Is this game appropriate for a 14 year old ?!

  1. I have seen many 8 to 10 year olds playing Halo 3 etc....
    I let my 13 year old play Halo, but this game seems much more intense and more of a soldier training platform.
    What do player in various age groups above 17 think?
    I'd like to hear opions from 18-22+ and 25-30+ gamers.

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    mp32001 - 7 years ago

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  1. Yes, this game is very intense and fast-paced (more than Halo). The blood is very realistic looking in this game. It can be smeared/stained on walls and on the ground. When an enemy is shot or stabbed, the body will have a pool of blood surrounding it which adds to the realism. Also note there is minimal usage of moderate - strong profanity. The reason there is a "drug reference" descriptor noted on the back cover is because of an unlockable which appears to have Marijuana leafs on it and because terrorists smoke, but not very often. There are many different occasions where graphically revealing depictions of intense violence is shown: knife killing (by stabbing and by throwing), executions, full body burning, etc. What really makes this game questionable to let a 14 year old play is the comments and language used online. There are many people who would begin swearing due to a death and/or confrontation amongst another player, so that's something to keep in mind. Overall, I would say that it's "risky" letting a child play online unless with a group of friends. If they won't be playing online at that age, than I would say that they should be mature enough to handle all of those descriptors that the ESRB gave it.

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  1. i would say that ya it has some blood in it and guns but they make those age ratings for the mental who wont freak out either. they have to make it so high so that the company wont get sued. The game is very frustrating when u lose to a person who is playing annoyingly ex: a person killing right when you re spawn but the game is very fun and theirs almost no blood

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  2. If you let your kid play Halo I don't see how this is that much different. Both involve shooting "enemies". The only difference would be that this is much "closer" to the real world. As long as you know that your children understand this is not how the world really works and set a maximum amount of play time (so they aren't playing for stretches longer than 4 hours), they should be fine to play this. It glorifies War no more than most War films. Even futuristic ones tend to glorify war. When the player is shot there is a "kool-aid" splash on the screen meant to represent blood. I would recommend watching maybe a few gameplay videos and talking with your child to see if they are ready to play this game. If they want to play because it will be "fun" and so they can play with their friends then go for it. If they want to play so they can "kill people" it could be trouble. If I had a child about that age I would probably let them play but would be playing the game with them so it would be much easier for me to monitor. Hope any of that info helps.

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  3. Yes, you should let him play best game ever

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  4. If he's ok with the violence and swearing in the game, then yes its fine
    If he's ok with the older players who will all unite against him because he is not old enough to buy the game himself, might have a higher pitch voice than the other players, and anything else that would indicate that he is only 14 years old, then yes its fine

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  5. well, in Halo you shoot aliens/spartans. and spartans look a bit different than a normal human. so its not that bad, but in MW2 you shoot humans, and yes there will be blood on the wall. personally i would suggest not to let your son play call of duty.

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  6. Well, lets see: Its only a game, it is like the real world because our government starts wars with people like this. Just look at the science and videos of 9/11. Its not even real and all these 12-15 year-olds across the US are playing it as we speak, so I'd have to say yes.

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