Where do I find the Jigsaw puzzles from bottles for the Jigsaw maker Achievement?

  1. I have no clue how to find this....I have completed the game and found everything in it 100 jiggy's, 900 notes, all the honeycomb extra life's.....but no bottle's jigsaw puzzle's.....if someone could tell me how to get to them it would be appreciated....

    User Info: sheamistheninja

    sheamistheninja - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If you go back to Banjo's house at the beginning of the game in Spiral Mountain, there will be a picture of Bottles on the wall above the fireplace. Stand on the edge of the rug and look at that picture in first person. Bottles will speak to you out of it, and a series of minigames will begin that have you putting together jigsaw puzzles in a set amount of time. There are seven in all.

    It is recommended that you do this after collecting everything in the game, as the XBLA version has been found to delete some notes in some levels if you do Bottles' puzzles before you collect them. You can start the puzzles anytime after Treasure Trove Cove, as by winning the puzzles you get codes that you can enter in the sandcastle.

    User Info: illogical_hawk

    illogical_hawk - 8 years ago 2 0

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