How do I beat the Desire demon during the quest to save Connor using Jowan?

  1. In the quest I have enlisted the aid of the circle of mages to exercise the demon. Of the choices they give you as to who will go into the fade you can actually choose Jowan. The problem is Jowan has no healing magic capability and when you go up against the desire demon it casts a shield that nullifies all magic attacks. There has to be way to defeat it using the limited abilities of Jowan. Need help!

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    corteznr1 - 7 years ago

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  1. Jowan has one very incredibly useful spell against her: Paralyze. Practically locks her up the whole fight. Hit her with paralyze, then bust out lighting, foloowed by witer's grasp followed by arcane bolt and when she does that stupid multiply trick just normal attack the clones until you hit the real one and do it all over until she is dead dead dead. I apologize for not remembering what level I was when I did this, so some of you may not have paralyze as an option.

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  1. It took me around 7 times to beat the demon with Jowan. I had to run away from in constantly hit it with your damage spells till your out of mana, switch to blood mage to use up your hit points for magic instead of mana, until your around 25 percent health. switch blood mage off, THEN drain life, (if blood mage is on, drain life heals for less) all this while running like a little girl. I got lucky when I finally beat the demon, she only used her shield thing once.

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  2. I'm using Morrigan as a single charcter in the fade.

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  3. I used Morrigan and didn't have any trouble. Cone of Cold followed by Lightning is made of win in this situation.

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  4. I used Morrigan's shape changing abilities. I would change to a spider, attack the demon until my health was low (the spider's web ability is great for freezing the demon in place for a few seconds). Then, change back to human, heal, then change to the bear and attack until my health was low again. Change back to human, heal, then the spider again ... etc.

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  5. I did it with Jowan first try. Had to kite her around but it worked. Also using the Lyrium Veins that are where you battle her helped. Also Paralize helped really well as well.

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  6. This one is actually easier than one would think. You basically have to dps her down till she splits into multiples. When she does this, this is where it gets tricky. Not hard just tricky. I found it was good to drain life from one of the fake ones, to get some life, but you have to remember that this also heals her. For each fake one you kill, she gets healed. If you kill all of them, she will be at 100% health, and you will be on the losing side because your mana and hp have been depleted.

    I have noticed that she does not get healed while split unless you kill her images. At least on normal mode. So you can hit up the lyrium vein for some extra mana, or wait for it to recharge.

    Also, one thing to keep in mind. Many of her spells are either area of effect, or limited in range. See her casting something, move. I moved in a circle around the area as it keep me moving to the side, but also away from her.

    I am not sure about that bubble she uses though. I don't know if it goes away or if it breaks after a certain amount of damage, as the only times I saw it where when I lost the fight trying to figure out hte strategy.

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  7. I think some luck is involved, i crashed and burned on my first try but succeeded on my 2nd quite easily. I didn't bother with blood mage and used lightening, drain life and arcane bolt. When the demon splits you can wait to charge your attacks and make use of the lyrium.
    More importantly you can tell the real demon from the fakes, the fake demons are all standing and more glowy and light where as the real one isn't touching the ground and darker. If you need more health at this stage cast drain life on her otherwise zap her with lightening and repeat when she does this again.
    Hope that helps.

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  8. I found one very important thing:
    When she is split, you can find the real one because she doesnt have that golden glaze.

    When she's standing there, you can paralyze her ; even if it isn't successful, she won't budge. So, hit up one of those magic crystals for some mana, and do it again. If she gets paralyzed, as she should on your first try each time, you can then wail on her.

    Then you need to kite her once more, which is the hard part.

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  9. I used Morrigan and the spell Infenero. Wait untill she splits the first time or before you talk to her iniate the spell to encompass the entire fight area and let the spell do the work while you (if on a diffulcty that does not have freindly fire) fire spells or staff bolts at her and she should go down fast.

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  10. The easiest way is to use a main character and have her teach you blood magic lol, that's what I did.

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