What is the best equipment layout for a bloodmage/ spirithealer?

  1. Where do you find the best gear for a mage?

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    Ialdabode - 7 years ago

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  1. Unfortunately, the best equipment comes at a price.

    Staff: Staff of the Magister Lord - bought from the quartermaster at the circle tower
    Free Staff: Malign Staff - I believe this is dropped by a general at the very end of the game

    Boots: Magus War Boots - dropped by Trickster Whim (do the "summoning sciences" quest in the circle tower, then find a chanter board and do the "unintended consequences" quest)

    Robe: Reaper's Vestments - bought from wonders of thedas shop in denerim
    Free Robe: Robes of the Magister Lords - take from the corpse of caladrius in the alienage in denerim

    Hat: Cameo Cowl - do the quest "five pages, four mages" at the circle tower, you will then find the con artist that drops this item while on the road

    Gloves: Elementalist's Grasp - if your mage uses all elements get this in a chest after the unbound quest--if your mage specializes in a specific element, get that element's gloves (ashen gloves, black hand gauntlets, etc.)

    Amulet: Spellward - buy from Bodahn
    Free Amulet: Lifedrinker - this is an amulet specifically for bloodmages, get it in the caverns of the ruined temple during the urn of sacred ashes quest

    Belt: Andruil's Blessing - buy from quartermaster at the circle tower
    Free Belt: Belt of the Magister Lords - found on a corpse at the urn of sacred ashes

    RIng1: Blood Ring - complete the "informal training" at the proving arena in Orzammar
    Ring 2: depends on what element you train your mage...for example: Dalish Battery (electricity), Dreamsever (spirit), Frostshear (cold), Ring of Selection (nature)...

    You will probably want the best rings in the game (the spellward, ring of ages, key to the city, dawn & dusk, ring of the warrior) on your warriors and rogues.

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