How do I use the mana potion thingy?

  1. I just started a mage and can't use the potion thingy to restore mana. Is there only certain times you can use it or a special button to use?

    User Info: billybobjimbo83

    billybobjimbo83 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Hold down the left trigger button to access your radial menu, then use the thumbstick to rotate around to the icon that looks sort of like a potion flask or water skin. The menu should change, and you should see a number of new icons. Just look for the mana potion (they're blue, but the exact appearance depends on the potency of the specific potion) and press the A button. You should automatically exit the radial when you do this, and your character will drink the potion.

    It's also worth noting that everything pauses while the radial menu is open, but returns to normal when it's closed so be prepared. If (for instance) you were about to be attacked when you opened the menu, the attack will happen when the menu closes. No big deal, but it can be slightly disorienting at first.

    User Info: lalaquen

    lalaquen - 7 years ago 0 0

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