How do you level up Extremely Fast?!??!?!??!? (Without Boosting!)

  1. I've been playing many Team Deathmatches, and I typically level up pretty slow, even though almost every deathmatches I get at least 800 match bonus. I've had many friends who have already prestiged. This is my First CoD, yet I still can't see why my friends can play the game for 1 week and get Prestiged. Are there any game types that give more experience? Should I be trying to do certain Challenges? Basically, how can I Power-Level without Boosting. Please do not answer unless you have a real answer to this question.

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    oneyoshi79 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Play headquarters, domination, or capture the flag. these game types get u the most points. I know each kill in search and destroy counts for like 500 points, but when u only get 5 or 6 a game, that doesn't help with completing guns
    Focus on completing the mastery for a gun as quickly as possible. Get all the attachments for a gun and then move onto another one
    Try to get all the phases of a challenge (I, II, and III, sometimes more). look at the available challenges and strive to
    complete them. some are easier than others (jump 15 feet and live? that's free points)
    Use killstreaks that u feel are easy for u to get but will still get u a lot of kills. ya the care package can be helpful if u get a chopper gunner or a pave low, but those resupplies are worthless. experiment with predators, harriers, attack helis, pave lows, chopper gunners, and AC-130's and find which combination gets the most kills and is easy to get
    Figure out which perks u do the best with. if u can't kill someone before they kill u, use stopping power. if u hip fire a lot, steady aim. if u run out of ammo frequently, use scavenger. once u find which are ur best, stick with them. if u use them enough, u will get pro challenges done for them and that gets u points. the higher the pro, the more points

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Other Answers

  1. Play Gamemodes other than Team DM. Play Search and destroy or Domination, and do as many challenges as you can. Don't constantly have your mind on leveling up, either. Just have fun and you'll be leveling faster before you even know it.

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  2. Go into Ground War:

    -Up to 18 players (9 vs 9), which means more kills
    -Domination or Big Team Deathmatch (100 kills to win)

    U get more Match Bonus as u level up. Also try to use only one weapon. 300 kills with a weapon gets u 10,000 exp. Just keep using 1 weapon. Use perks which are easy to do the challenges (Sleight of Hand, Stopping Power, Commando, etc.)

    look here for more info:

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  3. This is how I do. When people do cage match they take turns for headshots and the final kill. This is a way I learned without really taking time for it. Go in special ops on Sniper Fi with the diffuculty on veteran. Use your Barret.50 caliber sniper rifle and heartbeat. Use the sniper to shoot as many soldiers as you can. Never leave your scope unless you reload. Always steady your gun and dont worry about losing your aim. everytime you shoot it unsteadies. But it steadies by its self again. Aim for headshots like its all that counts. After a lot of practice go on free for all online. Use the intervention and snipe. When you get the 50 cal, switch. When you get the silencer, use it. when you get the acog sight, use it (I know its hard, so i suggest 3rd person team tactical.). You should put on bling when you unlock it. Another good perk is stopping power. You will soon get the beloved thermal scope! You will soon get the even more beloved heartbeat sensor!! Use bling and put them both on for one awsome sniper. Your headshots should be good from practice on Sniper Fi. Imagine your playing it again. you will get a whole lot of points this way.

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  4. Search and destroy is a great way to level up.
    Domination and Headquarters are also good.
    Complete challenges.

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  5. some people are using that riot sheild point system to level up. Personally the only legit way is to play a large game or game style where you can get the most kills. Also try to get the weapon challanges, as they will award you extra exp.

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  6. Demolition gives you points for every round.

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  7. For me I find "Capture the Flag" the best for challenges and trying out new weapons + It's easy to get kills in.
    "Mercenary Team Deathmatch" and "Team Deathmatch" are a bit harder but still manageable.
    Aside from "Capture the Flag" I find that "Free-For-All" and "3rd Person Cage Match" my personal favourites.
    If you want to get use to a new weapon or get easy kills try out "3rd Person Games/Modes".

    As for ranking/leveling up easy/quick:
    Don't be a total fool of yourself by "Running and Gunning".
    Find a "Hotspot" on a map and "Hide" there.Once an enemy comes,that's your time to shine.
    Once you level up enough to get Perks like:Cold-Blooded Pro and Ninja Pro try 'em out.
    And once you've leveled up enough to unlock the Claymores,use 'em,but use 'em wisely.

    Remember these are just suggestions,I can't control how you play YOUR game.Only YOU can.
    If I helped,your welcome.If not,sorry.

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