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"You Have Got To Be Kidding Me"

Simply unbelievable. Did they actually think this one out before they put it into production? It's the little flaws that begin to add up and destroy your enjoyment of the game.

Okay let's start with the good stuff. The Graphics are beautiful. It's like watching a well made Anime. Of course most of that is background, as the game doesn't really allow you to go anywhere.

Sound: 3/10
The music is repetitive. Nothing really memorable. More like jazzed up elevator music.

Story: 2/10
Nonsensical. Why do all powerful beings - which the Fal cie appear to be require human sacrifice to recall their maker? It seems as if they were programed to care for the Humans, which they haven't been doing very well - witness the extermination of human life on Gran Pulse.
Yet in the end they say the require abilities that Humans possess but they don't. Hmmm, sounds like they stole the plot line from the first Startrek movie. And if there first program was to care for humans why do they believe their "Maker" will be pleased at their extermination? I was expecting something along the lines of a "Generation Ship" from all the old SciFi novels, where the computers had become sentient, but had never escaped their base programming. And if when the Falcie died, humans in crystal form returned, why didn't all the ceith stones and ceith revert to human form? Just one of numerous plot holes. And were these really humans. Can you imagine humans living next to a world they know to be habitable, and not exploring or settling it?

Characters: 2/10
Solid cardboard. Must have stopped off at the cliche department to pick them up. Tough professional soldier on a mission. Big muscled guy, trying to save the girl he loves. Whiny adolescent, blaming someone else for what obviously wasn't their fault. Wise old black guy for comic relief. And Two escapees from a dead world on a mission.Why someone didn't shoot Hope and put him out our misery early in the game is beyond me.

Gameplay: 1/10
And now we reach rock bottom. I've noticed that the Final Fantasy series has less and less fantasy. Magic has become less and less useful. It seems their idea of a game has to do less and less with RPG and more and more FPS. At the end of the game you have some really useful magic, except that it doesn't work. Well it does sometime. They have this random system whereby sometimes it actually works the first time - and sometimes it doesn't work even on the hundredth time. It started in FF12 where the treasure had a random chance of being in any given place. Which meant you had to reset and do it over if it wasn't , and over, and over, and over. If I wanted to play craps I go to Vegas. A Death spell that actually worked would make grinding easy. They only allow you to control one character, and that character doesn't move (one thing I liked about FF12). In addition the AI is stupid. If I have superior magic, the AI always uses the weakest. Five fire attacks as opposed to one firaga and one fira. And often my other characters just stand there. I'll have a character suffering from a status ailment, and instead of my medic taking it off, he'll keep casting cure as his HP goes down. Sometime I find my character attacking someone other than the group leaders target. I'd like to be able to switch from character to character. It's just so frustrating. And the Game is so linear. There are almost no side quests until nearly the end, and then there are a tone of them. One other thing, I hate coming back after the end of a game, to clean up all the points they couldn't manage to put in the original story.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 04/18/11

Game Release: Final Fantasy XIII (US, 03/09/10)

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