Who has beat Arl of Denerims estate and killed Cauthrien? and good Arcane Warrior/party guide

  1. This question is asking who beat Cauthrien? and my Arcane Warrior/party stats/ build the bottom part could be helpful to those who are a arcane warrior

    At the end of Arl of Denerims estate near the end of the game there is a fight with Cauthruen and like twenty more men, this battle is sappose to be near impossible to win because you are ment to lose and get captured and if you do win you will get the summer blade which is not that great but anyways I want to know how many people have beat this and what difficulty they were on

    I myself beat this on knightmare mode on my 2 try with everyone alive

    my team
    Main=19 arcane warrior/ blood mage,, sword and dagger/ spells and attributions are, str 19, dex 26, will 37, magic 52, con 42, with armor and andruils blessing belt, life giver ring, life drinker neckless, blood ring

    Wynne= 18 support/ arcane warrior,, passive sword and shield str 16, dex 20, will 54, magic 47, con 14 with key to the city +2 to all

    Alistar= 19 Templar/ champion ,, aggresive with sword and shield str 46, dex 32, will 25, magic, 14, con 20 with ring of warrior +2 dex&str and with armor +

    Leliana= Bard/ Ranger,, Range with bow and summon str 20, dex 47, will 31, magic 14, con 11, cunning 31 with armor+

    I have alot of grandmaster runes, wanes dragon armor on alistar with a topsider sword, juggernut armor on main with spell weaver and thorn of the dead gods,

    User Info: shanetasse

    shanetasse - 7 years ago


  1. I have beaten this part, I used Yassaris and effort armor with standard beater helm on me, sten with agless and legion armor, alistar with warden sword in silverite with chevaliers armor with heavy infantry helm, and leana with elven armor and rescue bow. I beat it on nightmare it took two tries sence the first time i was last man standing and two archers got me wile i was killing boss, my party was around level 20-21 when i did it. O you can get two summer blades after u beat boss pic up the blade and let the rest of the gards kill you.the you fight her again. Arcane warrior i dont know i use warrior reaver berserker.

    User Info: SemoneMerku

    SemoneMerku - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. If you lose you can get the blade later when you go to the landsmeet with Alistair. Just choose the option to kill her

    User Info: Draekon1

    Draekon1 - 7 years ago 0 0
  3. I thought it was easier having my main character being an Arcane Warrior/Spirit healer so I could retreat with him to one of the other rooms while the others took the flak and then lure a few guys out one at a time and use Blizzard, Earthquake, Tempest, and Inferno to waste away at the other suckers sitting in the main room. If I had the chance though, I could Revive my party and heal them with the Spirit healer part. It did however take me a few reloads but eventually I got it... Is it better to kill everyone though or just to get arrested?

    User Info: TimTim0485

    TimTim0485 - 7 years ago 0 0

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