Places of power locations?

  1. Where specifically in each location are the places of power? I've found the one in the tower but I can't find the other 3. A little help?

    User Info: JPhoenix61985

    JPhoenix61985 - 7 years ago

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  1. i can tell you that in the tower of magi it is in the library at the big desk that leads to the next level. in the Brecillian forest in the main part there is a tombstone that you can activate to piss off a guardian and again to activate the site. and in Denerim its in the alienage at the big tree. and finally in the deep roads at orton thaig you cross the first bridge make a left and cross over the second bridge and the site should be at an alter that is part of the asunder quest.

    User Info: Amaroc

    Amaroc - 7 years ago 3 1

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