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"Retro Perfected.Period."

Geometry Wars:RE2 is a perfect example of how to evolve to retro-arcade genre. GWRE2 is more than a graphical update from the original. It adds 6 different modes, all feeling different from each other.Not to mention the 4 player co-op or competitive game play. Also, there are a couple of new enemies that will continue to piss you off day in and day out. Bizarre could have easily made a prettier version of the original and sold it for $10, and still earn a good buck. However, they have gone the extra mile, perfecting every part of what the first game was about, and transforming this game from a great game to possible game of the year status.


If your new to GWRE, here's the simplicity of this game (Evolved Rules). You are this ship in a square grid. Enemies of different shapes spawn around you and you must dodge and shoot them. If these things touch you, you will blow up and clear the screen, loosing one life. Game ends when you loose all your life and your score is recorded. Sounds boring? Oooh young one, you have no idea...


The controls for this game feel a bit tighter from the first. Its a lot more responsive. You never feel like your ship went further than it should have or that your gun isn't corresponding to the right angle that you tilt your right stick (believe me, I look for these things =D). In other words, perfect controls!


The visuals in this game are spectacular and very colorful. However, being the type of game GWRE2 is, all the lights and colors really get in the way of what your trying to dodge! Sometimes you will die in an intense moment not knowing what just killed you. This is a perfect example of graphics going a bit overboard, but spectacular none the less.


You will never look at Mr. Alexander Hamilton the same again. For the amount of modes and the addition of 4 player co-op, this is one XBLA game that hurts NOT to buy. Not to mention that you can literally play this game forever as you try to beat all your friends high scores...or if your insane, the world's high scores (I still don't know how some of these people do it).

This is a true must buy. And if you think you might not like it, at the VERY LEAST download the trial.I would have scored this game a 10 out of 10, but I try not to let my fanboy-ism get in the way (I'm a huge fan!). So Im going by gamefaqs rating which I think is really fair. This gets a 9/10 and there isn't a reason for anyone to pick this game up. I'm a huge retro fan, but this game has something for everyone in gaming. Games are so expensive these days and GWRE2 is one that reminds me how fun these games can be for me and my wallet! And if your truly want to know how fun this game is...Game of the Year anyone? I wont be surprised if it's nominated, and after playing the game, you shouldn't be surprised either.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/30/08

Game Release: Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 (US, 07/30/08)

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