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Reviewed: 12/09/10

Final Fantasy 13 is a Keeper!

Hi this is Drew.. welcome to the final fantasy 13 review.

The battle system:: I want to start here, because I feel this is the heart of the game play. Game play to me is the most important part of any game. With the awesome battle system comes also other areas of game play that should be mentioned. The ability to ride Giant bird creatures. Taking on various stone missions, and just in general going through the linear world of cocoon, and the combined non linearity of Lower Gran Pulse.

The battle system is very fun. Why? well for starters there is a paradigm system... these paradigms can be setup in your menu screen and they are the most crucial part to being successful in battle. There are 6 "roles".... The first is commando which gives your characters augmented attacks, it is based mostly upon your strength points. The 2nd role and probably the most used is the RAVAGER role. The ravager role is based MOSTLY upon your magic. Ravager is mostly used to build up the STAGGER gauge on enemies. the 3rd role I would like to mention is the SENTINEL. This role is a defensive role and relies mostly upon your HIT POINTS. the 4th role is the synergist. This role adds "BUFFS" to your allies, For example you can cast HASTE or the ability to have your weapon do fire damage. 5th Role is the saboteur. This role is like the synergist and also relies on MAGIC STAT. The difference is it will put negative status ailments on enemies. For example imperil will lower your enemies resistances to ELEMENTAL damage. The final Role is the MEDIC.. this role cures and can raise allies from the dead.

Not only do paradigms come into play as you battle. There are also TONS and TONS of various accessories and weapons to equip. These accessories and weapons can also "STACK" or have different bonuses when COMBINED. You can have up to 5 SLOTS on your 3 battle characters. For example equipping a cherubs crown, battle talisman, organ (weapon), and a zealots amulet, will give you an ability known as VAMPIRE STRIKE. Vampire strike heals you when you attack an enemy. Another example would be to equip an UPGRADED lightning ring, spark ring, shock ring and a spark bane brooch. This will give you a % resist to lightning attacks. Also your lightning damage will increase by 50% on the current character equipped with those weapons and or accessories. This leaves room for tons of customization. There are also MANY different quirks and perks when it comes to combining certain weapons and accessories. I do not want to spoil them all for you.

Other mentionable great things about the game play is the ability to gather components, gil, and various other items through battle. Components can help LEVEL your items, including accessories!.. Gil can be used at ANY of various 13 shops located at the games save points.

If your finding yourself bored with the linearity of the game. Wait until you get to gran pulse and you can begin farming and warping. It IS worth the wait, time and effort. That is if you weren't already having fun battling the super strong and difficult bosses on cocoon. This game can be quite challenging and almost every battle is different and requires a certain approach or item. The battle system is fast and ACTIVE. There is an auto battle feature, but once you become advanced you will realize that manual is even better and more effective. The bottom line with this game is that it just keeps getting better and better...

In conclusion its a keeper...

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Final Fantasy XIII (US, 03/09/10)

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