What is the best strategy for arcane mage weapon types, dual weild vs 2 hand?

  1. Want to get a few opinions about if dual wield is a viable option for arcane warriors or am i stuck with two handers.

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    xxxxthatguy - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I disagree with both of the previous posters. Arcane warriors can achieve a near perfect hit rate as long as you're careful about which spells you pick. Pick up the entropy spell "miasma", as it effectively raises your attack rate through your magic stat, by decreasing enemy defense. If you're going to use a two hander exclusively, focus mostly on your magic stat and ignore dexterity. If you're going to dual wield, get enough dexterity to equip the dagger you'd like and then focus on your magic stat. I recommend dual wield with the arcane warrior-only longsword spellweaver, and the "Dead Thaig Shanker" dagger from Shale's DLC content. You'll need 26 dex for the dagger. I currently hit around 90%, which is higher than either sword and shield Allistair or dual wielding Leliana.

    As for damage, I hit around 75-80 damage per swing while dual wielding. Thats slightly less than Leliana, since she gets lots of backstab damage from paralyzed targets. Normal difficulty.

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Other Answers

  1. You can do dual wield but it's not as viable since you can't every get two full-size weapons, and daggers (offhand weapons) require dexterity to equip.

    Furthermore you usually get arcane warrior for the armor, not the weapons. Why would you go for a two handed sword when you could have a sword and shield? Even as an arcane warrior, most of your damage should be from spells, not auto attacks.

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  2. I agree. My arcane warrior was made out of a desire to keep him alive and to offer assistance when mana was depleted. Not to act as a warrior. I chose sword and shield. Two handed weapons incur penalties to both attack and defense.. Says so right in the manual. And like the man said, dual weilding simply isn't the way to go. The off hand weapon deals only half of it's damage and both take penalties as to whether or not they even connect. Shields add defense and complete missile deflection. The only downside is the additional fatigue. And using a one handed weapon incurs no penalties at all.

    To answer your question, neither.. Sword and shield

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  3. I retract my narrowminded previous statement. Indeed it depends on how you build your mages spells and what you need in your group. My character was a Mage so I figured I'd keep it that way. If you want a warrior then by all means set him up as one, thus is the beauty of the Mage class

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