How do I finish Unbound?

  1. I've gotten plenty of notes, have ythe side quest, but I have no idea what to do now. Where do i go/ what do i do? Thanks

    User Info: superfootdog

    superfootdog - 7 years ago

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  1. keening blade - complete the unbound quest to start it find the journals here

    1. Adventurer's corpse in Ruined Temple on the Urn of Sacred Ashes quest in the southwest corridor.
    2. Brecilian ruins' Lower Ruins in the south fire trap room.
    3. Gotta talk to an adventurer in Orzammar's Tapster's tavern.
    4. Finally go to Denerim, go to the dirty back alley, and fight the demon.

    Just one more thing, i recommend saving right before you fight gaxkang since he has a random drop besides the keening blade which is the fade wall, it is arguably the best shield in the game.. plus he is one of the harder enemies in the game.

    User Info: zzenigmaxzz

    zzenigmaxzz (Expert) - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. If you have the Unbound quest go to the alley below the Pearl and select the second option at the Quaint Hovel door. Talk to the guy inside and begin the fight. Use caution in the fight cause he one shot my mage and rogue. He has only dropped the sword for me but the other loot is never the same with the different characters.

    User Info: Iscaredeath

    Iscaredeath - 7 years ago 1 0
  2. zzenigmaxzz said it all, but I want to clarify, the fade wall WILL drop sooner or later, you just have to "farm" him. Do this by:
    1. Saving before the fight.
    2. Setting the difficulty on "casual" (Gaxkang is arguably the hardest boss in the game, so putting it on the easiest difficulty will allow you to farm him easier.)
    3. Make sure you are prepared and have the right party mix up that best suits you. Gaxkang is not somebody to be taken lightly.
    4. Enter the house and engage him.
    5. After the fight, loot his body, and if fade wall did not drop, simply re-load the save you made and rinse and repeat untill it drops. (Yes the fade wall is worth it, being the best tank sheild in the game)
    Good Luck! :)

    User Info: deadangel179

    deadangel179 - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. Be carefull, he is a shapeshifter like flemeth and i do mean he is as dangerous, he will alternate between amped up revenant and a freaking annoying arcane horror to my knowledge

    User Info: gaskgkasghks

    gaskgkasghks - 7 years ago 0 0

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