How to get a certain ending? (Spoilers)

  1. As a human noble I know one of the possible endings lets you be kings/married or a consort to Anora. I'm just wondering what the conditions are for getting this. Does Loghain need to live or die? Alistair in you party or left? Does he kill Loghain or does it matter? What if Anora agreed to marry Alistair or if you are in a romance? Basically what conditions you achieved this and (if you feel you know enough) what conditions preclude getting it.

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  1. There are 4 endings. It depends on who dies/sacrificed at the end. You can sleep with Morrigan and conceive a child before the final battle, and it will be the vessel for the Achdemon (this also get's you a 50g achievement by itself) for one ending, or you can reject her offer, and sacrifice yourself. The other 2 endings depend on who you are allies with in the end, Loghain, or Alister. If you let Loghain live, become a Grey Warden, and take him with you to the final battle, when you kill the Achdeamon he will offer to sacrifice himself. If you execute Loghain, and take Alister to the final battle, he will also offer to sacrifice himself. So there are the 4 endings. Child vessel, you die, Alister dies, Loghain dies. It has nothing to do with who is king/queen, or who likes who. It is simply who dies at the end.

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  1. The requirement is you have to talk Anora (or Allister) into liking you enough to make you their King (Allister can be with male or female I think Anora just male) for Allister Loghain is supposed to be dead and for Anora to marry you Loghain must be alive or Allister has to have killed him (either of these works just think of it this way would you marry your fathers murderer?)

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