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"Final Fantasy XIII in a nutshell"

Okay time for a big review--Final Fantasy 13

Gameplay: 9/10--the battle system for ff13 is really refreshing. It takes the old and blends it with the new, you have your ATB system like the ones of old up until ff10, but now it has changed bc the characters make their own decisions, or you can choose for yourself. However you only control the leader of your group, the other two characters act for themselves. You can change your leader after each battle if you wish. The battle system is fast paced, and the new paradigm system is much like an improved job system, that allows you to change the roles of each character in the middle of a battle. The crystarium is also a nice way of strengthening your characters, it is similar to the sphere grid, but makes more sense. Some negatives of the battle system would be how fast it is, and not having the power of giving each character their own commands, it also take valuable time to paradigm shift, while the enemy can still attack you in the process. If the leader of your group dies, it is game over, even if the other two characters have full health, this is stupid.

The environments of this game are beatiful, the cutscenes are amazing and the characters are well put together, however nothing is innovative in any way, and it isn't something we haven't seen already from 360 or ps3 games

The story is very convoluted at first, but the pieces start to fall together towards the end of the game, and then in the last chapter, things become confusing again, and with the ending everything seems to make sense...I think. Anyways it is a great story, with plenty of love connections, and get the feel of what the characters are fighting for, it actually makes sense why they are risking their lives to save the world unlike some other ff titles. The only problem is I felt confused at times, and I didn't get to see as much of how the backstories turned out as I would have liked. Solid story, but not the best ever

Length/Replay value--9/10
The story has good length, and you don't really have to grind until about chapter 11, there is a ton of gameplay value after the story and that is what helps ff13 get this score, however the side quests don't really appear until after you complete the story, and they are lackluster for the most part, I think the side quests are one of things that make ff7,ff9, and ff10 so great

Three epic characters in this game: Lightning, Sazh, and Snow. Lightning does remind me a lot of Cloud, and she is really dynamic and changes throughout the game, Sazh is humurous and he feels the most human to me, a father fighting to get his son back. Snow is just a lovable character who will sacrifice anything for the ones he loves, he is also a badass dude. Two terrible characters: Hope and Vanille. Hope is whiney and never shuts up. He spends half of the game trying to kill Snow for no good reason. When he finally does come around, he seems to think he some tough dude, but he is still just annoying, plus his clothes annoy me lol. Vanille is the same way, never shuts up, and and always makes these stupid groaning noises, this isn't a porno, geez. Besides her accent which I began to tolerate a third through the game, she always does this praying thing with her hands that is annoying. One okay character--Fang. Not annoying, but not really dynamic either. She doesn't have a ton of backstory tied to her other than the fact that she and Vanille are family. She has some internal battles with herself, but she isn't really a character worth remembering forever.
The music is good just like most ff titles. The only soundtrack in this game that is epic though is Snow's theme, I love it, we don't get to hear it enough. The rest of the music is pretty soft and has good melodies, but nothing amazing
Overall this game gets 9/10 to me, I have it listed as my number 6 all time favorite game, and my second favorite final fantasy title.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/07/10

Game Release: Final Fantasy XIII (US, 03/09/10)

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