How do i get the 1000 darkspawn kills achievement?

  1. Ok the achievement itself seemed easy enough but there aren't 1000 to kill in one go. i've done two playthroughs and didn't get it then i took my first character through all the other add ons and awakenings and got my kills to over 1200 with that character and i've still not got it. any ideas?

    User Info: Kakarot28

    Kakarot28 - 7 years ago


  1. What you need to do is kill 1000 darkspawn not get 1000 kills because only genlocks and hurlocks count as darkspawn so when you kill other creatures it counts as a kill but not a darkspawn kill!!!

    User Info: prallenator90

    prallenator90 - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. Unfortunately for you and me both, neither of us will be getting the 1000 darkspawn killed achievment(or even 500in my case) if you have all the DLC and latest patch without the occasional loopy way of getting around a glitch that the patches and DLC themselves created; most substantially when Return to Ostagar came out for a few days before they recalled it and never fixed the issues it caused on the re-release.

    A lot of issues were created with the caching system of the game(creating other achievement related issues as well I am lead to believe, and am dreading as I approach a few landmarks on my latest play-through) and short of your main character getting all 1000 on his/her own with no help in one non DLC play-through from party members adding to the tally(so I've heard, maybe doable on the easiest difficulty if you want to spend the time, and I've heard it may be farm-able on the last quest in the game), or apparently deleting ALL game data, DLC, patch info and clearing your cache THEN playing through the vanilla game OFFLINE and hoping for 1000 between all party members(with farming no doubt available as mentioned above) neither of us are getting it.

    There is apparently no sign of an effort to fix the issues the developers created with these patches, and you'd be a more patient person than I if you wish to try the above methods that ARE NOT GUARANTEED TO WORK, but have worked according to the claims of SOME PEOPLE.

    User Info: helpmedeath

    helpmedeath - 6 years ago 0 0

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