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"As if Fable wasn't controvertial enough, now it can give you gambling addictions"

Allow me to start off by saying that this game wasn't intended to be for anybody but the fans of Fable, looking forward to purchasing Fable II. All this game consists of are simple "pub games" built fro the foundation of popular casino games. These games are fun and addicting, but for the games alone, 800 MSP is a little steep on the price tag. It is the added bonuses that will be given to each person's Fable game that makes the purchase worthwhile for the Fable fan.

The whole game is centered around playing three different games of chance, each being based off of popular casino games. These games consist of Fortune's Tower (blackjack), Keystone (roulette) and Spinnerbox (Slots). The games provide monetary fun and can be quite addicting when you win (though if you're like me, that rarely happens). It may even invoke a gambling addiction in some people depending o how much the enjoy the game. However, these games do not merit a $10 purchase. As you continue to play you unlock concept art and items for your game of Fable II, which is the real reason to buy the game. On top of all of this, any profits made in Pub Games will also be transferred over to your character in Fable II, providing any needed funds. In it's entirety, Pub Games's concept is to provide fun minigames that give bonuses for Fable II.

The Games:
Fortune's Tower is a game similar to blackjack. You're dealt cards that form a pyramid like shape, starting from the top. You have the option of continuing the pyramid until 7 rows are formed. After each row, you are given the option to cash in and take gold valued at the combined value of the cards, which may be higher or lower than the initial bet. If 2 cards of the same value touch vertically, they are burned (the first time this happens, the card is replaced) and if there are any burns on the row, the game ends and you win nothing. A risky game, but after all, most games of chance are like this.

Keystone is similar to roulette, but with dice. Three dice are thrown and you place bets based on your thoughts of what the value of the three dice will be. A board contains every single possible outcome of what the dice can be and you place your bets on the board. Also an arch is covering the board, and pieces of the arch fall if their given value is rolled. When the two center pieces of the arch (the keystones set at value 10 and 11) or the one of the bottom pieces (valued at 3 and 18) are knocked out, the game ends and final profits are distributed.

The final game, Spinnerbox, is much like a slot machine. Various images appear in the spinnerbox and any 2 or more images of the same type that touch give a profit. Different spinnerboxes with different values, and various bonuses can affect how much you gain or lose in this very simple game.

Final rating: 7/10
Pub games is a simple set of minigames with bonuses for Fable II. It can be a fun and enjoyable experience for anybody that plays it, but is not exactly worth the $10 cost to download. Even for those wishing to purchase Fable II may find it difficult to purchase the game. However, there is one solution. Many chain stores, such as Best Buy, or Gamestop will be offering people to pre-order a copy of Fable II now. If you pre-order it, you get a card that can be redeemed on Xbox Live for a free download of Pub Games. If you plan on buying Fable II, pre-order it now and get this enjoyable game for free.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/18/08

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