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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MRadford

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    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
      1. Introduction to the Guide
      2. Disclaimer
      3. Version History
      4. Contact Information
    2. The Basics
      1. Controls
      2. Game Menu
      3. System Menu
      4. Inventory
      5. Quests
      6. Codex
      7. Radial Menu
      8. Conversation
      9. Approval
      10. Gifts
    3. Combat
      1. How Combat Works
      2. Tank
      3. Damager
      4. Healer
      5. Aggro
      6. Buffs and Debuffs
      7. Levelling up
      8. Injuries
      9. Potions
    4. Skills
      1. Strength
      2. Dexterity
      3. Willpower
      4. Magic
      5. Cunning
      6. Constitution
    5. Weapon Types
      1. Sword and Shield
      2. Two Handed Weapon
      3. Duel Wield
      4. Bows / Crossbows
      5. Staff
    6. Spell Combinations
      1. About Spell Combinations
    7. Talents
      1. Warrior Talents
      2. Rogue Talants
      3. Duel Weapon
      4. Archery
      5. Sword and Shield
      6. Two Handed Weapons
    8. Spells
      1. Mage
      2. Primal
      3. Creation
      4. Spirit
      5. Entrophy
      6. Specializations
    9. Talent Builds
      1. Information on talent builds
      2. Damage Warrior
      3. Tank Warrior
      4. Damage Rouge
      5. Damage Mage
      6. Healing Mage
      7. Off Tank Warrior
    10. Classes and Specialisations
      1. Warrior
      2. Warrior: Berserker
      3. Warrior: Templar
      4. Warrior: Champion
      5. Warrior: Reaver
      6. Rogue
      7. Rogue: Assassin
      8. Rogue: Bard
      9. Rogue: Ranger
      10. Rogue: Duelist
      11. Mage
      12. Mage: Shapeshifter
      13. Mage: Spirit Healer
      14. Mage: Blood Mage
      15. Mage: Arcane Warrior
    11. The World and Organisations
      1. Thedas
      2. The Grey Wardens
      3. The Monercy and Denerim
      4. The Chantry
      5. Redcliffe
      6. Ostagar
      7. The Circle of Magi
      8. Templars
      9. Dalish Elves
      10. Orzammar
      11. Antivan Crows
    12. Characters
      1. Alistair
      2. Leliana
      3. Mabari
      4. Morrigan
      5. Oghren
      6. Shale
      7. Sten
      8. Wynne
      9. Zevran
      10. Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir
      11. Duncan
      12. Arl Howe
      13. Arl Eamon
      14. King Calian
      15. Flemeth
      16. Riordan
      17. Anora
    13. Setting Off
      1. Male or Female
      2. Race
      3. Class
      4. Background
      5. Appearance
      6. Attributes
      7. Skills
      8. Talents / Spells
      9. Difficulty
    14. Random Encounters
      1. Fereldan Encounters
      2. Denerim Encounters
      3. Deep Roads Encounters
      4. Reverant Encounters
    15. Origins
      1. Human Noble
      2. Magi
      3. City Elf
      4. Dalish Elf
      5. Dwarf Commoner
      6. Dwarf Noble
    16. Storyline Walkthrough
      1. Pre start advice
      2. Ostagar
      3. Post-Battle
      4. Lothering
      5. At Camp
      6. The Tower of Magi
      7. The Realm of Dreams
      8. Attack in the Glen
      9. Proving Round One
      10. Proving Round Two
      11. Proving Round Three
      12. Proving Round Four
      13. Proving Round Five
      14. Back in the City
      15. The Deep Roads
      16. Recruiting the Dalish
      17. To Redcliffe!
      18. The Undead Attack
      19. Castle Redcliffe
      20. Denerim (part one)
      21. Haven
      22. Fort Drakon
      23. Redcliffe part two
      24. The Battle of Denerim
    17. Ostagar Side Quests
      1. The Hungry Deserter
    18. Lothering Side Quests
      1. More then just Plants
      2. When Bears Attack
      3. A Poisonous Proposition
    19. Ostagar Side Quests
    20. Redcliffe Side Quests
    21. Circle Tower Side Quests
      1. Places of Power
      2. Careless Accusations
      3. Notice of Termination
      4. Thy Brother's Killer
      5. Herbal Magic
      6. The Mage's Library
    22. Orzammar Side Quests
      1. A Lost Nug
      2. A Mother's Hope
      3. An Unlikely Scholar
    23. Brecilian Side Quests
    24. Denerim Side Quests
    25. Blackstone Irregulars
      1. Dereliction of Duty
      2. Scraping the Barrel
    26. Companion Side Quests
      1. Oghren's Old Flame
      2. Flemeth's Grimoire
      3. The Sword of the Beresaad
    27. Optional Bosses
      1. Revernant
    28. Glossary of Terms
    29. FAQ
    30. Ending

    Storyline Walkthrough (Continued)


    Charming place. Before you do anything, head north and enter the shop. Pick the chest in the corner and loot the Antivan Boots for a gift for Zevran, yeilding a brief coversation. Then go south again and enter the villager House. There's not much in the way of loot here, but there is an alter that will trigger a brief scene with your party.

    Once you're ready, leave the house. You'll have to fight your way up to the Chantry at the top of the hill. The first group consists of a few guards and citizens and are easy to blast down. The next fight is against one mage and three reavers. Make sure you kill the Reavers first for this fight. Up the hill a bit further and there's only a few reavers left. Kill 'em and enter the Chantry.

    Eirik and his minions will attack you after some talking about how much of an unenlightened savage you are, so savage the lot of them. Divert into the left room and loot the small silver bar for another gift for Zevran. Loot the medalion off Eirik's body and examine the brick wall on the right side of the main room. Genitivi is lying on the floor, give him the medallion and allow him to take you to the temple.

    Leave the brother in the temple courtyard. Trials or worth, sharpened spikes, there's a distinct "Indiana" smell here if you ask me. Fight your way to the top of the stairs, there's absolutly nothing here which should cause you any problems. At the top go right through a frozen corridor and loot the Fallen Knight for some decent loot, then go back to the main room and into the other side. There's an elite Bronto in here, make sure you kill it before going for the archers.

    They'll be a trip wire in the next hall, disarm it if you can and kill the enemies that charge out of the room. Go south and open the door into a chapel, there'll be a lot of enemies in here, so as ever, Tempest is your friend. Go into the small room from here to pick up a key.

    Head back into the main room and decend the stairs. There's some more mobs here, make sure they don't overwhelm your tank and AoE to get the or most of them down quickly. As you came down the stairs go right into the side passage where there's a small room where you can kill three cultists and get the Discovering Dragon's Blood gift for Wynne if you like.

    Come out into the main hall again and cross over into the hall. Go to the far end and enter the room to pick up the quest Forgotton Verses and the codex entry The Old Gods. Unlock the door in the hall and get the main key, then go back up the stairs. the game saves before you enter the door right in front of you.

    Run into the room and trigger the Ash Wraiths to spawn, then run back to the door and use all of your cold attacks to kill them. When they're dead a mage will come down the stairs, so focus on him next. When he goes down kill the remaining archers.

    That was simple, why can we never fight dragons or something! Th next room features four archers and a lot of traps. It is best to hang back and use arrows and spells for this, then move across the room springing as many of the traps as you like.

    When you enter the next room and the game auto-saves, run to the door on the right, ignoring the ash wraith that pops up. There's a mage in the hall here with some rather nasty spells, kill her first, then the wraith, the the others.

    Enter the room where the mage came from and into the hall through the doors. Once again get rid of the mage before she knocks you on your be-hinds and slaughter the lot of the rest second. Another room, the same plan Mage > Wraiths.

    Last enemy room features one trap, one reaver and some archers. There's a statue in here Wynne will enlighten you on. Head up the stairs and into the Wyrmling Lair.

    Turn into the next big hall. In this room another ash wraith spawns as well as an Overseer that can hit reasonabaly hard. Kill the Overseer and Wraith first and go for the trash that surrounds them.

    The next room offer two mages, the one on the left debuffs while the right damages. Take the out in which ever order you like, since they're mages they go down practically from breathing on them.

    Enter the cave system. You will be attacked by Dragonlings. Like the one in the Circle Tower they have no special attacks for standing behind them, unlike some, so feel free to nuke away. There's also some traps in here, so watch where you step.

    Keep following the path to the auto-save. In the next fight you will have to go through Mages, Dragonlings and Reavers, and they should be taken down in that order to minimise incoming damage. The biggest danger, however, is getting your melee too split up from your mages and they get swarmed. Keep an eye on everyone and if needed, bring back your melee to thin the ranks a bit. Also in this room is a locked chest with good loot and the codex log The Frostback Mountains.

    You know the drill by now: kill the mages, kill the dragons, kill the reavers. Point and laugh at their pathetic attempts to survive.

    The road forks here, go left to continue, right doesn't lead anywhere but it's only one room and worth clearing if only for the experience points.

    Finally, a break from Mages and Reavers! There are two Drakes here, they are pretty weak against frost spells so Cone of Cold, Frost Weapons and Winter's Grasp are all very handy.

    In the pile of Dragon Filth there's a Stone Warrior Statuette that will boost your rep with Alistair.

    Back to the room and down the left road we go. There's a mage further ahead, there's not a lot you can do but take the fireball that gets thrown at you. An assasin will decloak too, take the Mage first as per usual, then the rogue.

    This next bit is optional, but worth it for the experience points, if you want to skip right ahead, go to the Back on the right road section.

    Carry on down the hall, the game auto saves when you enter the next room. Take out the drake and other mobs on the right, then head up and kill the overseer at the top of the stairs. His forcefield means he takes a bit more of a beating the the normal mobs, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

    The last room has a few elites in it. Take out the Drake first and everything else out second. In the actual room, don't forget the pick up the powerful caster necklace The Lifedrinker, and the codex The First Blight: Chaper Eight. Follow the cave back until you reach the turnoff.

    Back on the right road

    Turn to the left and go down a bit further, there's an elite Drake here, he doesn't do anything too special except jump ontop of someone for a heap of damage, if that happens, stop it by freezing it, or using Shield Bash.

    The next room has two traps, one on either side as you come in, archers on the left and a mage on the right. It's shouldn't proove too much trouble. In the hall after that you'll have another elite Drake (don't forget to freeze it!)

    Save before heading into the next cavern, here you'll meet Kolgrim. After some verbal posturing, he'll offer you a deal to defile the ashes, if you deline he'll attack.

    BOSS: Kolgrim

    The hardest part of this fight is the adds. If you have Spell Might, Blizzard and Tempest, cast Storm of the Centuary to quickly dispach them. Kolgrim hits pretty hard. Make sure you try to freeze him as often as possible with Cone of Cold and Winter's Grasp.

    He doesn't have too many hitpoints. Once his friends go down it's just a matter of healing through his damage until he drops.

    When you're done, go outside to the mountaintop.

    BOSS: High Dragon

    Ooh look it's Andraste! No of course it's not, it's a big-ass dragon. This is one of the most difficult fights in the game, it also doesn't scale, so if for some reason you're only level 8 do not' attempt this fight yet, you can always come back. You will also need a lot of mana pots for this battle, so make sure you're well stocked, if you're not, again don't worry you can always come back when you are.

    So, what can this monster do? It has a back-kick that makes flanking it at it's weakest point hard to do as you'll get knocked back a lot. It has a Wing buffet that will suck in and knock back anyone in range, it also has a strong fireball and cone attack. The long and short of it is: don't stand near the front; don't stand near the back. Attack from the sides.

    Once you're done, enter the Gauntlet and speek to the Guardian. He'll ask a question about your origin, but it has no effect on the rest of the game. When he's done, pick up the codex The Maker's First Children from the book infront of you and enter the Gauntlet.

    There are eight ghosts here, each will ask you a riddle that you must answer correctly.

    • Ealisay - A tune
    • Lady Vasilia - Vengence
    • Disciple Havard - The Mountains
    • Disciple Cathaire - Hunger
    • Brona - Dreams
    • Thane Shartan - Home
    • General Maferath - Jealously
    • Archon Hessarian - Mercy

    A vision of your past will appear here. Depending on what you said to the Guardian will alter what dialouge you get.

    The next room has you fighting ghostly versions of your party. Make sure you take them out in this order Healer > Mage > Melee > Tank. If you leave killing the healer until the end the fight lasts a lot longer.

    This next section is not as hard as it seems. Your party will not follow you for the moment. Pick one member and have the touch each of the stones on the left side until the first section of the bridge appears, then hav another member touch the buttons on the other side until it fills in. Position another on the now solid section. Rinse and repeat until you have a full bridge.

    "Talk" to the alter and remove your equipment. Then walk through the fire to trigger the cutscene. Approch the Sacred Ashes. And for God's sake put some clothes on!

    Loot the Dead Adventurer to recieve a gift for Morrigan, then exit the area through either door to the side of this room. In the Mountaintop, there's a quick door leading back into the temple. Brother Genetivi will still be at the enterence. Report your sucess to him, job well done!

    A brief glympse to the world map shows that the Blight really is in full swing, most of the centre of the country has fallen. Go back to Redcliffe Castle and speek with Bann Teagan.

    Dayum, that was fast. Follow through the dialouge, you'll get a brief verbal sparring match with Loghain before he storms off. When you're ready, go and talk to Arl Eamon again.

    Go to the gates and move to the newly unlocked Arl of Denerim's Estate. Erlina is on the left near the doors. Go down the left ally, keep going around the back and cut through the vegetable patch. Soon another conversation will begin. Ah the bushes, don your disguise and go south. Erlina will distract the guards, when they've gone, go into the estate.

    If you're a City Elf, murdering your way through here will seem like old times! Erlina will catch up with you a few paces inside. You'll be briefed not to talk to the guards. Look up the quest marker on your map and head there. None of the guards will pay any attention to you as long as you don't go through any wrong doors. Go into the next hall and take the second door on the left. Loot the chest in this room for the Grey Warden Documents, then go down the stairs and through into the next room. Here you'll find Riordan, who'll free himself pretty easily once you get the guards attention. Return his papers to him and point him in the direction of Arl Eamon's Estate, then head back up and make your way to the dungeons.

    Your cunning disguise won't work down here, this fight can also be a bit difficult, make sure you get down an AoE, some guards will come in from the back, so you'll be fighting for quite a while in this battle.

    Head through the metal door and take out the one inapt guard patrolling. Keep going through the corridor until you hit the auto-save. If you're feeling brave, open the door on the right. You'll be set upon by Mabari from this room and some guards flanking from behind. The best way of doing this is to cast Storm of the Centuary just outside before opening the door, it's huge range will take out a lot of the guards before they get into sword-swinging distance, leaving you to mop up the hounds.

    Down the coridor, head into the door on the left and take out the torturer, then free the man on the device in the back. Get him to convince his father to speak out against Loghain.

    Go back into the hall and through the next door on the right. Again, since there's a lot of fighting as soon as you open the door it might be a good idea to cast Storm of the Centuary before you go in. When everyone goes down, grap the key off the body of the Jailor. Rexel is in one of the cages at the back, open the door to his cell and free him. In the other side of the foom Soris is in want of a freeing too (he won't be there if you're a City Elf).

    Back in the corridor and keep going, the game auto-saves when you come near to the last door, enter to confront Howe.

    BOSS: Arl Howe

    Just like Kolgrim, Howe's strength lies in his adds, so you need to get them down as fast a possible with a strong AoE (once again, Storm of the Centuary works best.)

    Howe himself is a Rogue and will hit reasonabaly hard, but for a boss, doesn't have a lot of health. When his adds die, focus fire on him with all of your cooldowns. As far as battles go, this is a pretty easy one.

    When Howe bites the dust, nab his key from his corpse (after a little desicration if you're a Human Noble!) and free the captive from the room behind. If you're not a city elf, or if you didn't kill him Vaughan will be here too (if he's asleep, select the cage door, choose to release him in exchange for his voice at the landsmeet.

    Use the door to go back to the main level and free Anora (note the Star Wars reference when you do!), escort her to the door. There's quite a welcome party to greet you here. Choosing to attack will start an unwinnable boss fight, if you choose to stand down you will be arrested and if you try to talk your way out by showing her the queen, Anora will demonstate her blinding loyalty to your cause.

    Fort Drakon

    Oh noes! You've been captured. After a brief talk with Alistair you can choose what you want to do, opt to wait for rescue, you can select who comes to help you.

    You will have to blag your way through three checkpoints. The best person to bring for this is Zevran and anyone else but Dog and Sten (who'll give you away and opt to kill everyone first chance he gets.) However, if you bring two girls they will arrive dressed as priests, whilst two men will come as clowns.

    Approch the first door and let Zevran do the talking each time, after some persuadsion you are allowed through to the next door. Tanna will realise that door duty isn't all it's cracked up to be (as long as you get Zevran to convince her.) When she's gone, go through the door.

    From this point, you will have to fight regardless. When you open the door, four guards will attack. These should be pretty easy to take down, moreso if you have Morrigan along for the ride. Head right and into the Kennel, there's one guard and two Mabari here, focus on the dogs first as they do far more damage.

    The last room has only two guards and two (or one if Alistair didn't take part in the attack on the Estate) Grey Wardens. Loot the key off the guard and free them.

    The party will be reunited, hooray! Go back the way you came, but go to the colonel's office first and get the key to the front door (and incidentally killing the Colonel in the process.)

    The rest of the area seems empty, when you open the last door you'll get attacked by plenty of enemies, take them all out and loot the key off one of the bodies, then go out the front door and return to Eamon's estate. Then go up and speek to the Arl, suggesting a marriage between Alistair and Anora.

    Riordan's in the room too, talk to him about the vault in Denerim, as well as any information about the Wardens. Then head to the other side of the hall and talk to Anora. Suggest the marriage to Anora, then try to talk Alistair into it. If you pursuade him then report the sucess to Anora, if not, agree to help her to become queen (even if you don't intend too.) Finally, if the proposal worked, tell Eamon.

    Exit the esate and go to the Warehouse in the Market District (bring Alistair). In the smaller room at the back, inspect the shelf to make it vanish, and take anything you like from the Warden cashe. Make sure you loot the Armour Stand and give Duncan's Shield as a gift to Alistair. It would be best to finish up whatever you need to do in the game now, there's not a lot of time left before the unstopable ending starts.

    Go into the Gnawed Noble and talk to Bann Alfstanna and Sighard to get their support for the Landsmeet. The way to the Alienage is open now, so head to it (you need to actually enter through the Market District, not the overmap), then select the Alienage.

    As you move through the slums, a Haggard Human will be attacked, run over to chase the Elves away. Keep moving towards the crowd, Shianni will instigate a cut-scene.

    Before going into the hospice, talk to Ser Otto. Talk to the Deranged Begger and inspect the Pool of Blood, then go back to Otto, then follow him into the Orphanage.

    It's important to remember doing this that Otto can die, if he does the quest fails so make sure you're saving frequently. Also using the last spell in the spirit healer tree, Cleansing Aura will heal Otto. You'll need to divert through the rooms on the left to get past the barricade. As you pass some locked doors you will get jumped by some rapid wardogs. Make sure you keep an eye on Otto as he can't beat a group by himself.

    Save and keep going, the next room contains an elite, but goes down fast with all five people wailing on her. You will reach the centre of wrongness in the Orphanage. A demon will attack and summon several adds. Use an AoE, and keep an eye on Otto's health, don't let him take too many hits. Keep Cleansing Aura on to top him up.

    The next few rooms only has a couple of demons and the path is fairly linear. After a bit more fighting you'll arrive at the source of evil. The demon will show it's face again. kill it once more. Pitchforks start flying all over the place, then the demon will come back as a boss, it does nothing special except summon a few adds and have a bit more health. Kill it to death and loot the room for some nice rewards, then exit the building.

    You can speek to the Healers outside the hospice, but they won't be overly helpful. Instead, go around to the back and talk to the Elf Guard. You can pay him off and get in, but it tends to be easier and cheaper to just kill him. Use the key and enter the Hospice. Go into the small room to find some captive elves. Finally, loot the note on the desk, then report back to Shianni (you'll have to kill the guards outside too.) then go around the back of the hospice again and enter the appartments a bit further ahead.

    Pick up the Sextant for Fazzil's Request if you got it from the Chantry Board, also in this room you can examine some evidence that people have been taken from their homes.

    Keep following the corridor, you'll arrive at a locked door on the right that can open and kill four mob, then exit the apartments through the door at the end of the hall. Take down the guards and enter the warehouse. Devera will start a conversation and reveal the Tevintar's here are slavers. You can fight her, intimidate her to leave or get her to take you to her leader.

    Whichever you choose, go in through the next room to find Caladrius, you can either make a deal with him, or "deal" with him the old fashioned way.

    BOSS: Caladrius

    This is a rather odd bodd fight. If you brought Devera into the battle kill her first. Caladrius will cast Blizzard on you, make sure you move your entire party out of range to avoid the constant freezing. Cast Storm of the Centuary on the ground level where the boss is to get rid of the adds, if you focus on Caladrius then his guards will sacrifice themselves to him, giving him more health, so make sure you kill them first (if SotC hasn't already got them.)

    Caladrius doesn't have a lot of health, it shouldn't take long to nuke him down.

    After the battle you can choose to sacrifice the slaves to get a permanent boost to your stats, or you can kill Caladrius. If you do, loot the slaver documents from his body. Leave by the gate and go back to Eamon's estate, where you can tell him of your sucess. Then exit the estate, Alistair will join your party, so select you're other two and go to the Palace (finishing any last business you have in Denerim first).

    Inside the Palace, Loghain's right-hand, Ser Cauthrien will attempt to stop you. If you have a very high pursuadsion skill you can convince her to stand down, otherwise you will end up in battle.

    BOSS: Ser Cauthrien

    Although much nerfed from when you met at Arl Howe's Estate, Cauthrien is still a very hard hitter. AoE down her guards and blow all your cooldowns to bring her down.

    You'll walk in while the Landsmeet is in full swing. Bring all of Loghain's crimes to the attention of the people the vast majority, if not all (but one!) will side with you.

    BOSS: Loghain

    Although he's not technically a boss, Loghain is still pretty tough, if you are a rogue you are going to have the hardest time of it. Strangly, a mage has the most easy battle.

    Warrior : Make sure that you have your best armour and a sheild equiped, go into Shield Wall and use Shield Bash to try to incapacitate him. Keep using your health pots as Loghain hits pretty hard.

    Rogue : Because of a Rogue very light armour, Loghain hits for very heavy damage. Use everything in your power to keep him stunned, and use a pot as soon as he hits you. It maybe better however, to have Morrigan step in for you in this case.

    Mage : Mages should never even get hit. As soon as the fight starts, use Cone of Cold, then Vunrability Hex, followed by every damage spell, including Drain Life that you have. Use Misdirection Hex if you have it, when he unfreezes to wait out the CoC cooldown, as soon as it's available, hit him again with it and repeat your attacks to finish him off.

    MAJOR SPOILERS START If you want Anora and Alistair to marry, do not accept Loghain's surrender. Riordan will come in suggesting Loghain be inducted into the Warderns, if you accept, Alistair will leave your group permanantly and be replaced by the Teyrn.

    Make sure it is you, who executes Loghain, if you give it to Alistair, Anora will turn against the idea. MAJOR SPOILERS END

    You can now decide who will be the regant, choose who you like, or get them to marry, when the talking's done, leave the estate and go to Redcliffe Village.

    Redcliffe part two

    Nothing's ever simple is it? Go over the bridge and talk the the Redcliffe Survivor. The Darkspawn are attacking the village and focusing on the castle, so head there now.

    All the lesser 'spawn in this area are extremely weak and won't hold up to more then two blows at the most. You can go down into the village to kill the Darkspawn if you like, or go right to the castle.

    The Castle Courtyard will be full of Darkspawn. Cast an AoE to get rid of most of the trash then focus on any surviving Elites.A good number of trash-spawn will run in, your AoE may still be up and if so, they'll all die at once. When the courtyard is clear a boss-level Orge will spawn. Use your mage to freeze it, then cast Vunrability Hex and have everyone use all of their cooldowns on it. The Ogre behaves exactly like a normal one, but with more health. When the Ogre dies a guard will escort you into the hall.

    After the dialouge, head to the second floor and go into Riordan's room. Some important information about the killing of the Archdemon is given, afterwards, go you your room where Morrigan will be waiting.

    If you're happy with letting her have sole custody over an extremly powerful demon-child then agree, otherwise tell her to leave. Note that this is one of the possible endings for the game.

    The Battle of Denerim

    When the battle starts, you will not have a party, but all of your party members will be in the battle fighting on their own. There's not too much to do here but to kill all of the Darkspawn, none of which is very tough. When the last of the Darkspawn are dead, talk to Riordan.

    Make sure you choose Alistair and Wynne if you're not a healer for your party. When you're ready go into the City and make for the Market District.

    After a few steps inside you are given another option in your Advanced area: Army Control. Although a bit watered down from the PC version, this is still a powerful tool. Depending on who you sided with, will affect who is in your army.

    • Mages are weak when hit but are the most powerful damagers in your army
    • Templars are well rounded, and powerful against magic users
    • Dwarves are berzerkers. With high defense and high attack stats
    • Golems are very tough, very hard hitters. Shame you only get four of them.
    • Elves are again, weak to melee, but very capable of engaging at range
    • Werewolves are, like Dwarves, powerful melee characters, but can't take much punishment.
    • Redcliffe Troops are average in every sense.

    There will be a lot of Ogres and Emissaries here, it is best to use Dwarves or Redcliffe men to defeat them. They will come in groups of two to three, always kill the elite ones first and keep moving through the Market until you find the boss. The Hurlock General is guarded by two normal Orges. During the battle another Elite one will spawn, make sure you take out all of the Orges before going for the General. The General hits really hard, so make sure you take control of the healer and keep them topped up throughout the battle. When it is slain, go to the City Map and head for the Alienage.

    Note when fighting the general, don't foget to put up Cleansing Aura to keep your army semi-healed. Also, if all of your party except the healer dies, don't reload, your army should still be able to beat the enemies.

    In the Alienage you will meet Shianni again, either enlist her help or tell her to run. Then move forward towards the barricade. An elite Orge is pounding away at it, and you get control of your army again. If you have Golems, now is an excellent time to use them, otherwise Werewolves, Templars or Dwarves / Redcliffes will also do.

    This section, can sometimes be fairly tricky. Make sure you select all of your party at once (LB + RB) and focus them on a specific target, then manually select the next. It is oftem beneficial to take control of the healer and run up the stairs near the baricade. You don't need to be in line of sight to heal, and it makes seeing what's going on below a lot easier. A smoke bomb will almost certianly be thrown, try to heal through it and watch for any Darkspawn running out of the cloud.

    When the barricade is destroyed, kill the elite Ogre first, then run up the stairs and locate the General, setting your entire party on it. During the entire time it's alive more darkspawn ranging from anything between Genlocks and Ogres will spawn and run in. Make sure you don't take your attention off the General. When it dies, mop up the rest of them. Then report your sucess to Shianni (providing you didn't ask her to fight and she died.)

    Then head over the bridge, the Archdemon will drop in and burn the bridge, just to make things more intimidating (or it has really bad aim.) Either way, go into the 'Market District', opening the World map. Now head over to the Palace District.

    On your way you will be transported to the front gates and whoever you left in charge there. Talk to the Officer and tell him you're ready. You can call in more support from your army here, and the best people to use are the Elves. If you have Werewolves instead, send them in.

    The only problem you're going to have here is the Boss level Ogre. He has loads of health, but otherwise doesn't hit too hard. Take control of your Archer if you have one and unload on it (ordering your whole party to do so too). Although you only have control over four people, the entire reminant of your group will be fighting here too.

    When the Ogre goes down, your archers will easily be able to keep the Darkspawn back. There's no real need to tank here as all the other mobs go down easily. A few emisseries will show up towards the end, so make sure you prioritise them. After the gates are held, go to the Messenger and report your victory to him.

    Riordan goes one on one with the Archdemon and causes it to crash right at the very top of Fort Drakon (obviously!). Head right past the dead civilians and up the stairs, there's an elite ogre here, so kill that first, the the other elites.

    You now have to fight your way left and up the stairs, all while an Orge throws rocks at you. It might be very tempting to competely ignore everything but the Orge and run up to kill it, but doing that means you get overwhelmed very quickly. Instead take control of your healers and slowly make your way up the stairs. When you get into range of the Ogre, kill it as fast as possible and take out the remaining adds. After combat ends. Save.

    As you head up the next stairs, watch out for the trap at the top, if you can't detect it, have your tank trigger it and heal. There's not too much up here, some archers that can be AoE'd if you have Morrigan or Wynne with a relevant spell. Make sure you focus on the elites first and have everyone attack the same thing, but don't forget to switch of group select once you have given the order to attack, or nobody will use their cooldowns. When you're done, enter Fort Drakon.

    The enterance to Drakon is heavily guarded. There's a dragon whelp on the right which should be killed first, then the archers on the left. Go up the right of the three sets of stairs and summon any ranged army (templars are the best for this, but any should do.)

    Focus on the three enemies at the top of the stair cases one at a time, although you should try to stay out of any AoE they cast, it's better to take the damage and hurt them (they too, will take damage from their own AoEs) than run out.

    Once the guards are dead, go inside Fort Drakon. If more than half your army are alive at this point, you'll get the Defender achievement.

    Seems half of this army weren't perserved. Serves them right for tourting all those people! In the main hall, a Genlock at the far end will summon Wraiths from the platfroms around the room, take them all out first, but watch your health as said genlock will be attacking the whole time.

    When all the Wraiths are dead, the genlock wills stop teleporting around and be killable, although he's boss-level, he hits pretty softly, so focus fire on him and he'll be down without too much of a fuss.

    This next section's fairly irritating, you will be attacked by several zombies and an emissary at the next T-junction. If you have it, AoE down all of the zombies, then immediatly go right and stop the mage to end the AoEs, don't be afraid to chase it into the next room. When it's down finish off the shapechanger.

    Go past the commander's room to find another room piled with the bodies of Darkspawn and one lone figure at the end... Sandel! This is the last store in the game so it's time to blow whatever money you have on Potions (get ALL of the Lyrium potions and as many Healths are you can afford), it's also a wise idea to get any enchantments you can on your weapons, especially ice or anti-darkspawn enchantments. When you're ready, head up to the second floor.

    Go through the door on the right and follow the coridor all the way around, then go past the stairs and through the door at the other side of the room. This room is a three on four fight with two Hurlocks and a Genlock, all alphas. Start by having everyone attack the Genlock, then work down the Hurlocks. The trick to this fight is make sure everyone is attacking the same target.

    Go through the door on the left and in the next corridor, go right and move through the armory. The next room contains a LOT of archers but is optional. if you have an archer in your party, get everyone to hold postition at the other side of the doorway, where you can take out the first of them with relitive ease. If you don't, but do have an AoE, get as many of them in as you can. If all else fails, just attack and keep healing though; the archers have very little health.

    Back in the other room, head south and into another corridor. Here a few assasins, including a boss will attack. There's not much to killing them however, just make sure you go for the adds first.

    Despite the auto-save before going into the next room there's nothing overly hard here. Two Ogres will emerge from the sides of the room whist an Emissary throws fireballs at the far end. Run past the Ogres and quickly take out the Emissary, then focus fire on each one until they both die. Before exiting this room, take a moment to loot the chests where the Ogres came from as they contain a lot of health potions. When you're done, take a deep breath and go up to the rooftop.

    BOSS: Archdemon

    Perhaps the hardest fight in the game, and so it should be. The Archdemon has a few attacks that you should be aware of before engaing it.

    Fire ball will target a single party member, a ball of purple fire is hurled at the target for medium damage.

    Fire breath is a cone of effect attack that hits everyone infront of the Archdemon for medium damage.

    Wing buffet sucks all nearby party members towards the Archdemon and will knock them on their backs.

    Bite a party member will get caught in the archdemon's jaws and will take very heavy damage over time

    Tail swipe will hit all party members in a 90 degree arc around the back of the Archdemon, taking moderate damage and landing on their backs.

    Roar stuns everyone nearby for a few seconds, almost impossible to resist.

    Fire AoE will be cast one a party member, it has around the same range as Blizzard and will do constant damage to anyone inside it.

    With that said, let's beat this thing. If you haven't got a rogue with you, this fight is going to get pretty hard. Dotted around the zone are Bastillas, these can be fired at the Archdemon, doing moderate damage and stunning it for a few seconds.

    Phase 1 When the fight starts, run to the one to the right of the demon, the area at the start looks somewhat like this, move to the bastilla marked with a capital B with your healer.


    Keep firing on the Archdemon, eventually the Bastilla will break, at this point, if you have a Rogue, get him up to it and have him fix it. Soon the Archdemon will fly away, use the Bastila on the other side of the platform if it moves out of range of the Bastila you are manning. Before long, it will take flight and start phase 2.

    Phase 2 As you have probably noticed at this point, the Archdemon has an absolute ton of health, and it is going to get even harder to hurt it. The dragon will fly to an out of reach platform, and start summoning adds by the bucketload.

    Set your party's tactics to pasive, and run through the adds to one of the Bastilas located on either side. If you have any survivng archers left in your army, now's the time to call them, otherwise, call your strongest melee.

    When you reach the bastlia, activate it to aim it at the Archdemon. Whilst it is doing this, kill any off the adds that have followed you up, these will probably include Shrieks and Alphas, make sure you focus fire on them and keep them the hell away from any mages.

    Set your party behaviour onto default again and have someone use the Bastila, if you have a rogue, make sure that they fix it when it breaks. Have your other three members kill any adds that decide to come for you.

    This next part can get tricky, as it requires running through an entire army of Darkspawn. When the bastila breaks, you need to get to the other one in range ASAP, set the party member's tactics to Passive again and run to the other bastila staying as far from the adds as you can. If they come at you, keep running, stopping only to heal and lure them to the bastila, when you get there, switch back to default and kill them as fast as possible. Finally, use the second bastila to reduce the health of the boss as much as you can.

    Note, if both bastilas break, or you cannot get through the darkspawn without them all pulling, equip a bow and arrow on as many people as can use them and shoot the hell out of it.

    Phase 3 Soon the Archdemon will fly away and land at the far end of the level. At this point, most of the Bastilas in the level will be damaged beyond repair, if you can find one that still works, use it until it breaks otherwise work your way towards the Archdemon, killing the adds as you get to them. Don't worry about the big purple tornados, they do damage, but it should leave plenty of scope to heal through with potions or spells.

    During this phase, the dragon will no longer move, but will keep spawning adds. It's health should also be at least 20% by now. Throw every cooldown you have against it, when more adds get to you, get your entire party away from the dragon to reduce the chance of it grapping someone, burn them down as fast as possible, with the entire party killing them one at a time. Then, when they're gone, resume smacking the Archdemon. Eventually, it's health will hit zero and you'll be given the choice as to who kills it.

    The main thing to remember about this fight is not how much damage you can put out. The boss has so much health that it doesn't really matter. What's FAR more important is keeping as many people alive as you can, otherwise, unless you're an extremely powerful mage then you're going to get overwhelmed by the adds.

    This is not an easy fight, just keep trying and be patient. However, when it finally does bite the dust, then give yourself a pat on the back, you have officially completed Dragon Age: Orgins!

    Get the key

    Path one - Talk to the prisioner: select You haven't been sentenced? > That's Horrible! Why haven't they fed you? > Why would I want to help you? > They didn't find the key when you were arrested? > That's disgusting! > I'll take that

    Path two - Talk to the prisioner: select You haven't been sentenced? > That's Horrible! Why haven't they fed you? > Why would I want to help you? > They didn't find the key when you were arrested? > That's disgusting! > I'll see what I can do.

    You'll need a bit of Coercion for this bit, talk to the guard and select: Who is this prisoner exactly? > It seems a waste for you to guard him all day. > I had a chat with him, actually. > He asked for some food and water. > [Pursuade] So you miss one meal--this man could be hanged soon!.

    How could he not hear that coversation from there? Anyway, if you succeeded with your pursuade choose Here's the food [Give the food to the prisoner.] or if you couldn't talk him round you can always just kill him, either way you get the key. I'd give it a wash first if I were you.

    Opening the Chest

    If you try to open the chest you'll noticed the very nice Tranqil stops you. To get into it you must come back after you return from the Koscari Wilds and he will be gone.

    More then just Plants

    For this you will need 3x Elfroot and 3x flasks. The Elfroot is collectable from several places around town, the flasks can be bought from Barlin in the Tavern. When you have the materials, pick potions in the radial menu of a character with a skill point in Herbalism, select Herbalism and create three Lesser Health Poultices.

    When Bears Attack

    After accepting the quest, go north to the farmland outside Lothering and enter the field on the left. Keep going to the edge of the field to come across a group of bears. It's advisiable to have all your characters except the tank swicth to their ranged weapons. Fire a arrow at one to pull a group, concentrate all of your fire until they get in melee range, then kill them normally. When all the bears are dead the quest updates and you can hand it back to the Board.

    Places of Power

    Cirle Tower: Click on the torn book in the room after the Mage's Library.

    Careless Accusations

    This quest is completed by getting a random encounter, speek to the Adventurer Leader. He seems like a nice chap, it is a shame you have to kill him if you can't pursuade him to stop. Try the inimidate / pursuade depending on if you have higher cunning or strength. After they are convinced or dead, leave the area and go back to the Liasaion at the docks to hand it the quest.

    The Mage's Library

    The Library is divided into three rows from the way you enter these will be called rows 1, 2 and 3.

    The First Summon

    Enter row 2 and select the summoning font. Head back to the first row and look for the sparkles on the right-hand bookcase marked the Tome of Split Personages. Lastly, select the red summoning portal at the edge of the bookshelves. You will summon a spirit.. pig. Aww.

    The Second Summon

    Select the font on row 2 again, then select Rodercom's Uncommon Calling from the right hand side of row 3, back to row one and select the statue of Magnus Gorvich. Select summoning the second from row 2 to end the procedure.

    The Third Summon

    This time it gets a bit long-winded:

    • As usual, select the summoning font
    • Select Elvorn's Grande Bestiary from row 3
    • Select the carving spot on the row 1 table
    • Select the Spiritorum Etherialis on the floor of row 3
    • Back to the status of Magnus Gorvich and select
    • Breathe on (select!) the Phylactery in row 1
    • SAVE!
    • Select the third and final summoning portal and kill the spiky bear.

    A Lost Nug

    Talk to Nug Wrangler Boermor in the Orzammar Commons (note: he doesn't appear with a quest marker. He's on the western side close to the Gem Merchant on your map.)

    Tell him you'll find him a Nug to pick up the quest. Go north, just before the stairs you'll see one on the left side. Pick it up and take it back to him to complete the quest.


    Travel to Lake Calenhad, Sammeal and two Shady Thugs will attack when questioned about the Irregulars, after he dies, loot the Guild Supplies off his corpse.


    At the enterance to Orzammar, kill him and his two thugs, and loot the supplies from his body.

    Oghren's Old Flame

    This quest is picked up once you've spoken to Oghren enough times. Put him in your party and go to the Lake Calanhad Docks, entering the Spoiled Princess. A small scene will start offer to talk to Felsi first. Discover how Oghren was out beaten senseless by an inanimate object, then talk to him again. This quest may well have the most humourous dialouge in the entire game!

    Flemeth's Grimoire

    In Irving's room on the second floor of the Mages Tower is the Black Grimoire, give it as a gift to Morrigan to start this quest.

    The Sword of the Beresaad

    A sword is life to a Qunari, and when Sten lost his he flew into a rage, killing a settlement full of farmers. Help him find it by going to Lake Calenhad Docks and talking to the scavanger on your immediate left when you enter the area.

    Follow the dialouge through, you're sent to Orzammar.


    This is probably your first real optional boss fight, it has nothing to do with the story, but will nab you a quest for completing. Revernants are very tough, hard hitting bosses. Have your tank use Threaten as soon as the fight starts, if it goes for anyone else blow your aggro reducer talent like Disengage or Feign Death if you have it.

    The trick really is in, instead of damage, keeping everyone's health up, as it will go down very fast. Don't forget that a default healer stratagy doesn't always include the very powerful group heal, so make sure you either control your healer personally, or flip back whenever it's cooled down to bring back a bit of party health.

    There's not really a lot to Revernants, they behave just like a normal enemy would so all your melee damage dealers should stay behind to do the most damage, make sure you cast Vunrability Hex as often as possible and heal through the damage.

    If you find that you cannot beat it, leave and come back a bit later when your level is higher, you'll find the fight much simpiler.

    Glossary of Terms

    Dragon Age's combat works in a very similier way to MMO games like World of Warcraft, so this guide will use a lot of relevent terms people who have never played an MMO might not be familier will. These terms are explained below.

    Mob - Mobile enemy. Any enemy. If it's looking to evicerate you, it's a mob.

    Trash - An enemy, or group of enemies that are very easy to beat. The majority of enemies in the game are considered 'trash' mobs.

    Add - Additional enemy. During boss fights, any enemy that is not considered the boss is called an Add. These tend to be easier to beat then the boss, but should not be ignored, they can be powerful foes in their own right.

    Tank - The party member who will be drawing the attention of the mobs. Typically a Warrior with a sword and shield and a lot of points in Constitution.

    Damager / DPS - DPS won't appear in this guide too much as it's not overly relevent, it stands for Damage Per Second. Despite it's name however, it does not often refer to the level of damage you're doing, but is a broad term meaning anyone who's primary concern is attacking

    Healer - Ok, this one should be obvious. A Healer rarly engages enemies directly, but instead devotes themselves to keeping everyone alive. If either the healer or tank dies, it tends to be the start of a wipe.

    Wipe - A Game Over. When every party member dies, it is called a Wipe.

    Aggro (sometimes Hate) - Each enemy has it's own aggro table, for more infomation about it see Aggro.