turrets.  Once the hulls are down, you can go more offensive with
    COM/COM/RAV.  Use potions to heal!
    The main part will then be by it self.  Switch to the original paradigm if 
    protect runs out (it shouldn't with a Fortisol).  At this point, attack, and 
    it's cannon will come out and it become staggerable!  Stagger it quickly then
    use COM/COM/RAV to kill it.  You'll need to use a potion in this last stage 
    to stay alive
    Time - 3:32
    Chapter 8; Nautilus
    Give Sazh those Strength+ accessories and get him Hast and Blitz, if possible,
    on the Crystarium. For Vanille’s CP, get Imperil and then work on MED to try
    to get Cura and the role level.
    Go on with the story and save after the attack at the chocobo place.   
    Run through this area skipping all battles except the ones guarding the TB 
    with the Spica Defenders and the Healing Staff.  The battle to get the Healing
    Staff can be tough, so buff and fight them; you get 640 CP.  I had to fight 
    two battles to get enough CP for Blitz.
    Use these Paradigms:
    Before Midnight Reaper - s.26 – 3:48:38
    Upgrade the Brawler's Wristband with 36 sturdy bone + 33 Turbo Jets.  Sell 
    whatever you don't need.  Keep both Doctor's Codes.  
    Use a Uranite on the Brawler's Wristband* to get a Warrior's Wristband 
    (Str +156).
    Boss: Midnight Reaper
    Buff/debuff.  Then stagger, and kill up-close with Blitz!  
    To increase odds of killing in one stagger, use plenty of COM while staggering
    so that the gauge lasts a while.
    Time: 1:30
    Equip Sahz with a Doctor's Code and Ember Ring!  Get Thunder + RAV role level 
    if possible.
    Summon: Brynhildr
    Start with with COM/RAV.  Attack one round, this will slow the gauge.  Then, 
    switch to SYN/RAV to buff with haste.  Then RAV/RAV and COM/RAV to keep the 
    stagger going up and to slow it down.  Use potions to heal as necessary!
    Time- 1:46
    Chapter 9; the Palamecia
    Run to the save point.  s.27 – 3:58:16
    Sell stuff.  Buy and make a Brawler’s Wristband to * level.  Equip it along 
    with the Warriors Wristband to Lightning while giving Fang those two +60
    Strength accessories.
    Light – COM
    Hope – Esuna, Barfire, get closer to Veil
    Fang – SEN; quake, steel guard.  SAB – closer to dispel.
    Talk to Rygdea.
    Fight the battle, then change paradigms:
    Fight the other battle, then climb through the ship.  Follow the objective 
    and jump out the opening.  
    When you see the five golden guys, deceptisol past them, engage, restart,
    then you’re on the other side!  Climb up the little ship and get the TB for 
    three Incentive Chips, with a battle against an Aerial Dragon.  Finish this 
    area and go inside.
    All TBs inside can be gotten without fights!   De-equip Light’s Strength+gear!
    As Sazh, equip that gear.  Have these paradigms.
    Make sure to get the Royal Armlet; it sells for 20,000 gil!  Leave the area.
    As Lightning, run to the other side of this big room!  No TBs are worth it.
    As Sazh again, run to the other side of the room to take down a Scale Beast. 
    After that, de-equip the Str + gear; Light needs it more. Equip a Doctor’s 
    Code.  Go to the end to fight a story battle.  
    Kill the Vespid Soldier first, then the Thermadon.  Make use of Haste and 
    Enfrost.  Heal with Doctor’s Code.
    You’re now in control of Lightning outside.  Make sure to select COM/SYN/SAB
    as your flagged Paradigm.  Also, have Fang equip with the Pandoran Spear.
    Run to the objective point.
    Boss: Dragon Thing
    1st form  - Slow, protect and then stagger, kill.  Easy.
    2nd form – Slow, protect, barthunder, then stagger, kill.
    Both should fall in one stagger.
    Time for 2nd – 2:24
    Save inside the Palamecia.  s.28 – 4:29:56
    I suggest Lightning, Vanille, Sazh.
    COM/RAV/SYN ***
    Light – Blindside, then work towards stats
    Vanille – get near Dispel and that SAB accessory
    Sazh – Boon and Enfire
    Upgrade that Warrior’s Bracelet to Max if you want.  3x bonus + 24 turbojets.
    I suggest one of three paths.
    1. )Down the center
    2.) Start, C2, R2, R1, R2, R3, C3, L3, L4, L5, L6, L5, C5, End
    3.) Start, C2, R2, R1, R2, R3, R4, C4, C5, End
    I chose 3.
    Treasure Balls (that are worth anything):
    R1: Rune Bracelets x2
    R3: Umbra (Snow Weapon)
    L4: 3500 gil
    L6: Gold Bangle 
    End: Ethersol, save point
    The battles can be tough, buff then switch to COM/MED/SYN or COM/MED/RAV. 
    ALWAYS kill the destroyer first!  It has THE bazooka.  Use Phoenix downs if 
    necessary.  Prioritize HP on Vanille especially.
    Scale Beast - kill small fry first.  Slow gauge, Tri-Disaster > Kill
    Aerial Dragon Guys - kill destroyers first if present, then kill them.  Blitz 
    is effective because the group.
    Kill the PSICOM Reaver's last.  They get powerful when on low health.  
    Use a summon on C5 if needed.
    s.29 – 4:45:26
    Party: Light, Vanille, Hope
    COM/RAV/RAV ***
    Light – stuff
    Vanille – get dispel
    Hope – stuff
    Make Hope and Vanille defensive with HP and those Royal Armlets you may have
    picked up on R1.  Keep Light with those Strength+ accessories.
    Use both shrouds!  The battle is short enough for the shrouds to last
    all of the way through; there is no need for Sahz.
    Boss: Barthandelus
    Throw a librascope, then start blitzing the heads.  Go to COM/MED/MED if 
    necessary.  Do this for all of the heads, then go COM/RAV SAB/RAV on the
    main head.  Deprotect/Deshell will allow this guy to be ripped apart! 
    Use Tri-Disaster after debuffs are on!  Stagger and hurt him badly, 
    healing when necessary.  When he uses Destrudo, heal up, then Tri-disaster
    him after slowing the gauge a little; attacking while he is charging will
    weaken the attack AND let the chain damage carry over!  Heal after Destrudo, 
    stagger, then kill.  
    Time – 4:44
    Chapter 10; the Fifth Ark
    Continue with the story until you see a save point.  s.30 – 4:55:32
    Make a party of Light, Snow and Sahz.  Level up Snow's sentinel Crystarium 
    role.  Also, equip him with black belts; also equip the Umbra.
    C/SEN/SYN ***
    You will fight two very powerful Pulse Work Knights upstairs.  Let Sahz Haste
    himself and Lightning.  Then switch to R/SEN/RAV to stagger, then to 
    C/SEN/RAV to kill one, then back to the RAV/SEN/RAV, and repeat.  Snow should
    let you survive with Sentinel.   
    After the battle, create this team:  Light, Vanille, Sazh.
    Light - COM all of the way
    Vanille - blizzard + SAB role level if possible
    Sahz - SYN role level + stats
    Then run through the dungeon.  When you reach a large chamber with a walkway 
    in the center, take the long, around the room way, around all the enemies. 
    Do this for both floors.  Save when you see the save point in the next room.  
    s.31 – 5:02:17
    Ambush the second Berserker, the one on the right, in the next room.  This 
    will kill him quickly and allow you to get Sazh’s Rigels.
    Make the equips the same as they were before Barthandelus, except, give Sahz 
    and Lightning a black belt.  It is okay to lower Light's strength; you don't 
    want to hurt the next boss to badly.
    Save before Cid.  s.32 – time not recorded.  Dang it!
    Use an Aegisol if you want to make this easier; ONLY do this IF you have an 
    extra Aegisol.
    Boss: Cid
    Start with C/SAB/SYN, attack to slow the gauge, get haste and hopefully a 
    debuff or two.  Then you change between COM/MED/RAV and RAV/RAV/RAV to stagger.
    This is slightly luck based; if he does two combos in a row on Light, it's
    game over.  When in defensive/restorative, definitely go RAV/RAV/RAV!  
    At 2/3 health, make him stagger and summon Odin.  Get the chain as high as
    possible and use a Level 3 Zantesuken.  The death status effect should kill 
    him.  To get a level 3 Zantesuken, you must build a chain with Odin during 
    normal mode.
    Credit goes to the NCU (No Crystarium Usage) group on FFXIII boards.
    You can kill him normally through juggling.
    Time – 2:43
    Switch Light for Fang.
    Fang - whatever you want.  Focus on COM.
    Vanille - Jinx, focus on Medic (for ATB level), not enough though.
    Sahz - whatever
    s.33 – 5:13:04
    Run through this dungeon for a very long time.  Fight any necessary battles,
    like the ones on the elevators.  Make sure to grab the Feymark; you can’t 
    miss it.  After running through the room with one Berserker, save.
    s.34 – 5:20:32
    Use a deceptisol to run through this next area.  It is a long line of weird 
    dancing birds. Retry fight to get deceptisol back, then follow the objective. 
    Engage Bahamut, then retry.
    Summon: Bahamut
    After the retry, use a either/both and Aegisol and Fortisol.  Then restart 
    the scene, but this time you get the menu. Make the SAB/MED/MED and 
    SENMED/MED paradigms.
    Equip Fang with a Doctor’s Code and make Light and Vanille along with Fang
    defensive and high HP.
    During the fight, repeatedly cast slow; it raises the gauge the fastest. 
    Switch to SEN when it attacks and SAB when it is charging.  Use a Potion to 
    help your healers when necessary.
    Time – 1:49
    Use Hope’s Crystarium and buff up his defenses before finishing the chapter.
    Chapter 10 done!  We’re off of Cocoon in under 6 hours!  
    s.35 - 5:26:25
    Chapter 11;  Gran Pulse
    Run to where Hope is, avoiding all fights; lure the ‘hard to dodge groups’ 
    out.  Then, you engage Alexander.
    Summon: Alexander
    Buff all with Protect, then switch between MED/MED/SEN and RAV/COM/SEN while
    he’s attacking.  When he does Lofty Challenge, use RAV/RAV/COM.  Switch to 
    a Sentinel when he moves his arms during Lofty Challenge.  He is getting ready
    to attack.
    Time – 2:??
    After beating him, run to the objective mark, and you will see the Preemptive 
    Behemoth/other thing fight.  Save.
    Make a team of Fang, Light, and Sazh.  Then get these paradigms.
    Use Ruin on the Behemoth while Light attacks the other thing.  Let Sazh cast 
    Haste on himself and Fang, then switch Paradigms.  Do half of another Ruin 
    chain while Sazh use spells on it.  It should stagger, and have Fang Launch it.
    Juggle it to death!  Then, go kill the other thing.  
    Do this until you get just under 300,000 CP.  You can spend whatever you want
    on Fang and Sazh, but make sure not to spend all of Lightning’s.  I saved 
    about 160,000 CP on her for later.
    After leveling, I saved.
    s.36 – 6:41:26
    Go to and run through the mines.  Grab the Hauteclair, and when you reach the
     group of enemies with the Boxed Phalanx, skip it.  New Merchandise becomes 
    available.  Buy a Warrior’s Wristband and * level it.
    If you have trouble with the next group with a Boxed Phalanx, summon Bahamut.
    Save before fight Hectonchires.  
    s.37 – 6:53:31
    Summon: Hectonchires
    Let Fang run up to it while a COM.  Then switch between SAB/SEN and MED/SEN 
    throughout the fight.  SAB is the best way to raise the gauge.
    Time – 2:17
    From here, run all the way to the second floor of Taejin’s Tower, avoiding as
    many battles as possible!
    Whooh!  What a long walk!  
    s.38 – 7:08:12
    I will apologize now.  This is where I start to get lazy; Taejin’s Tower is 
    by far my worst segments in this run!
    Team : Fang, Vanille, Sahz
    SAB/SAB/SYN ***
    Handle the marks.
    For the Gelatin, libra it, then attack.  Debuffs will hurt it badly.  Libra 
    will allow Sahz to cast enthunder on Fang.
    Ambush the other two marks.  For the robots, go around the left one and the 
    run to the back of the main enemy.
    Run to the 4th floor.
    s.39 – 7:23:15
    Go through the door on the same side as the save point.  There is a statue 
    and mark here.  Kill it.  
    Make sure to teach Fang at least Fire on RAV.  Create a Tri-disaster paradigm.
    Go back to the other door on the fourth floor.  Use the elevator.  Then, in 
    this room, activate the mark.  Go to the other available room on the floor 
    and 'hit the switch.'  Go to the new area and down stairs.  
    s.40 – 7:28:47
    Fight the Vetala.  Debuff/buff - tri-disaster - enfire (Imperil) - wipe it 
    Go to the next room to activate a mark, go back to the room with the 'switch'
    then go back to the room you just activated the mark in and go outside of it
    to see a new stature.  Go back in after talking to it to use an elevator 
    (the place moved around).  Then go out side and use the main elevator to go 
    to floor six.  Here, go to the apex through some doors.
    s. 41 – 7:38:58
    Fight Dahaka.  If you have a spare, use a Fortisol.  I didn’t use one, though
    I did have spares.  Have the SAB/SAB/SYN paradigm selected before engaging; 
    because we have to debuff the boss a lot, most of the Fortisol buffs will be 
    cast on at least the main attackers, so there is no need for Fortisol.
    Boss: Dahaka
    Have Sazh cast Haste while you get all debuffs: Imperil, Deprotect, Deshell, 
    and Slow.  Sazh will cast Enfire after Imperil is cast.  Stagger it with 
    Tri-Disater, then use COM/RAV/RAV to wipe it out in seconds!  HA HA HA!
    Time – 1:52
    Grab the Ethersol in front of you, then head to Oerba.  In Oerba, do the 
    sidequest for a Gold Nugget, 10x Deceptisols and 2 Ultracompact Reactors;  
    you get partial rewards since you haven’t run enough steps on Pulse yet.
    Then head for Barthandelus.  On your way, on the bridge, fight a Vetala for
    Fang’s Taming Pole!
    Level up the Taming Pole with 62 Turbojets on a 3x bonus.  Then buy and use a
    Uranite, then 3x Bonus with those Ultracompact Reactors and whatever else you
    want to throw on it.  It should have about 330 str/mag!
    s.42 – 8:03:23
    Get the Ethersol, then use both a Fortisol and Aegisol.  Make sure Vanille has
    Boss: Barthandelus 2
    Debuff him with Deprotect, Deshell, Imperil (to normalize resist) and Slow, 
    then Tri-Disaster him!  He’ll stagger, and then use COM/RAV/RAV to hurt him 
    badly (about ½ to ¾ of his HP).  His face will come out, and the Chain Gauge 
    will reset.  Attack him a little and he will use Apoptosis; this will dispel 
    all buffs and debuffs.  Redo them and then repeat the first step.  
    Heal with Renew while he is staggered.
    Time – 2:23
    Save during the cutscenes at the end of the chapter.
    s.43 – unrecorded
    Chapter 12; Eden
    Warmech:  Use up + x and then left/right + x for the rest of the fight. Then
    use Zantesuken when you have 1 Gestalt point left. It will die!
    Party - Fang, Hope, Vanille
    Crystarium: Give Hope haste and Curaja, then go on RAV.  For Fang, go COM.  
    For Vanille, do whatever; get Death if you plan on farming for a little on 
    the Adamatortoise.
    Give Hope HP gear.
    Run along fighting only necessary battles, and save before the Proudclad 1.
    The forced fights are 2 sets of soldiers and a Behemoth King.
    Save before Proudclad 1.
    s.44 – 8:29:28
    Use a Fortisol if you want to speed up the battle
    Boss: Proudclad 1
    You can’t debuff him.  Jerk!  Put up protect.
    Just Stagger and go all out, heal as necessary.  Go Combat Clinic when he 
    uses Retaliatory Strike.
    Time – 3:04  
    Go on the elevator and face a Adamchelid.
    Slow it!!!  Get Protect on all character, then debuff him and kill him. 
    Use Combat Clinic a lot.  If you got under 3 minutes, that is good!
    Run all the way through Cocoon until you reach a three-way-battle against
    a Bulbasaur type enemy and a blue Tyrant.  Weaken both, kill one, kill the
    other, the end!
    From here, continue until you see the Adamtortoise.  Save and then farm.
    s.45 – 8:46:13
    Have the Vanille, Hope, Fang as a SAB/SYN/SAB.  Try to let Hope cast Haste
    on Vanille.  Summon as soon as Adamtortoise raises his leg.  Don’t worry 
    if Hope doesn’t cast Haste, it is luck based.  Then, have Vanille cast 
    deprotect, deshell and Imperil on the Adamtortoise.  This will raise the 
    chance of Death to 4%.  Repeatedly cast Death and hope for the best.  If your
    summon goes, Fang will arrive and start casting her debuffs, further raising
    the chance of Death hitting.  If Adamtortoise stands, reset.  I farmed four 
    Adamtortoises and 2 Platinum Ingots.
    s.46 – 8:58:36
    Run into Eden Hall, avoiding all battles.  When you reach a Juggernaught, 
    lure it out and the run past it and the soldiers behind it.  Get the TB for
    a Power Glove.
    Use the Crystarium:
    Get Army of One and Cura for Lightning.  Then, work on her SAB role to get
    up to Poison.  Yes, this is correct.  We want Light to have the SAB role! 
    Poison and the rest of these Debuffs are for the final bosses.
    Hope – Make sure you have Curasa, Curaja and Haste! Then get Ruin of the COM
    board.  Then get Stats.
    Fang – get what ever you want.  Stats and abilities are important.
    Upgrade your Power Glove with a 3x Bonus and 6 Particle Accelerators.
    Then buy a Platinum Bangle and upgrade it and the Diamond Bangle from Taejin’s
    Tower to max.  Equip the Diamond Bangle on Light and the Platinum on Hope. 
    Light has low HP because of getting up to Poison, so she needs the 1000+ HP.
    Make Paradigms:
    RAV/RAV/COM ***
    s.47 – 9:10:51
    Go tackle that Proudclad.  Use a Fortisol and Aegisol.
    Boss: Proudclad 2 
    Stagger him, then use Army of One to raise the Stagger gauge high 
    after broken.  Do this twice, then go all out with COM/COM/COM.  To
    best make use of  Army of One, switch Paradigms at the start of the 
    attack to get the COM boost, then switch back to RAV on Light at the end
    to repeat the attack and repeat the process.  After a full stagger, he 
    should do his Limiter Move, restoring his health, getting Haste, Bravery 
    and Vigilance(?); however, he gets deprotect and deshell on him as a result.
    Stay alive with Combat Clinic, and repeat the Stagger process above to 
    kill him in one and a part of a Stagger.
    Time – 2:45
    Go on into Chapter 13; Orphan’s Cradle
    You can buy Aegisols and Fortisols now!
    Chapter 13; Orphan’s Cradle
    Follow the objective marks until you reach a choice of two platforms; chose 
    the right one.  While walking, you'll see a stair case; don't use it.  Go 
    further to 'talk' to a statue.  You will teleport. 
    Go down and run past a Sacrifice and Velocycle.  Run left and use the platform.
    Go left and use deceptisols to get past all enemies.  You right when you have 
    the choice.  You'll see the statue again; save.  
    s.48 – 9:24:19
    Boss:  Jabberwocky + Bandersnatch
    Attack the Jabberwocky first.  It is immune to magic, but normal to physical
    (use deprotect).  Stagger and kill.  Repeat on the Bandersnatch, the 
    difference being it is immune to Physical and normal to magic.  Use all 
    debuffs on the Bandersnatch since we have a Strength set up.  It should die
    in two staggers.  
    Go down after battle and a new area is created.  Go left when you reach a 
    circle and use a deceptisol to pass the enemies.  Engage the Big Robot and 
    a PSICOM Templar with a deceptisol in the next circle (use a Fortisol for 
    help if needed); kill them and then repeat for the next circle.  There are
    2 Sacrifices to back up the Big Robot this time (Fortisol if needed).  Use
    Quake in both battles to slow the chain gauge.  Use an Ethersol if you need
    to.  The first battle took 1:14 and the second took 1:35
    s.49 – 9:34:30
    Use an Aegisol.
    Instant Stagger is the way to go.  He dies quickly that way!  If you 
    can't get lucky, you will beat him eventually with damage.  I took the 
    damage path unfortunately.  Just make sure to re-debuff and rebuff and go 
    Combat Clinic when needed.
    Time - 2:08
    Deceptisol past everything as you climb the stair and run past the 
    Bandersnatch and run between some Templars.  Save.
    s.50 – unrecorded.
    Use a Fortisol.
    Tiamat Subjugator
    Attack this thing for a while and he will eventually decent to the ground
    and become vulnerable to status effects.  Slow, Deprotect and Shell him and 
    then rip him apart like Proudclad.
    Time – 3:14
    Continue to the Narthex and save.
    s.51 – Unrecorded.  9:46:??
    Use any CP you have, then go to the final boss.  Use a Fortisol and Aegisol 
    and an Ethersol if needed.
    Have SAB/SYN/SAB as Paradigm.
    Final Bosses
    For Barthandelus, debuff with Deprotect, Deshell and Imperil.  
    Also slow if you want.  Then go all out.  Stagger him, then Army of One, 
    Switch to COM/COM/COM, and then back to Light as a RAV to repeat.  At about
    700% gauge, attack with COM/COM/COM.  Switch to Combat clinic if anyone falls
    under 2000 HP or if he uses Ultima.  He should fall in two staggers.
    Time - 2:36
    For Orphan, buff and debuff for like one round before he does his special
    attack.  Then use Combat Clinic to heal until about 75% HP, then go back to
    buffing and debuffing.  Once he gets deprotect, deshell, Imperil and Poison,
    switch to Tri-Disaster.  Make sure to have Enfire on!  Do the same Army of 
    One trick ONCE, then COM/COM/COM until he does his big attack.  Renew and 
    start staggering again.  Now, the fight starts to get tricky.  Heal and attack
    as necessary; it is luck.  The odds aren’t horrible, put I can’t say a sure 
    fire way.  He could just Death you!
    Time – 3:46
    Final Orphan.  Deprotect/Deshell/Imperil on him.  Stagger him, then attack
    with COM/COM/COM;  keep him juggled.  Switch to a MED if you need to Esuna 
    away Pain and Fog.  He should die quickly.
    Time – 1:33
    Final Save – 9:58:01
    Well, I had fun.  Feel free to contact me!  It took me two tries to beat ten
    hours!  Next time I try, I will aim for nine hours!
    4.   Legal Information
    This may only be used for personal, private use.  No other site may use this 
    without my permission.  This guide may not be sold.  Don’t do anything illegal.
    Got it?
    Gamefaqs and Neoseeker have my permission.
    Gamefaqs instructions told me to put this here:
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    5.  Update History
    April 11, 2010 – 1st Edition.  Complete.
    April 18, 2010 - Added the Shiva e-mail and corrected a Paradigm error 
    from same person: psxsquall
    Also, gave Neoseeker permission to use guide.
    6.  Contact Information
    If you would like to contact me for anything related to this guide, a speed
    run, or anything about FFXIII in general, send me an e-mail with a very clear
    subject on the matter.  No good title = delete.
    Use this e-mail: gra13starwars@yahoo.com
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