What are all possible endings to the Alistair romance?

  1. I need spoilers regarding all possible endings to the Alistair romance, including the results of elf and mage. I was disappointed with my ending, I just wanted to know if there was a possibility of a happy ending, aside from human noble.

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    fabiosthename - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    To add to this i wanted to know if same sex relationships were possible with alistair. i know you can with the elf but hes FUG!

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    darthsion69 - 7 years ago
  3. Clarification Request::
    I want to know that if I decide I want to be a human noble female of rogue classification...is it still possible to become queen with Alistair? I have played just about every ending except for the city elf ones and the ones that are mentioned without the dark ritual. I have heard that you can only become queen as a warrior female grey warden noble? Is this true or no?

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  1. Here are the possible romantic endings for Alistair:

    Become Queen (only possible for Human Noble with high persuade)

    Become King Alistair's mistress/lover (requires Alistair to be hardened, made king, and also a high persuade)
    *It does not matter if Alistair marries Anora or rules alone, he will keep you either way

    Rebuild Grey Wardens with Alistair (you must kill Loghain and make Anora queen for this option)

    If the dark ritual is not completed, you have two additional endings to the romance:

    Alistair kills the archdemon and dies (this will happen automatically if you take him to the final battle and he didn't sleep with Morrigan) - you get a short speech from him about how he loves you, right before he dies. This is the worst romance end, IMO. You can actually miss his love speech if you pick the wrong conversation options.

    You kill the archdemon and die (you must leave Alistair behind when you go to final battle for this option, and he didn't sleep with Morrigan) - you get a very touching eulogy from Alistair that is worth seeing at least once.

    NOTE - sparing Loghain will end the romance permanently no matter what the circumstances

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  1. I'm fairly sure that Alistair doesn't go with the same sex. I've had a good relation with him and the option never came up. Have "used" the other 3 to get to the lover-achievement but never got the chance to pull alistair along on my male elven mage.

    So now female human rogue .-. lets empty his pockets.

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  2. Alistair is straight. Sorry.

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  3. I got a happy ending with Alistair playing an Elf Female Mage.
    Beware full spoilers below!

    First of all - don't make him king. He can't marry you unless you're a human female noble.. so as soon as he's king he suddenly stops loving you madly. Simply support Queen Anora, you'll see Alistair is actually happy about your decision. You'll have a chat with him and he'll tell you he's relieved.

    Second - chose Morrigan's option with the baby when the time comes. After all, that baby is not so morally bad :P it won't be evil.. (or so she says!). That way, nobody dies in the end. You live, Alistair lives.
    Ofc you'll need to watch the vid when he makes sex with Morrigan (supposing you role play and your character is madly in love with Alistair, this won't be easy for your character! but this is the only bad part in this ending).

    In the final cutscene, Queen Anora asks you if you want any boon from the queen for your services.. I don't know if it matters what you say here. I chose 'remember the Gray Wardens' though I also had the options to give the Circle it's independence. Again.. I doubt it matters.
    What does matter, is when the Queen asks you what will you do next - you have an option to say you will rebuild the Gray Wardens or something.

    When you talk to Alistair after this, he'll tell you he can't wait to be alone with you again ^^ and if you ask him what he'll do next, his reply is something like: " you said you'll be with GW, I'll stay with GW, it couldn't be better!"

    When you get the final text messages to what happens with Ferelden, the story about you and Alistair is also very pretty and romantic. It says he and his beloved rebuilded the GW, and Alistair only left her side once, when he went to put flowers on Duncan's grave.

    I really loved my ending! (and I have to say... I did read a bit of spoilers while playing, since I really wanted a happy ending with Alistair and didn't want to screw it up with choices I made along the way).

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  4. Please take note, that a a male/male romance is possible with Alister. After getting to 100 approval (making a deal with a demon), he came up to me with a rose. It is kind of glitchy.. like when to goes to kiss you he dives for your neck, but it still works :X.

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  5. Aaron, how did you do that? What demon, where, etc?

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  6. As for a male/male romance, there are mods available for the PC version from the Nexus, but when you kiss him you kind of kiss his eye/nose area. Theres someone on dragonage nexus that fixed both the kissing and the "relations" scene, but only for human males, not elves (At the time of this writing anyways).

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  7. Just wanna say thanks to the OP for this question. I'm getting to the end of DAO with my elf mage in love with Alistair and I really want to keep them both alive and together in the end. :)

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