How do I beat (Flemeth)?

  1. Is there a particular way to beat Flemeth, (Morrigan's mother)? Like group makeup or strategy? I've tried numerous times with diff. characters and gotten teamwiped everytime. (all around lvl 11). I'd appreciate any advice to beat her, her dragon form is hard. Thx

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  1. How I Beat Flemeth:

    Okay, she's tough. We know this... but there's a big thing that helps... the fire resistant gear the armorer in Denerim makes for you with Drake/Dragon scales.

    The party composition I used was Shale (with fire resist crystals equipped, Large Brilliant Fire Crystal for defense and Small Brilliant Ice Crystal for a weapon), myself (warrior in Dragon Scale Plate), Leliana (fire resistant Drakescale Leather) and Wynne (with some fire resist items and kept her at range from the main fight). Have Leliana keep Song of Courage up, Shale tanks with Stoneheart, and you stay to the side of the dragon and deal damage.

    With Wynne tossing the heals around and staying out of range of the stuns and knockdowns and your fire resist gear taking the brunt of her AOE, it's not too hard to kill her. If you're low on level, you can also set up your character's gambits to assist Wynne with heals. A favorite of mine is Self: Health =< 50% - Use Health (or Greater) Poultice.

    I beat her with my party's average level being 15 with these tactics. Hope they help you out.


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  1. If you feel like you have a solid grasp on game mechanics, i.e. tactics for tanks, healers, and dps, then my only recomendation would be to wait a few levels. I failed about halfway through her when i was level 11, put it off till about level 14, and it was a cakewalk. If you still want to make a run at it, just make sure that you have a tank (allistair or yourself) and healer (wynne or yourself) and some people that can lay one the hurt. The way you micromanage teammates via tactics, and ingame swapping is really what is going to get the dragons/bosses down in harder difficulties.

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  2. Shale as tank mage cast inferno wyanne heal need another dps

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  3. I was about level 15 when I tried this. I always roll with a Mage, a Rogue and two Warriors. Just set my Mage as a Healer, Rogue armed with a Bow and then the two Warriors went in to hack and slash... she went down fairly easy.

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  4. Flemeth has a weakness much like the High Dragon conserning position. I used my Main character for this and had healing support magic. Position yourself to the side of the dragon and a few feet away from front legs make sure your not close enough to get hit from forward claw swipes but most of the time the Flemeth shouldn't be able to attack you. So from there launch a attack then back off or to the side as the dragon attempts to attack you or move to face you. You may also have your healing support use attacks with staff to slowly drain its health away as they stand back from the fight.

    So with that just my main character stood toe to toe with the dragon. Just use hold position before talking to Flemeth so you can keep your others peeps safe. Use tactics to make sure that mage is providing heal support from Wynn. Oh and it works quite well if you have Shield Wall to prevent knockdowns.

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  5. I just, you know, talked to her, with maybe level 3 Coercion and at least 20 points in Cunning, and she just let me have the book without a fight.

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  6. I beat her using the following members:

    My character (Warrior)

    I set Alistair's tactic setting on passive (so he stays by my character) and had him use his longbow. I left Leliana and Wynne on the default settings.

    When Flemeth turns into the dragon, I ran around to the far left, by the back corner of her hut. You'll know you're in the right place if, when you're facing her, her house is off to your right at two o'clock (about 45 degrees) and Flemeth is far in the distance. I started shooting her with my longbow while Alistair and Wynne used their ranged attacks, too. Leliana runs up to Flemeth and engages her with her sword. During the battle, I just kept shooting Flemeth with arrows while keeping an eye on Leliana's health and using a health poultice when she got below half on her health bar. That way, she keeps the dragon focussed on her and you're too far away for Flemeth to breathe fire on you.

    PIece o' cake. : )

    After about, um, 20 different attempts. lol

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  7. A tank and healer are pretty much necessary. Supposedly Flemeth is more vulnerable to physical attacks than to magic attacks, although I have not tested this. With her character being a magic (albeit a dragon also) this would not suprise me.

    One thing I have learned about the dragons in this game is that they bounce around. Obviously a tank is necessary, and so is a healer, but I'd also recommend that you get two ranged characters in their also. The reason being, that her bouncing around also does damage to those around her. Have them hold off for a few so that your tank does not get agro and then let them pound on her at will (you can mess with the tactics even disable them if you want). Outside of keeping an eye on your healers mana and your tanks hp, you should not have any issues unless you are not high enough level to do it.

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  8. If you have it in you to kill another dragon then I suggest making dragon armor. I was level 17 and beat flemeth single handedly. Just keep your distance and she will only ever use fire techniques. All spells even fire work on her so bring some archers like leliana zevran and alistair and you'll have no problem.. Yes I know alistair is not an archer but his dex stat would go a long way to beating the old witch

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  9. I was around level 12 and had Wynne for healing, Leliana for long distance, Shale , and my main character(human warrior) as th tank but I did the Quest Watchguard of the Reaching in the circle of mages and got the two handed sword Yusaris. It has a +20% fire restance an +10 damage to dragons on it and two empty enchantment slots on it. Put a large fire crystal armor on shale. After Flemeth transforms try to let shale keep her attension and hit her from the sides. I was doing about 30 to 50 points of damage per swing without any 2-handed skills. you will probly lose one or two characters but will win after a while.

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  10. I defeated Flemeth when I was around level 14-15. Went with Human Warrior, Shale, Zevran, and my pet dog. My main, Shale and Zevran ALL fell within a minute, but my dog survived. With the repeated use of healing potions, stun abilities, and damage over time, she fell ridiculously easily.

    I couldn't believe that I killed a dragon with just a dog!

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  11. Rogue DW with paralyze runes in both weapons and constantly have concentrated deathroot extract on
    Sten set to attack
    Shale with powerful blows and set to just attack
    Alistair set to attack and keep focus
    I put a healing poultice tactic on everyone but Sten and my main, Sten dropped a minute into the battle and then paralyze started popping often enough that she couldn't do enough damage at once to drop anyone else. Probably wouldn't have lost Sten if I had a healing tactic on him too. Also, as one of the people above posted, make sure you are standing next to but not behing one of her back legs. As a rogue you can get backstabs and will avoid tail swipes and foreleg swipes, so only wind blasts and hops will knock you down. Used the same tactic for other dragons only with a dedicated healer in those fights (Morrigan, I unfortunately killed Wynne)

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  12. Personally, I used Shale and Leliana as damage, shale using physical talents and leliana using range. I had Wynne heal and I tanked using arcane warrior. My main character had the blood dragon plate and no one else had any truly amazing gear. I was able to defeat her on my first attempt but I did burn through quite a few health poultices. However, I imagine that using any tank would work, as long as you pause to have them use health poultices if they go below half, as Flemeth does a nasty move where she crunches you in her mouth. That does quite a lot of damage. Good luck! =)

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