Better way of taking down juggernauts in spec ops?

  1. Does anyone know a good way to take down juggernauts in special forces? I am really good at this game. beat it on veteran no problem and good online but i cant find a decent way to kill juggernauts. i always put as much distance between me and them and lay into them with a sniper, but that option isnt always available. Any ideas?

    User Info: themayor2617

    themayor2617 - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I know the knife doesnt work well at all, sniper works but i need close range help. i am trying to beat everything on veteran so its difficult and I am by myself so. some areas are all close range with the juggernauts. thats what I really need help with.

    User Info: themayor2617

    themayor2617 - 7 years ago

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  1. Believe it or not the Barret .50 Cal can work at close range too. As long as you can keep them in the center, your shots shouldn't miss. The fact that the Barret has very little recoil helps too. A single Juggernaut will take less than a single clip before it goes down. And the knife DOES work. I've killed them using the knife before. Just wait until they stumble and knife them really quick. It may not kill them with a single hit, but it does do damage.

    User Info: Dravakyl_69

    Dravakyl_69 - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. Knife them if you get close.
    snipers are still the best bet

    User Info: Crystal_Dream

    Crystal_Dream - 7 years ago 1 9
  2. The only way I have been able to take one down is with a sniper rifle, but then I have only done the airplane graveyard mission in Spec Ops mode. You are supposed to be able to kill the with flashbang/stun grenades and explosives, but by the time I usually get that close they kill me pretty quickly.

    User Info: ArMaethor

    ArMaethor - 7 years ago 1 0
  3. Sniper from afar, but closer I found that the gun with the thermal scope took them down in about 4 hits. As for a knife, I went to school on one with a knife after a few shots and it does nothing.

    User Info: Aesahaettr

    Aesahaettr - 7 years ago 1 5
  4. I would suggest that you play the museum level it has most of the weapons and enemy types in the game and one of the rooms has a juggernaut. Its a good place to practice. For me one of the auto or semi-auto shotguns or the Desert Eagle or Magnum if available they should have roughly the same stopping power within 15 feet.

    User Info: BrokenRainY57

    BrokenRainY57 - 7 years ago 1 0
  5. I use flash bangs and run. You just need to keep your distance. Flash or stun grenades are key. Any .50 cal is great cause it stuns them but explosions do the same, like frags clays ect. If he gets close throw a flash and run.

    User Info: Hear-No-Evil

    Hear-No-Evil - 7 years ago 2 0
  6. I seemed to be able to take em out with the noob tube no problem or if u can get their feet and make em stumble they are easy to hit.

    User Info: Corvenik

    Corvenik - 7 years ago 2 0
  7. Flashbangs and grenades make them stumble...Sniper rifles and basically blow into it, without getting too close.

    User Info: KxWarrior

    KxWarrior - 7 years ago 2 0
  8. use explosives, snipers or heavy machineguns start from a distance, when they get closer use flashes,stuns and use explosives, easy kills on veteran if you do it this way. 4 RPG's and you should kill one

    User Info: madmanmoore

    madmanmoore - 7 years ago 1 0
  9. Normally takes me 4-5 shots from a sniper. That's how I always take them down.

    User Info: xTheTruth72x

    xTheTruth72x - 7 years ago 0 1
  10. Here is the trick i found. You wound them down with a sniper from a distance, then, as they're runing up to you, they go to bash you, but dont take the hit.You have to go around them and shoot and bash them from behind. the weapon to use: the shotgun.

    User Info: ThunderMan63

    ThunderMan63 - 7 years ago 0 1
  11. LOL just start shooting them in the head with a sniper i usually take 3 bullets to kill them with one. Easy. once i figured out how to do it that is...

    User Info: Goobasauros

    Goobasauros - 7 years ago 1 0
  12. Javelin or at4? maybe.

    User Info: ROUDraztyk

    ROUDraztyk - 7 years ago 0 0
  13. You really need a partner to efficiently take them out, have one with a heavy weapon (machine gun or rockets) soften them up in a forward position. Second person takes them out with a heavy sniper rifle, if the first person goes down they can block or slow their progress by crawling in front of them and if they get by that you should have a heavy machine gun as well. If you can't get them that way, I guess try try again.

    User Info: osoesoteric

    osoesoteric - 7 years ago 0 0
  14. The best thing you can do is shoot them in the head with the sniper, when they get close slow them with flash bangs. If you hav a friend then the both of you shoot it in the head, then they go down fast.

    User Info: slakcer

    slakcer - 7 years ago 0 0
  15. That depends on whether you are doing it on split screen or solo.

    Facing a juggernaut alone is hard to do. Facing 2 juggernauts is harder. There are ways to go about it however. While the knife is awful when it comes to killing them or doing damage, it is useful in one respect. If you don't have any other high caliber weapons, you can use the knife to attack the juggernaut, which will stun them briefly, giving you time to lay into them with your weapons. However, the best weapon for taking them down is the Barrett .50 Cal. 2/3 of a magazine or so will take them out without a problem, and it is even easier if you can get them from a distance. If you cannot, use cover to your advantage. No matter the difficulty, you can survive long enough to sprint from cover to cover. Use that to stay hidden. The LMG's are decent against them as well.

    For split screen or online co-op, I've found the best way is to have one player slowly lure the juggernaut into a trap. Get his attention, then lead him into claymores or C4 for damage, or just into the other player. The "bait" (P1) uses an LMG or a Desert Eagle for damage, but does not attack until the juggernaut's focus is on the other player. The other player (P2) uses a sniper or similar high caliber weapon to take down his health as much as possible before having to take cover. As the juggernaut approaches P2, the bait (P1) comes out of hiding and hits the juggernaut with his weapons from behind.

    Note that shotguns, most akimbo weapons, assault rifles and riot shields do very little against juggernauts. LMG's and snipers are the only real way, with the occasional stun-stab.

    User Info: aldecide

    aldecide - 7 years ago 1 0
  16. The way it worked for me on veteran with or without a partner is first pickup the .50 cal and the other sniper or the LMG then run up to the very top(a Helicopter pad) as fast as you can you should only run into two or three juggernauts on the way when you do throw a flash bang and step back and shoot him with the .50 cal till your to the pad. Then once u get to the helicopter pad which you will have to run through a building to get to you are set.

    The only way the juggernauts can get in is through that door way so set a claymore and wait with your .50 cal. note you may have to stick your head in the door a little to lure them to where you are but it should be fairly easy from there. remember to use your flash bangs when multiple juggernauts come through the door to reload. (with two people this level should be real easy same strategy just one extra gunner.)

    User Info: Ethanr35

    Ethanr35 - 7 years ago 1 0
  17. I also had the same problem as you are. I did have a partner for this but seeing as this kid could barely beat the game on regular... well i was pretty much on my own.

    Okay first thing that you should do is get a good sub machine gun or even better yet a light machine gun such as the RPD.

    Next when you see a juggernaut try to kill all enemies around them if you can. if not then just take out the ones that are giving you the most trouble.

    if you have an RPD it is obvious just to unload your whole clip into him while backing away from him as he charges at you. If he isn't dead by the time you unload your whole clip then you should immediately switch weapons to a fully automatic shotgun or fully automatic assult rifle or sub machine gun. then once again just unload into him while keeping your distance.

    If you think that you have enough time to do it then reload your RPD and then unload it into the juggernaut again. When you are backing away from him it is obvious that you can't see behind you. so be careful not to trap yourself in corners or that you back yourself into other enemies. I hope this helped.

    User Info: blauvelt32

    blauvelt32 - 7 years ago 1 0
  18. After beating the game on Hardened and starting it over again on Veteran I can tell you that most of the tactics it takes to survive on Veteran in Spec-Opps is the same you have learned playing through the single player mode.

    Sniping is good, but, I find that you can leave yourself wide open for attacks from either side and the rear from other NPC's in the mode you are playing. What works best for me is to throw a Stun Grenade, strafe, and fire off rounds from either an UMP45 with SMJ that is dropped when coming up on the second Juggernaut later in the Scrapyard, or by using the FAL with the Red Dot site that is dropped by one of the 3 guards that are following the 1st Juggernaut when you first start the level.

    Stun Grenades are like Kryptonite to the mighty Juggernaut, it weakens them, and it severely slows them which in turn gives you the upper hand. ONLY use a knife swipe if you are really sure of yourself with a blade in hand as if you miss you are most likely starting over. Don not waist your other grenades or heavy artillery you may have scrounged on them, as they will be needed to clear large groups of enemies later on.

    If you need my help look me up on X-Box Live my GT is billslayer, we can do it together if you need help.


    User Info: billslayer

    billslayer - 7 years ago 0 1
  19. Long Range: Snipe
    Long/Mid Range: Thumper, AT-4, RPG, M240
    Mid/Close: Deagle, M240, AK47
    Close: M1040, Knife

    User Info: The1_sk8er

    The1_sk8er - 7 years ago 1 1
  20. Hit em with a flashbang and when they drop to thier knees go behind and knife em in the back. worked best for me

    User Info: silver_wing

    silver_wing - 7 years ago 1 0
  21. If they get close I find a knife stab followed by two close range body shots with the intervention works everytime.

    User Info: Dimension_Diver

    Dimension_Diver - 7 years ago 0 1
  22. I use the Deagle on the bastards

    User Info: Gibby3721

    Gibby3721 - 7 years ago 0 2
  23. If you can get long range enough to use a sniper then you shoot them in the head its about 3 head shots in my experience when they get close flash them then snipe there heads makes it easier.

    User Info: danderson64

    danderson64 - 7 years ago 0 0
  24. What i did was i threw a flashbang then used a rocket laucher or grenade launcher.

    User Info: DrBink

    DrBink - 7 years ago 0 0
  25. It was hard for me especially the one where u use just explosives, because they came about 5 at a time. but there are plenty ammo crates around and if u run around with just the thumper itll take 5 or 6 shots each but you can keep distance long enough to kill them. (favela spec ops is what im talking about)

    User Info: phenom654321

    phenom654321 - 7 years ago 0 0
  26. If you use the thumper gun an exploding shot to the head is actually a 1 hit kill even on veteran. Try it out it make favela so much easier

    User Info: Firevampants

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  27. Okay, here's one I haven't read elsewhere, it's not foolproof and you will still have to do some work of your own if you seek to complete the "Snatch and grab" special ops mission.

    So here's what I have been doing:

    In the area where the intel is there is a large piece of airplane fuselage, this plane is your friend, from here you can take down juggernaut after juggernaut with a little bit of nouse, a sniper rifle and an M240 of your preference.

    So, clear the intel area of hostiles and collect the intel first.

    Simply pick off enemies at the other side of the ramp until you hear the juggernaut ominous tone play, then hot foot it back to the above mentioned plane wreckage, mantle up at the door and hide in the cockpit, the juggernaut will stop firing and lose track of you, if you're careful you simply sneak a peek at him then chuck a flashbang at him ; unload a full clip of M240 into him, or a clip of rifle ammo if he's further away. Job done, very satisfying and much easier than it sounds.

    You have to get to the plane before the ominous sound plays if you want to snipe, otherwise you will most likely have to use the M240. Occasionally the Jug will stop in the gap back toward the start of the mission allowing you to snipe him either from the cockpit window or from the back. The upside to the M240 is that you can reload then pick up the fallen Jugs ammo ;)

    Works 100% of the time unless you're useless, I killed 5 juggernauts in a row doing this as I was getting biffed every time I crossed into the last section through the plane/ramp. As I'm USELESS.

    I spent so long staring at it trying to figure out what to do next. As I'm not that good at FPS I still haven't done the snatch and grab mission on solo veteran....that's where my mukka comes in once we get time to play....then it should be a cakewalk.

    If I was to suggest a tactic for the last part, get into the other fuselage after you kill the two hostiles to evade the juggernaut(s), do the same thing as before, though not as easy to do here but doable all the same, just bear in mind there will likely be two of them.

    Do them in and run like the wind theoretically, though only managed it on hardened myself so far.

    I'm not ashamed LOL.

    hoo hoo ha ha ah, let the munky out!

    Hope this helped somebody.

    User Info: GunMunkythe1st

    GunMunkythe1st - 7 years ago 0 0
  28. I usually use a good sniper rifle and an LMG. If you provide continuous fire, then you can take the juggernaut down

    User Info: Mr_McTavish

    Mr_McTavish - 7 years ago 0 0
  29. knife Jugernaut falls over a bit wile recovering knife. repeat cant shoot when tey r bein pushed over.

    User Info: D11churchkill

    D11churchkill - 7 years ago 0 0
  30. Snipe them and if they get too close use a flash bang on them. Then shoot them with the sniper. It takes about 5 shots if you don't shoot them in the head. Also, I like to carry a LMG as my secondary just in case.

    User Info: notspartan117

    notspartan117 - 7 years ago 0 0
  31. Grenade launchers

    just trowin that out there

    User Info: malonekendall

    malonekendall - 7 years ago 0 0
  32. Hey folks, since posting my initial response to this question I have completed both "snatch and grab" and "High explosive" on veteran solo; here's how I did it:

    For snatch and grab (M240 and sniper rifle)- see my post above, I killed two juggernauts from the fuselage as mentioned above, luckily the one that runs towards you in the last section had spawned so I sniped it, then drop down, stay left; kill 3/4 normal enemies close by, sprint to top of hill, rest for a few seconds, throw nades and bangs and run and gun to the finish.

    For High explosive:
    I had a lot of bother with this, I tried loads of tactics including headshot through window with thumper and hiding in the small room (check youtube for vids) neither of these tactics worked for me, they did for the most part but too inconsistent as you still get flanked.

    Instead, I tried an exploit that I noticed with the dogs on the favela level during campaign mode. If you stand on a car it can't get you.....this got me thinking......the Jugs show similair weakness...

    So, first off, when you spawn you're right next to an ammo crate, beyond the crate is the alley that is the left flank so to speak, ideally you want your first Jug to spawn here.
    Kill him however you please but stay close to the ammo crate. Once you've offed him the tactics come into play as the remaining Jugs will come looking for you.


    when the next one appears, flash from prone then crouch and thump (aim for the head -use your sights!!!), repeat this until the Jug is dead, he won't come closer when you're prone so he'll stay put (exploit), allowing you to pop up, shoot and go prone whether you have flashes or not. If you don't have flashes you will need to shoot unsighted as the Jug will be shooting at you.
    You only need to step off the truck for a couple of seconds to spawn another Jug (AND RELOAD AMMO), then get back in the prone position on the flatbed of the truck.

    Keep this up for all ten and you're home and dry. The last 2 Jugs got close to me, I got number 9 with repeated strikes off the wall near the level entry fence (right next to me LOL) and the last of the ten with the

    prone/ crouch+shoot /prone tactic.

    Try to play with this idea and even toy with the Jugs, it worked for me first time, ooh Ra! LOL

    Give 'em 'ell. ;)

    User Info: GunMunkythe1st

    GunMunkythe1st - 7 years ago 0 0
  33. Alright, I'm not an expert, but what I always do just grab a Barret .50 cal. ( which is pretty much what everyone else that posted call the sniper rifle) and a M240. Some shotguns may work, but strikers and mg4 are practically useless. Heavy weapons and explosives work great. I would suggest not using flashbangs because you'll probably end up flashing yourself. Stuns can be used carefully, and kniving must be mastered to be very effective. What you do is take the .50 cal. -you dont have to aim down the scope ( most sniper rifles work in two ways-either very long range or very close range[ which can be called "noscopes"]) and get about 10-15 away from him by strafing side to side and just fire away when he's in the middle of the screen . Tipicaly, it takes about 3-5 shots (and hits) to kill it. If you need to reload, get back and pull out the M240. To make it easier, just reload between each juggernaut. As it gets harder, start throwing stun nades whiles hiding behind something at the start of an encounter. Hope this helps!

    User Info: FSFHitman

    FSFHitman - 7 years ago 0 0
  34. I didnt even read all of the answers just most of them but would a riot shield work, even though I have yet to find one on spec ops still. I think this would work if there is 2 of you since the one with the shield can distract him while the other shoots but alone maybe a flashbang to stun then bashing him in the back I dont know I'm just making suggestions for something to try out.
    Hope that helps.

    User Info: SANE_PSYCHO_117

    SANE_PSYCHO_117 - 7 years ago 0 0
  35. A way that i found was to use a thumper or an RPG and get a headshot on them.

    User Info: jdawg13

    jdawg13 - 7 years ago 0 0
  36. Shoot them in the foot and they fall over. Then continue to shoot them and you're all set.

    Otherwise, you can flashbang them and while they're stunned, go and knife them.

    User Info: frozenorb2

    frozenorb2 - 7 years ago 0 0
  37. Use the 50 cal for long rang and the Desert Eagle for short range.
    The Desert eagle uses the same caliber bullet as the 50 cal and penetrates them just as well.

    User Info: MRxTRON

    MRxTRON - 7 years ago 0 0

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