Best class to start with?

  1. Ok im a rouge human lvl 8 and im getting killed so fast even tho i get my main tank to tank the aggro still comes to me so idk should i restart as a warrior or mage or somthing pls help

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    jackmajik - 8 years ago

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  1. I find that the mage with arcan warrior is about the best tank and fighter in the game .

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  1. No class really makes the game easier, it evens out no matter who you choose. You might consider changing the difficulty until you get your bearings.

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  2. I would say rogue because you gain the ability to pick locks so you can open all of the chests in the game if you forgot to get lelianna

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  3. If you havent already, drop the difficulty level. Another thing to try is to adjust your party members tatics. It might be because there not using the skill they have or it might be that your not using some either. Otherwise you may need to upgrade equipment or your gonna have to dump more points into one stat.

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  4. Have you got the Taunt attacks on your tank ?

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    have a method to be a Warrior and a rogue archer (THIS DOESNT WORK FOR A MELEE CHARACTER) no hacks or mods i mean like you start as a rogue so you can pick locks and start with some dex and cun at the start when you get 5 attribute points bump it all into stength then keep putting it in strength untill you get it to 38 so you can wear the ultimate juggy armor later on if you can get it then put you next points into whatever (DEX and CUN recommended and WILLPOWER for stamina) then get a good bow or crossbow and start owning darkspawn.
    Tank-Alister,sten,Oghren,Shale Or even dog not realy
    Mage -Wynne for a healer and she has other spells
    Archer-You but you are and archer tank
    Other-Any others will do i use my lover Leliana.

    For talents put archery talents once done that put it in rogue skills and maybe duel wield.

    And you can use other armor like the wardens commander armor(Wardens Keep) or Blood Dragon armor (Downlodalbe Or from the code with you game if you got it.

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  6. It comes down to your preferance Ive played as a rogue alot and a bit of advice is to get alot of duel wepon skills early and equip like 2 blades and use those skills.

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  7. I prefer a rouge and I am doing quite well. I always have a mage (preferably Morrigan as she is a starting mage) and two meele units (Alistar and either Sten or Dog)

    for a warrior i use two mages and a rouge wynne for healing and morrigan for buffering and leilianna

    for a mage i use a tank and a rouge who is based in ranged combat and the other companion is either a warrior for boss type battles or for quick skirmishes another rouge but is melee more than ranged.

    but in all i have one warrior take the brunt of the attacks

    so rouge is quite good, these are just my prefered team`s

    User Info: Sheena4life

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  8. it depends on yer preference and your Content.

    Without Downloadable Content - Beaten on Nightmare Difficulty

    Main Character - Warrior with Two Handed Weapon Ofc. (Damage Hits at around 150-300 with Criticals)
    Mage- Morrigan - BEST MAGE IN THE GAME (She can use Healing spells,)
    Warrior - Sten (Same as Main)

    With Downloadable Content - Beaten on Hard

    Main - Rouge (Because some of the double weapons ARE REALLY STRONG) Especially Duncans Dagger.
    Mage - Morrigan (She Can learn Healing Spells
    Shale - (AMAZING CHARACTER) brought him nearly everywhere when I got him. (BECOMES INSANELY STRONG) Equipt him with top notch jewels to kick butt) (Damage 200-500)
    Alistar - (Equipt him with the Kings Armor. Making him a powerhouse (Damage (200-350)

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  9. I chose rogue because of vanish (in-combat stealth), but the strongest class to start with is the mage. If you unlocked Arcane Warrior spec from the dalish area first, you can wear plate and use warrior gear, and then later on, you can put points into Blood Magic for the AoE. Or you could have Allistair do the tanking and just use spells to make battles easy. Psionic Blast as tier 1, Forcefield is tier 2 and Mental Prison tier 4 is best spell in the game and forcefield can take a elite or boss out for 30 sec. Cone of Cold can be obtained early and is obscene. You can go for Stonefist to shatter frozen enemies and the 4th tier in that is Petrify. Weakness tier has Paralyze as tier 2. Bottom line, mages are cheap.

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  10. I've been playing as a Drawf warriow specializing in 2-handed weapons. What i did was pour all my stats into strength until i had enough to wear full Dragon Age armor set. and now i'm putting points into dex and constitution. My main has yet to die a single time. (No reloads, except when everyone else died first during a boss and missed out on the exp when i finished him off.) I'm also using Alistair as my tank with Morrigan and Wynne dpsing and healing in the back while Alistair tanks and i slaughter them with my claymores/greatswords.

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  11. If there coming after you first, the game hints tell you that the enemy npcs will focus and/or attack those with the higher armor class rating first. so make sure your tanks have higher armor class than you. also, increase your dexterity and/or wear lighter armor for your rogue. higher armor tends to slow you down. also, if you like being a safecracker or something of a treasure seeker, then definitely use rogue. if using fighter type, make sure you increase your strength (of course) so can use higher armor types. if using spellcaster, of course increase your magic and wisdom (or whatever controls your mana pool), and make sure give them some kind of protective spell ability (ie-rock armor, arcane shield, defensive hex, etc) or leather armor (or some armor that helps when casting spells).

    regardless of whatever class you choose, make sure you raise your constitution (usually somewhere between 15 to 20). i personally raise them to minimum of 20, especially early on in the game, helps me stay alive better. of course, whenever you find some armor or special helpful item, try to equip such on one your party members as soon as possible. you can always change or transfer them later when you return to your base camp etc.

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  12. ROGUE- they have sooooo much potential. just invest a lot in dexerity, cunning and constitution. you will get far

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  13. No class is best in every situation, pick a class that sounds cool then just take a look at the character faqs and if you follow that advice every class can be good. For a first play-through i would suggest a sword and shield tank, you're so durable that you almost have to try to get yourself killed.

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  14. I say rouge because if you increase their duel welding enough they can use full length swords in both hands and get them to do some backstab damage and you are looking at doing more damage than alistar or sten, also you can pick locks and disable traps.

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  15. I beat the game and all the expansions with my Dalish Elf Rogue and he was a dual wielder. The thing about mine was that he was built up by the end game as if he was a warrior and I even fought with him as if I was a warrior and had no problems with him. The only issue I ever once encountered with mine wasn't even in the main game or in Awakening but was rather in the dlc that takes your character to the dwarven mines to fight that special golem. The problem is not many people have successfully beat that golem with a rogue and those who did were lucky (is one of them after a few weeks and not giving up). The problem with him is the fact that melee doesn't work well with him in fact its almost required you use a magic character of sorts against him but unfortunately you are set with certain party members that your not used to and none of them are good with magic so its kindof hard to do.

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  16. Rogues are great if you like face paced combat. Warriors are good as meat shields and are great i f you like being in the fray 100% of the time. Mages are IMO totally boring to play as but necessary members of the party.

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  17. A big part of the game is trying different characters. I would suggest trying all different types.

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