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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MRadford

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    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
      1. Introduction to the Guide
      2. Disclaimer
      3. Version History
      4. Contact Information
    2. The Basics
      1. Controls
      2. Game Menu
      3. System Menu
      4. Inventory
      5. Quests
      6. Codex
      7. Radial Menu
      8. Conversation
      9. Approval
      10. Gifts
    3. Combat
      1. How Combat Works
      2. Tank
      3. Damager
      4. Healer
      5. Aggro
      6. Buffs and Debuffs
      7. Levelling up
      8. Injuries
      9. Potions
    4. Skills
      1. Strength
      2. Dexterity
      3. Willpower
      4. Magic
      5. Cunning
      6. Constitution
    5. Weapon Types
      1. Sword and Shield
      2. Two Handed Weapon
      3. Duel Wield
      4. Bows / Crossbows
      5. Staff
    6. Spell Combinations
      1. About Spell Combinations
    7. Talents
      1. Warrior Talents
      2. Rogue Talants
      3. Duel Weapon
      4. Archery
      5. Sword and Shield
      6. Two Handed Weapons
    8. Spells
      1. Mage
      2. Primal
      3. Creation
      4. Spirit
      5. Entrophy
      6. Specializations
    9. Talent Builds
      1. Information on talent builds
      2. Damage Warrior
      3. Tank Warrior
      4. Damage Rouge
      5. Damage Mage
      6. Healing Mage
      7. Off Tank Warrior
    10. Classes and Specialisations
      1. Warrior
      2. Warrior: Berserker
      3. Warrior: Templar
      4. Warrior: Champion
      5. Warrior: Reaver
      6. Rogue
      7. Rogue: Assassin
      8. Rogue: Bard
      9. Rogue: Ranger
      10. Rogue: Duelist
      11. Mage
      12. Mage: Shapeshifter
      13. Mage: Spirit Healer
      14. Mage: Blood Mage
      15. Mage: Arcane Warrior
    11. The World and Organisations
      1. Thedas
      2. The Grey Wardens
      3. The Monercy and Denerim
      4. The Chantry
      5. Redcliffe
      6. Ostagar
      7. The Circle of Magi
      8. Templars
      9. Dalish Elves
      10. Orzammar
      11. Antivan Crows
    12. Characters
      1. Alistair
      2. Leliana
      3. Mabari
      4. Morrigan
      5. Oghren
      6. Shale
      7. Sten
      8. Wynne
      9. Zevran
      10. Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir
      11. Duncan
      12. Arl Howe
      13. Arl Eamon
      14. King Calian
      15. Flemeth
      16. Riordan
      17. Anora
    13. Setting Off
      1. Male or Female
      2. Race
      3. Class
      4. Background
      5. Appearance
      6. Attributes
      7. Skills
      8. Talents / Spells
      9. Difficulty
    14. Random Encounters
      1. Fereldan Encounters
      2. Denerim Encounters
      3. Deep Roads Encounters
      4. Reverant Encounters
    15. Origins
      1. Human Noble
      2. Magi
      3. City Elf
      4. Dalish Elf
      5. Dwarf Commoner
      6. Dwarf Noble
    16. Storyline Walkthrough
      1. Pre start advice
      2. Ostagar
      3. Post-Battle
      4. Lothering
      5. At Camp
      6. The Tower of Magi
      7. The Realm of Dreams
      8. Attack in the Glen
      9. Proving Round One
      10. Proving Round Two
      11. Proving Round Three
      12. Proving Round Four
      13. Proving Round Five
      14. Back in the City
      15. The Deep Roads
      16. Recruiting the Dalish
      17. To Redcliffe!
      18. The Undead Attack
      19. Castle Redcliffe
      20. Denerim (part one)
      21. Haven
      22. Fort Drakon
      23. Redcliffe part two
      24. The Battle of Denerim
    17. Ostagar Side Quests
      1. The Hungry Deserter
    18. Lothering Side Quests
      1. More then just Plants
      2. When Bears Attack
      3. A Poisonous Proposition
    19. Ostagar Side Quests
    20. Redcliffe Side Quests
    21. Circle Tower Side Quests
      1. Places of Power
      2. Careless Accusations
      3. Notice of Termination
      4. Thy Brother's Killer
      5. Herbal Magic
      6. The Mage's Library
    22. Orzammar Side Quests
      1. A Lost Nug
      2. A Mother's Hope
      3. An Unlikely Scholar
    23. Brecilian Side Quests
    24. Denerim Side Quests
    25. Blackstone Irregulars
      1. Dereliction of Duty
      2. Scraping the Barrel
    26. Companion Side Quests
      1. Oghren's Old Flame
      2. Flemeth's Grimoire
      3. The Sword of the Beresaad
    27. Optional Bosses
      1. Revernant
    28. Glossary of Terms
    29. FAQ
    30. Ending

    Storyline Walkthrough (Continued)

    Proving Round Five

    You get you're whole team with you this time, Piotin is a boss level character that hits farily hard, but you will want to be taking him down last, this is because he has so much health that if you focus on him from the start you'll be taking so much damage from the adds that it will become unhealalble.

    When the round starts, your first target should be the left most add, he'll run to the back at the start of the fight, so get after him and kill him quickly.

    Piotin's right hand needs to go down next, he's not that tough, just make sure you keep on top of the healing with health potions and healing spells. The last two enemies are one more underling and Piotin himself. Have your tank, and both damagers concentrate on killing him, meanwhile have Wynne shoot the last add with her staff until he goes down (just keep healing!) if it somehow aggros her, run to the tank and have him it until it dies.

    From now it's a what we know in the MMO world as a DPS race. Basically you have to kill him before you run out of health and lyrium potions. Don't be afraid of using every potion you have here, you can stock up again from fallen mobs a bit later.

    Make sure you keep your two damagers at the back of Piotin and Wynne far enough away as not to drae concern. This fight is sometimes easier to control Wynne and do the healing yourself, as with her default healer setup she burns through mana as if it's going out of fashion. Make extensive use of Group Heal whenever it off cooldown, not only does it heal everyone, but it heals for the most too. Don't bother too much with trying to regain stamina, just focus on keeping everyone alive, also, don't be afraid to use health potions to supplement your healing.

    After a while, you'll get his health down to zero and the fight, and indeed the whole Proving is over.

    Back in the City

    Well done, time to hit the pub! Find Dulin Forender in Tapster's Tavern in the Commons to tell him the good news, he'll take you to see Harrowmont, and update your log with a new quest: A Lord's trust: The second task, after you talk to Harrowmont you'll get Entering Jarvia's Hideout.

    Leave Harrowmont's estate, from now on, you're going to be perodically attacked by Belhen's supporters. Head north past the Chamber of the Assembly. You will be attacked by a large group of mobs. Make sure you focus on killing them one at a time, make sure all of your damagers have their tactics set to Enemy: Target of [Tank name] > Ability name. Have all of their powerful strikes set to this and they will execute them in order. While this is going on, take control of Wynne and offer healing to whoever needs it.

    At the far end of the Quarter you'll find the Shaperate, go in and speek to the Shaper. You can resolve the Chant in the Deeps quest here either by talking the Shaper around to the idea of a Orzammar Chantry, or by agreeing it's a bad idea.

    Around the area are two quest givers, talk to Orta first and get Lost to the Memories, next to her is a book that will give you the codex Legions of Steel

    Talk to Shaper Assistant Milldrate for Theif in the House of Learning. More investigation of the area will yield the codexs The Deep Roads, Orzammar Politics, Dwarven Faith, The Shaper's Life, Leigon of the Dead, Traditional Dwarven Folk Songs, In Praise of the Humble Nug. Phew, I get right on reading all of that. Pick the locked chest to get the gift The Search for the True Prophet which you should give to Wynne, and some Tier six gloves.

    When you're done, exit the Shaperate and go back to the Commons. Save when you enter and find Dust Town on the map. It's wise to switch Leliana back to Morrigan for now. After you go down the centeral stairs you'll have to fight several more flunkeys. The best way to deal with them is to use powerful AoE and CoE spells like Tempest. If you don't have these spells yet just focus your damage on one target, then move to the next. See the Character Builds section for more information about how to set up tactics to be more effecient than the default ones and how to stop Wynne being a massive mana drain.

    About Morrigan

    From this point on you are going to be facing a lot of enemies at once, this can be especially annyoing in boss fights if you have no AoE spells and have to focus on each one at a time while taking, in some cases very heavy single and party damage. You should always have Morrigan in your group to inflict these AoE's, if you haven't got them already, level her electrical tree to at least Tempest, then start on the Cold tree. For more information about what you'll need to make life easier check out the Pre-start advice section.

    With those irritations dead, carry on down the road and talk to Brother Burkel again. Inform him of the good (or bad) news and carry on into Dust Town.

    Well that's a change of scenery! And after only a few steps you're under attack. Once again, AoE them down with Tempest and posibaly a Mind Blast to keep them stunned, followed by a quick Shock. There should only be the elite leader left so Vundrability Hex > Drain Life > Lightning him to kill him.

    Keep going forwards down the road and look to your left for an Idle Dwarf, when you see him, swap Morrigan for Leliana for a moment and talk to him and ask him about the 'Small Rodents' and tell him your friend wants one as a pet.

    There's a quest giver ahead, so go and talk to her. You can offer to reason with her father, or tell her to go to the Chantry (or even pursuade her to kill it!) For now, accept to help her by talking to the family.

    Behind you, talk to Nadezda near the fire and offer to pay her for some information. Ask her about Jarvia and where to find her. There's a slum house a bit further on, it's empty right now, but enter and exit, then go back to the Idle Dwarf and recieve the Nug. It is in the form of a gift, so go into your inventory and give it to Leliana for a +13 approval bonus. With all that sentimentalness out of the way talk to Shady Corbit, ask him about the theft in the Shaperate, then kill him and loot the reciept.

    Go back to the Slum's House and enter, this time it's occupied with all manner of mobs. Kill them to death, if you concentrate on the Leader then the fight will end when he "dies", but if you kill his friends then you'll have a slighly easier time getting answers (it's farily simple anyway though.) Force him to give you his token.

    Go back outside and down the street, the enterance to the Cartel is located next to Zerlinda, use the key to get inside. Follow the hall until you get to the gatekeeper, you won't know the password so you'll have to fight him. (You may have it if you're a Dwarf Commoner). Kill them all and carry on to the first set of crossroads.

    If you feel like a fight, go right and enter the room, there's a lot of enemies in here so AoE them all down. There a codex entry Jammer's Stash. In the room on the other side of the Crossroads there's a few enemies and and elite Mercenary. Make sure you focus on him first as he hits really hard.

    After you're done, go back to the crossroads and go south. At the next set of crossroads, you'll end up fighting your way through to the right doorway. When the enemies are gone, if you go to the left door expect three elites. A Qunari melee, a Cartel Mercenery who acts just like a normal elite and a squisy Elf mage who heals the enemies. Take out the healer first, then focus on the Qunari, then the Cartel.

    If you want the EXP, leave the room and go all the way south to the end door, there's some more trash Cartle here that need emancipating from their physical selves.

    Go back into the hall and through the door around the corner. Here's where AoE spells come into their own. Cast Tempest where it will hit the most enemies. As long as your playing on Normal or Casual it won't harm you so have your tank drag any enemies that aren't getting hit into it's Area of Effect.

    When you're done slaughtering everyone, go through the door on the south end of this room. There's a number of traps in this coridor, if you can't detect them just spring them, they do very little damage.

    Follow the road until you hit a T-Junction, go left here and clear out the enemies, loot the key to the cells of the Jailor and free Leske at the far end of the room.

    Exit the jails and continue though the hall, the storehouse you come to will seem empty, but you'll be jumped by three steathed rouges. Kill them down and proceed.

    The next room will house another Qunari and a couple of ranged trash. Head through the door in this room and follow the coridor all the way to the end. Before you open the door to the next room, switch to your tank and have him run in first. Cast Taunt as soon as you get a few paces in to pick up all the mobs. Follow this up with a Tempest. There's a few elites in here, so make sure you kill them first.

    Through the next door and you'll come to three doors, the one ahead leads to Jarvia, the one on the right leads to some Spiders and the one on the left holds more cartel thugs. I'd reccomend killing everything before going to Jarvia if only for the EXP points.

    BOSS: Jarvia

    There's a few adds in the room, including two elites that should be brought down as fast as you can. Jarvia herself will keep stealthing in the fight, so don't even bother going for her unil her friends are all dead.

    She enjoys sneaking up and stunning people, so when you kill all the adds, watch for her reappearing and blow your cooldowns on her. When her health drops below 50% she'll summon some more archers, these can be taken down easily with Morrigan.

    When Tempest wears off recast it, even when she's in stealth, Jarvia will keep taking damage from it.

    There's a lot of looting to be done here, get the key from Jarvia's body as well as other pots you might find. The exit is at the back of this room. You can talk to the shopkeeper about Dagna if you don't feel like going all the way back to the Circle, when you come out. Tell her to report to her father.

    Outside the shop, go over to Tapster's and talk to Ordel and pursuade or intimidate him into bring his daughter back into his house. When you do, go back to Dust Town and let Zerlinda know the good news.

    Go back to the proving arena and talk to Fixer Gredin, he will turn hosite, so take him down. Loot the book of his body. You can sell it to Jetrin to finish the quest, of return it back to the Shaprate.

    When you're ready, go back to Harrowmont's estate and tell him about Jarvia. It's always something else with these people isn't it? First, beat a few people up, then beat a lot of people up, now go on a full fledged expidition into the centre of the earth. Exit back to the Commons and turn right to find the enterence to the Deep Roads. Oghren will come and talk to you when you get close. Accept him into your party and enter the Deep Roads.

    The Deep Roads

    The overworld for the Deep Roads is just like that of Fereldan. Go to Caridin's Cross first. A bit ahead you'll run into some casteless under Bghlen's pay. They are elite, but go down without too much of a struggle, just make sure you go for the Elf first.

    Carry on down the road and look for where the wall has collased on the right. Go down the passage, you'll come to a cavern filled with Darkspawn. Get all Grey Warden on them and proceed keep going through the cave until you reach the Emissery. When he's down, see the bridge on your map and go across it. You'll be facing a Hunlock Alpha on the bridge, save before engaing him, don't run up, but shoot at it with a bow or spell to drag it down to your end of the bridge.

    Hit it with everything you have, then turn and AoE down the other mobs that will have spawned behind you. Then save again, the next part of the fight requires a bit of patience, there's a lot of mobs.

    It tends to be easier at this point to go into the advanced section and order the group to hold postion. Then equip a bow and have your party take out the archers at range, if you run in you'll pull all kinds of monsters. When you get to the end of the bridge you'll be set upon by Shrieks. These are some of the strongest non-elite darkspawn you'll encounter and need to go down quickly, forget any surviving Genlocks for now and focus on them. Within a few moments of pulling the Shrieks an elite Orge will attack, finish off the Shrieks and turn onto it, hitting it with any cooldowns you have left. It goes down farily fast, but will do a lot of damage, so keep Wynne and Morigan topped up with Lyrium. After the Orge dies, sweep up the remaining Genlocks. The real trick to this section is holding your line. Don't overestimate the intelligence of the AI party members, if a caster runs ahead and into a group of 'spawn they will almost certianly die. This means the loss of either your strongest dps or your healer so unless you can get a very quick revive out, it's probably a wipe.

    The tunnel carries on to the south, so head down it. You'll rejoin the road a bit futher ahead, inspect the statue to get the codex log Ozammar History: Chaper One.

    Further down the road an elite Bronto will attack with several Darkspawn. Use Tempest to take out the spawn (or at least weaken them) and have your tank and other damager kill the Bronto.

    Further a Genlock Runner will charge you, let him come to you and slice him to bits. Divert back into the caves again at the next road marker.

    There's a group of Darkspawn led by an Emissery, usually it's best to try to kill these first, but it can be a pain getting to him, especially if you're using Oghren as a tank since he's far more squisy than Alistair. It's best to quickly take out the darkspawn, then turn on the elite, healing through the damage.

    As you come to the next turn you will be amushed by some Shrieks, make sure you concentrate your fire on one, kill the other and get ready for a mini-boss.

    A Orge Alpha attacks, try to get both the Shrieks down before it get's to you. This guy doesn't have too much health, make sure you get a Tempest down if you already haven't done, then give it every cooldown you have, you shouldn't have any problems.

    There's two passages, one to the north and one to the east, take the east one (there's nothing down the other) and once again join the road to go to Ortan Thaig, which will appear on your overworld map.

    Someone's been having fun with the Darkspawn, keep going down the road until you get into another tunnel. Spiders will drop down from the ceiling. Kill them and move on, there's a poisionous (ranged) spider at the end with won't do much harm.

    In the next cave an Orge's trying to work out a dispute with the arachnids. Let them fight it out until one wins (normally the spiders), then finish off the survivers.

    Go a bit firther north to encounter another spider vs. Darkspawn battle, once again, wait until one side loses then congratulate the winning side by bludgeoning them to death.

    Follow the path north. You'll see a spide running away from you, if you follow it, more will drop from the ceiling and ambush you. You can follow the path around to the west to avoid it.

    You'll emerge in the Thaig properly, there are some ghosts and Golems around here. Make sure the golem is killed first. Loot the Ortan Thaig chest to update Lost to the Memories. When you get near the chest, someone will run into a cave nearby follow him.

    Several spiders ambush you, kill them and follow Ruck inside his cave, there, talk to him. You can agree to lie to his mother and tell her he's dead, or tell him that you won't lie to her. Ask him about to camp to learn the spiders have taken most of the things that were in the camp.

    Go back outside the cave and over the bridge to the right. There will be a Golem and a few ghosts on the other side, kill them all. A second Golem will appear when you get to the other bank, so kill him too.

    Between the two bridges, on the other wall there's a cave, dive in and follow the spiders. Oh you know this is going to be a trap! Go over the bridge to another large fight with spiders and an Emissary.

    Keep going north, over the bridge and go to the quest marker.

    BOSS: Corrupted Spider Queen

    It's never simple is it? The Spider queen is only available to attack for a few moments at a time, afterwards she'll zip up to the room and summon adds, as well as web everyone.

    The most dangrous move the adds have is Overwhelm. They will jump ontop of a character and cause considerable damage over time, keep an eye out for this and make sure they get plenty of healing, if they die, revive them quickly.

    When you kill the adds, the queen lands at a random point in the room, when she does hit her with all your spells and cooldowns (don't forget Vunrability Hex!) and do as much damage before she webs up again

    After about three cycles of this she should be dead or on her last legs, so to speek.

    When you're done, examine Branka's journal, but don't forget to loot all the dead spiders, they drop lots of potions.

    To the Dead Trenches then! Sounds delightful. The exit to this area is in the top right corner, it should be easy to spot on your map. Back on the Overworld (should that be Underworld?), find said Trenches and travel there.

    Hmm. Spikes. Purple Fire. Bad Attitude. Yep, you've got yourselves an Archdemon. Thankfully it's so busy trying to be intimidating it doesn't see you and flies away.

    Some Dwarfs have come here too and are taking it to the Darkspawn, give them a hand. Then check out the statue behind them to update your codex with The History of Orzammar: Part Two.

    The Leigon won't say anything special for now, you have to fight your way across the bridge. When you step on it, infinite waves will spawn so stop and fight, then move forward, rinsing and repeating. At the other side, and elite Orge and some Archers await. Cast Tempest on one of the group of Archers and have your tank pull the Orge into it's AoE. Make sure all of your party keeps hammering at the Ogre as they (especially Oghren) will randomly decide that one Archer is a more serious threat. When the big fellow goes down, take out the remaining 'spawn.

    The Leigon should run over the bridge, if they don't go back along it as there's probably a few enemies left on it. Speek to Kardol to learn a bit more about the Legion of the Dead.

    Sometime around now, Morrigan should be getting close to (if not over) 34 magic. When she does, make sure you get Blizzard, now, when theres a lot of enemies that need to die quickly, lay down a Blizzard, then Tempest to do the very powerful AoE Storm of the Centary.

    The front door to the trenches is closed, so go around the left side to get in. There's a few more trashies around here. Take them out and continue into the Trenches. There's a fair number of enemies here, next to the big door there is an Emissary that should be taken out first.

    This next section's optional: When the fighting's done, go through the door at the north end of the room. There's enemies on both sides of this room and Shrieks in the middle so keep a vigilent eye on your mages health since they are going to be attacked at some point. When the fighting's over observe the runestone for the codex entry Stalara Negat. There's also some Sarcophagui in here that offer good loot and the codex entry The Dead Caste.

    Go back outside and go through the southern door. Kill the enemies in here. The wall has collapsed, go through the hole, there's spiders and an emissary here, but he seems more the healey kind that the killie kind so ignore it for now and AoE the spiders. When they're dead, turn on the caster.

    Follow the tunnel back out into a room, there's only a few Darkspawn here and you won't have any problems with them.

    Do NOT do this bit if you're low on potions!

    This next section is skippable. to your right as you enter the large room there's a cave. Inside it is a lot of tough Darkspawn. The only real reason to kill them is for the EXP. Put your party on Hold and very slowly walk in, as soon as your character takes out his weapons run back to your group. If all has gone well only a few Darkspawn will follow you, so you can very easily mop the up. Make sure though, that you keep your squad on hold until the Darkspawn are on top of them and have started to attack, otherwise they have an irritating habbit of running into the cave and being killed. When the first lot are dead so the same thing again. Keep a close eye on your party when you turn off hold position, if any start running for the cave, grab them and bring them back. When you can't pull anymore out, run into the cave and AoE the entire back half, make sure the Elite Hurlock Alpha and the Boss Genlock Forge Master both get hit by it. Blizzard is the better choice to use here if you have it.

    Have everyone, including Wynne shoot the Alpha, get is down as fast as possible, then move to the Forge Master. Keep healing through the arrows. Have Morrigan AoE the archers but don't take your attention off the Master. The thing you must remember here is do not exhaust your supplies of potions, you will need them a bit later on.

    From the big room, go north and follow the path. When you cross the bridge you will be ambushed by a lot of Shrieks when you get just over half way, so you can prepare a bit. The mobs will spawn one quarter and three quaters of the way across, place traps between the first quarter and the middle if you have any to try to slow them down. If you have it, also cast Blizzard on the bridge just before the niche you're in. When you're ready, trigger the mobs by moving along, then running back. Cast Tempest right on top of you and prepare for battle. Use Shock and Cone of Cold to give even more AoE potential, have your melee focus on one shriek who's health is low and finish it off, then move on to the next one. Make sure Wynne is healing the entire time during this. Don't be afraid of spending most of the fight in the radial menu, select what you want each member to do, unpause and let the battle play for a few seconds, then repause and repeat.

    Go across the bridge to be faced with another hard fight (although not quite as bad.) Nuke down the trash that attacks you, then get after the Emissary, he will lob fireballs at you and it all becomes rather unpleasent, when you have him cornered, Tempest him to kill the adds and concentrate on brining him down.

    Exit to the right of the room, as you move through the corridor, you'll hear someone speaking a rather disturbing poem. When you get to the junction follow the path unless you feel like another very hard fight for no reason (and you're still going to need those pots!)

    When you arrive at the door where you hear "she's become the beast" turn to the left and speek to Hespith. When she's finished she'll run to the north, so follow her. Well this sounds somewhat omonoius doesn't it?

    Exit into the big chamber. Two Orges attack you, both elites. Do you think someone at Bioware was having a bad day at the office that they put in so many hard encounters so close to each other? Focus on one Orge at a time and keep them away from the Mages. They don't have too many hitpoints so maybe it's not that hard... just wait!

    Go to the south of the Chamber, you'll get another line from Hespith, go through the door. Get a codex entry from the Legion of the Dead Relic, and loot the key from the alter at the far end. You'll get swarmed by a few ghosts. These things have a high defense so make sure your focsing all of your single target damage on one enemy.

    Go back out and head right. Open the ominious doorand go through the next room carry on down the rocky corridor.

    Ok, now you just know nothing good is behind this next corner.

    BOSS: Broodmother

    This girl is the hardest boss in the game thus far. It requires heavy use of AoE and single target damage.

    Ok, phase one. The Broodmother will smack anyone in range with her arms. Her tentecles do heavy damage too. Start by laying a Tempest right in front of her, ignore the tentacles and focus on the boss.

    Her health will drop fairly fast. When it hits 50% she summons some adds. Immediatly stop hiting the boss and have everyone focus on taking down the adds. If Tempast is off cooldown, reapply it. When the mobs are gone, start nuking her again.

    At 25% health she'll call in some more mobs, these are far more powerful, reapply Tempest or Blizzard and again, have everyone foucsed on taking them down one at a time. If any tentecles pop up, move out of the way of them.

    When will it end! Don't forget to loot the Broodmother, then leave the area. In the overworld, travel to the Anvil of the Void. Through the tunnel you'll find Branka. Great, she's flipped her lid, fed her family to the Darkspawn and now wants you to quite literally risk life and limb to get through some traps.

    Fight your way through the Dwarven camp, there's nothing you shouldn't be able to handle after the Broodmother.

    When you enter the area with the green gas you will take constant, light damage. It's easiliy healed through though. You will have to fight four golems, one after another. They act just like any other Golems except see to have slightly more health. They are not immune to shattering so if you have Cone of Cold, freeze them and try to land a critical hit.

    Exit the area to the north. The next room has you fight two golems at once, be careful are they can do very heavy damage. Kill two more golems when you move forwards.

    BOSS: Anvil Guardian

    This fight can be a bit confusing if you don't know what to do. The four faces of the thing in the middle has to be destroyed, to hit it you need to kill one of the enraged spirit, this allows you to examine the anvil and send a bolt of energy at it.

    When the fight starts, attack the closest spirit and defeat it, this is the six o'clock position. The anvil near you will start glowing, examine it to damage one of the faces. Now just wait for the other mobs to despawn. The damaged face will move clockwise, so follow it to the nine o'clock position. Wait for the mobs to respawn, when it does, throw everything you've got at it. Try not to pull the other adds, if you don't go near them and don't let any party members attack them they will just stand there.

    When the mob dies, trigger the anvil to destroy that face. No new mob will spawn from this face now, so as the fight goes on it will get easier. You now have to destory the remaining faces, take them out one at a time, following the one you're damaging around as it goes.

    Enter the final chamber to begin a cut-scene. You will fight a different boss, depending on who you side with.

    BOSS: Caridin

    Side with Branka and you'll have to fight Caridin. You'll have a few Golems on your side, but they go down fast. Take out the adds before you fight Caridin. He's a hard hitter and immune to Lighting damage, but weak against Frost.

    At 50 percent health, Caridin will cast Tempest and cause heavy damage to anyone inside (including his Golems if they're still up). Just make sure that your tank pulls him out of it and make sure non of your mages wander into it. At 25% he'll cast flame jets on the floor, again, these are really easy to avoid.

    Caridin is one of the few bosses that can be "kited", meaning you can run faster than the boss. If there's only one or two party members left, have one attack while the other runs around the outside of the room having the boss chase them. This make take a while, but it's a sure way to sucess.

    BOSS: Branka

    Huh, she has a Control Rod. Balls. Half the Golems will protect her, these must be taken down first. Tempest or Blizzard them to get a good start and foucs fire to take them down.

    Branka does nothing too special, she hits quite hard and has a lot of armour though. If you're running low on potions, use the Lyrium veins to replenish your health and mana.

    Before you leave the area, go to the Golem Registry and take a rubbing of the stone. Go out the way you came, when you come to the exit of the cavern the overworld pops up. Head back to Orzammar. During the assembly, give the crown to whoever you would like to be king (it doesn't have to be Harrowmont), the other will attack. This should provide absolutly no trouble, kill the rebel and exit the Hall. Outside, Kardol will congratulate you, here you can convince him to come to the surface and join your army if you have enough cunning.

    Go back to the Shaperate to turn in the quest The Golem Registry and update Lost to the Memories, finally go back to the Assembaly to finish it. Then go back to the Commons.

    Talk to Filda and either tell her about Ruck or lie to her. With everything in order, go back through the Hall of Heroes and take Oghren on his first trip to the surface.

    When you're ready head to the Brecilian Outskirts.

    Recruiting the Dalish

    Go to your party camp, when your finished talking / buying supplies go back to the overworld map and head to the Brecilian Forest.

    There's not much you can do for the moment, keep talking to Zathrian whilst he fills you in on how much he needs your help. When he's done gassing, examine the Andruil statue to get the codex Anduil: Goddess of the Hunt, the statue opposite yields Sylaise: the Hearthkeeper.

    Time to grab some additional quests. Next to Arthras get the codex Vallaslin: Blood Writing, then speek to him, following the dialouge until you agree to help him, getting the quest Lost to the Curse. Near him, Varathorn, ask him about what he does to get Rare Ironbark. You can also buy the Silver Brooch off him as a gift for Morrigan.

    Behind Varathorn you can pick up the codex The Long Walk. On the other side of the camp Cammen is sitting near the fire. You will need to pursuade him to get him to spill the beans. Offer to help by talking to Gheyna, she is sitting by another fire on the opposite side of the "road". Two simple pursuades follow, convince her it's all her fault Cammen's an imbecile. They'll hook up, you'll both recieve and compelete Cammen's Lament. Hurrah.

    Speak to Elora to get the codexes Aravels and The Halla and the quest Elora's Halla, you will need a high survival skill to progess it morally, you can always lie to her, convincing her to kill it. If you do, give the antlers to Varathorn to get a gift. Behing Elora, examine the statue to get the codex ''Ghilan'nain: The Mother of the Halla'. If you feel like listening to some stories, speek to Sarel.

    Finally speek to Lanaya to get the codex Arlathan: Part One. Make sure you do not loot the chest behind her, or she'll get annoyed. A bit in front of her is a stone giving the codex Fen'Harel: the Dread Wolf.

    There's nothing else to do here, so head out into the Forest. Keep following the path north, it won't take long for you to be set upon by werewolves. Kill them dead and keep going. When you arive at a waterfall, the game auto-saves and a certian wolf you're going to be getting to know over the next few hours runs in.

    Talk to Swiftrunner until he starts getting impatient. You can pursuade him to fall back, otherwise you have to fight him. Make sure you focus on him, when his health hits zero, he'll disengage and run off.

    Follow him the way he went, you'll be attacked by more werewolves, including an elite that needs to be brought down first. To the south find Deygan and take him back to the camp to complete Wounded in the Forest. Back at the waterfall, go west to find an Andraste's Grace, a flower that you can give to Leliana for a converation and up to a +10 approval gain.

    Go to where the quest marker is on the map, you'll have to fight some Darkspawn and more Werewolves., Grab the Ironbark from the fallen tree. Here you'll have to fight a Slyvarn, they have a root attack that can, well, root you into postion while causing damage. On the plus side they have a huge flanking angle so you shouldn't have any problems. Enter the East Brecilian Forest.

    When you enter, you'll be set upon by a pack of werewolves including two elites, make sure you nuke them down quickly as togther they can do a suprising amount of damage. Don't forget to AoE, and if you have Spell Might, Blizzard and Tempest, give them a Storm of the Centuary.

    A bit further ahead you'll find Danyla. After a bit of talking you can choose to kill her quickly or leave her to suffer. When you're done, carry on down the path. Turn left at the first crossroad, then left again at the next. There's a group of bears here. Make sure you use your AoEs to kill the adds and concentrate on the elite Brown Bear. A bit further ahead you'll run into two Orges. There's a tombstone at the end of this area. If you feel like a challange, disturb it's wards.

    A Reverant and a few normal and elite mobs pop up. They are immune to cold attacks so hit them with Tempest. Ignore the Rev as best you can and keep spam healing your tank. Kill the normal mobs first, then the elites who should have taken considerable damage from the AoE. If you can get them down without losing anyone then the fight gets much more managable. Get your melee dps behind the Rev and nuke it to high heaven. The tank will still need spam healing since it hits really hard, but it should be nothing too difficult to do after a few tries. Looting gives some rather nice plate boots.

    Go east from here and go through the path until you hit the Mad Hermit's Camp. Am I the only one hoping Jolee was going to make a cameo? :(

    Talk to him for a while, when you get the option to trade, ask for the Acorn. You can also get book Archons of the Imperium, Volume One for your Codex if you like. With that done, go out the way you came, back to the Western Forest. Go down to the Grand Oak, before you talk to him though, go past him and examine all three parts of the camp. You'll go to sleep, when you awake three random party members will be dead, and you'll have to kill a rather weak elite Rage Demon. After you have, examine the chest in the camp and retrive the Dalish Boots, give these to Zevran for a short conversation.

    Now speek to the Oak, he's very upset at the loss of his acorn. Reunite him with it, and you will be able to access the centre of the forest. Leave the Oak's glen , instead of turning left the way you came carry on up the road. There's a few more werewolves here, make sure you kill the elite first. Then head back in the East Forest. Take out another tree, then at the end of the road, go right, you will see a large cloud which will deactive when you touch it. Swiftrunner is waiting for you, there's no talking your way out this time. Engage him and take down this health, a wolf will rescue him, there's nowhere else to go except into the ruins ahead. Before you go in, loot the bones near the grave stone for a demone stautette that you can give to Alistair for a +10 approval gain. You can interact with the tombstone if you feel like killing another Reverant. This one's a bit easier, with far less adds.

    When you're ready the Gatekeeper will shout for his fellows to fall back, follow them inside. Follow the stairs down and go through the door ahead of you. There's two smaller passages with nothing much down them. Keep going through the hall, you'll be ambushed by some rather weak spiders. To the right and ahead there's some rooms with nothing overly great inside. Go down the stairs to the left, ignore the loud, thundering noises it's probably nothing...

    BOSS: Dragon

    Ok, maybe not. For a fearsome beast though, this isn't really a very hard fight. Dragons are resisant to fire spells, but weat to ice, so Cone of Cold and Winter's Grasp should always be on cooldown, as should Blizzard.

    Watch out for his tail swipe at flanking target's it doesn't hit for much but can sometimes push you back. It goes without saying, only the Tank should be facing in front.

    You can't loot the Dragon, but like any good oversized lizard, he has a horde further back.

    In the next area, move forward and get attacked by the walking dead, turn them into the scattered dead, and continue down the main hallway. The same thing will happen next with spiders, these hit slightly harder, but again should prove absolutly no trouble. Keep following the corridor, when you emerge you will start talking to a Ghostly Boy. You try to help and you all you get are skeletons... In these numbers they can hit reasonabally hard, keep an eye on your tank and your mages at a discreet distance (make sure they don't run back into the middle of the fray). Also, make sure that you don't go too over the top with the damage with Morrigan or you may pull aggro off the tank.

    Loot the Tablet out of the right hand room to get The Elven Ritual, Wynne will appreciate the fancy scroll too. When you're ready, carry on through the door and at the end of the hall, make a left.

    Down the stairs, in the centre of the next room is a well. To complete the ritual quest:

    • Fill the jug
    • Place it on the alter to the left of the well as if you were coming down the


    • Kneel and pray before the alter.
    • Examine the jug.
    • Take a single sip (not a swig!) from the jug.
    • Pour the remaining water back into the well.

    And hey presto! The door at the end of the room opens. Go around to the back of the room and talk to the Shade. She seems irritated. Defeat her and her adds and loot the centre to get some massive armour and the codex entry Uthenera.

    Exit the way you came and go back to the coridor, be careful are you approch the bend, you'll have to fight your way past two waves of undead. The first waves is considrabally more populated than the second so save your cooldowns for them. There are no elites here, but so many mobs hit very hard, so make sure that you are healing your tank well ahead of time (don't forget Group Heal) and make sure Morrigan doesn't pull aggro with all the AoE flying around.

    Go into the next room on your right. Examine the Phylactery, touch the gem to learn of it's history. Agree to destory it and be taught how to become an Arcane Warrior. These are melee mages who are very capable tanks. See the Talant Builds section for more information on how to utilise this powerful specilization. Carry on down the hall and get ambushed by a few more undead. The way to continue is to the right, but in the room ahead there's a Reverant vial if you feel like the bonus experience.

    The next room has a LOT of traps in it, these are triggered when you walk between the statues, but they don't do too much damage as long as you move out of the flames. Kill the elite archer at the back before concentrating on the normal mobs.

    Carry on down the hall, in the next large room, take out the skeletons and save. Head down the starts to come to the next mini-boss. The Arcane Horror is a spellcaster that hits really hard. Send your tank and melee in, before long the Horror casts Tempest and teleports to another part of the room, summoning adds. Don't even try to kill the Horror while these are up, use Tempest yourself in the new part of the room and focus on killing the adds on at a time. They seem to be attracted to healers, so keep a constant eye on where yours is and prioritise any mob that goes for her.

    When all the mobs are down, turn your fury on the Horror itself, it has a very low number of hitpoints so it won't stand up to more than a few seconds of nuking.

    Facing the way you would if you were coming down the stairs, the left rooms have some lootable stuff, the right is the way you want to be going. Activate the pool of water to go to the Lair of the Werewolves.

    Open the door ahead to start another battle, don't run into the room though, let them come to you. Take out the elite first, then the Shadow Wolf (there equilivent of a Rogue), then anything else that came in.

    Go through the door and move forward, be very careful how you approch this next group. It maybe wise to put down a Tempest where you're standing and before you start and lead them into it. Follow the path down and into the next room and agree to speek to the Lady.

    Yeah, yeah, very scary. There are three outcomes to this, agree to help the Lady of the Forest, then collect Zathrian from the next room. Try to make him cure the wolfs and you will fight him and two adds. Make sure you nuke them down first, but overall it's an easy fight. The second choice is to side with him, here you will fight Swiftrunner, Witherfang and some more adds make sure you kill everyone before killing Witherfang. Both these choices will give you the 'sided with the Elves' achievement. To side with the Wolves convince the Lady to kill Zathrian and all of the Dalish, you will be transported to the camp where you must fight him and several others. Bear in mind, if you do this you won't be able to complete some quests.

    Providing you didn't massacre them all, return to the Dalish Camp and hand in your quests. Bear in mind they'll be some new mobs on the way back. Bear in mind! Get it? Ugh.

    To Redcliffe!

    After you've had a chat with all your group, head to the Overworld and go to Redcliffe Village.

    If Alistair's approval is high enough (and he's with you) you will get a small scene explaining his past. When it's done, head over the bridge. He'll take you to Bann Teagan, agree to help him out with his troubles. Examine the book in this room to get the codex entry Thedas Calander and the book shelf on the other side of the room for Demonic Possession.

    Speek with Kaitlyn to get the quest A Missing Child. Turn right when you leave the Chantry and go into Kaitlyn's house. There's the codex entry on the shelf ahead. Go up to the second floor to pick up Cautionary Tale for the Adventurous.

    Enter the room on the ground floor to find Bevin. You can pursuade him to tell you why he went to the house, then take the sword from the chest upstairs. If you get him to go back to the Chantry, you can buy the sword from Kaitlyn, getting rep for various party members (and losing it with Morrigan).

    Speek to Murdock outside, he gives you a list of things to do. Why is it everyone else in this game is so incompetent, they have to rely on travelling Grey Wardens to sort everything out for them? Go to the 'Blacksmithy' just behind the mayor. Promise to save his daughter, then exit the shop.

    Report your sucess to Murdock. You can start the battle now, but it's best to recuit some others first. Go to Dwyn's House near the lake, if you've been trying to get Sten's sword back, bring him along too. Break the lock, or pick it open. If you have the sword quest, ask him about it. You can pay six gold or intimidate him (it's not too hard with Sten staring down at him). Ask him about joining the milita too. Ask him if there's no way of changing his mind, opening a pursuade or intimidate option, or the option to pay him.

    Ser Perth is on the top of the hill near the windmill, speek to him about.. is he wearing King Cailan's armour? Anyways, speek to him helping him out with some divine protection. Before going to the Chantry, stop off at the Tavern and talk to the Militamen, then to Lloyd about giving them some free drinks. Talk to Bella about the elf in the corner, then confront him about his presence. He tells you Arl Howe's sent him to watch the castle. You can force him to fight in the milita. When you're done, exit the Tavern and go back to the Chantry.

    To Bann Teagan's right is Mother Hannah. Talk to her about Ser Perth's request, you will be faced with a hard pursuade option. If you suceed or fail, talk to Perth with your results. Before you go though, don't forget to pick up the Codex on Founding the Chantry.

    Finish whatever other business you have in town, then speek to Murdock again. He'll debrief you on how you've down. When you're ready, wait until sundown.

    The Undead Attack

    You'd think they'd try to destory the bridge wouldn't you? Then none of the zombies could get across and attack the village. Meh, the undead will come in several waves. Be careful if you're playing on Hard that you don't accidentally AoE a friendly militaman. When the waves are down, another guard will warn you that they are being attacked from the lake. Follow him down, there will be lots of waves but they go down fairly easily. After the battle, go up to where you found Ser Perth and talk to Bann Teagan.

    Isolde will emerge from the Castle and get Teagan to follow her inside. While he's off playing the hero, you need to go inside the windmill and access the Secret Passage on the left.

    Castle Redcliffe

    Enter the door, there's some more undead here, take them out to start a conversation with someone who maybe familier, depending on your Origin. When the conversation plays out, tell him to come with you, he'll refuse, but tell him to help however he can. You'll be ambushed in the stables, but it's nothing that can't be rectified with an AoE. When you're done, go up to the main floor.

    Exit the room you're in and go right into the room ahead. There's a few shades here including an elite Greater Shade. On the table near the fire there's a book with the codex log The History of the Chantry: Chapter Two. Exit through the other door. A large number of undead will spill out of the room on the other side of the hall. AoE them to death and turn left. Here you'll find the armoury. If you have a lockpicking Rogue, enter and loot some of the high tier stuff. When you're ready, go into the room that had the zombies in and go through the door at the end.

    You'll be beset upon by another large group of baddies. Kill them and save, on the passage to the left there's an optional fight with some very powerful Mabari hounds. Make sure you AoE and go after them one at a time with your single hitters.

    In the hallway there's a trap ahead. Move into any of the rooms to send some mobs after you. Be very careful when you AoE that you don't pull the mobs from the other rooms if you're not sure you can handle lots of mobs at once. In the first room on the left, there's some bookshelves some potions. Go to the door at the far end of the hall to find Valena, the Blacksmith's daughter. Go through the door on the other side of the hall, through the kicthen to get to the Basement. All you want to do here is cross over into the Courtyard.

    There's a non-elite Reverant in here with some adds. He is much weaker then the things you're used to, so just treat it like any ordernary elite. When it's dead go up the stairs and into the castle again. Move forwards a bit to start a cutscene.

    The demon Conner runs away and turns his minions on you. Take them down, focusing on Teagan first. When his health hits zero the fight ends and he regains him mind (and health apparently).

    Jowen, Teagan and Isolde talk about what's best to do. Agree to let Jowen cast the spell, choose to send in Morrigan. Walk up the hill, at the top is Arl Eamon, talk to him. Nearby there's a portal, go through and continue up the road. At the top of the hill you'll find Conner. He'll turn into a demon and attack. Cast Cone of Cold to imobilise him (her, it?) and cast away. When it dies, it disappears.

    Go back through the Portal and speek to Conner again. This time she spawns an add. But both are very, very weak. Kill them with Cone of Cold and Shock, then go to the next Fade portal.

    How often does thing thing need to be smacked around before it listens? Back through the portal. The Desire Demon will reveal itself, it will soon engage you. Although there's only one of them now, it's a good idea to cast Tempest, or if you can, Storm of the Centuary (Blizzard + Tempest). The demon will cast the odd shock and teleport around. It will split into various adds, which will be killed almost instantaly. It doesn't take much to kill it, just keep using Shock and Cone of Cold to keep it imobilised. When you've won you exit the Fade.

    Back on the shore of Redcliffe a Riverrun-esque funeral is underway. Teagan asks your advice on what to do about Jowen, you can choose to have him executed or spare him.

    Examine the books in this room for the codexs The History of Fereldan: Chapter One and The First Blight: Chapter Two. Look around this floor, there's a Stone Dragon Statuette that you can give to Alistair and The Guerrins of Ferelden which works best when given to Wynne.

    Go down to the main floor, in the room ahead, there's a small silver ring that can be given to anyone. To the right, look in the desk of the next room for the converation gift, Alistair's Mother's Amulet as well as the Codex entry The Orleasian Empire.

    When you're done in the castle, don't forget to go back to Redcliffe to complete the Blacksmith's Dauther.

    Denerim (part one)

    So, now it's off to the capital city. When you arrive you'll end up in the market district. There's a chantry board to the left and various other quests found around town. For now though, head to Brother Genitivi's house, in the south section of town.

    He's not here (suprisingly), but his apprentice, Weylon is. Talk to him about Genitivi's location. He's gone to the tavern off lake Calaehad, so exit Denerim by pressing Y on the map. Once at the docks enter the Spoiled Princess tavern and speek to the landlord. He'll deny Genitivi was ever there, but if you can pursuade him to talk a bit, he'll tell you he's been watched. Either way, exit the inn.

    You'll be attacked outside, once the cultists are gone, go back inside the tavern and speek to the owner again. He's much more talkitive this time, but still the question of the attackers origin remains. Go back to Denerim and go and speek to Weylon again.

    Why do these people just keep throwing themselves at you? Kill Weylon and open the door at the back of the room, there's a turned over book giving you the codex History of the Chantry. Also in this room is the body of the real Weylon and Genitivi's research inside the chest.

    Leave the city again, the Village of Haven will have unlocked in the western part of the map. If you have Sten in your group at this point, he will confront you about how you intend to kill the Archdemon, if you cannot appease him then you will have to fight and kill him, so bear this in mind if you want to keep him in your group.