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    Multiplayer FAQ by Prance_Stuard

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 03/05/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    © Derek Livingston 2009
    Version .99b
    Game:         Modern Warfare 2
    Type:         Multiplayer Guide
    For:          XBox 360, PS3, PC
    Author:       Derek Livingston “DrSteveBruleDr”
    Email:        livingston.d08@gmail.com
    Table of Contents
    	To skip the the section copy the 5 character code between
    the brackets and search for it using control – F.
    [*INTR] Introduction
    [*PREP] Preparation
    [*PWEP] Primary Weapons
    [*SWEP] Secondary Weapons
    [*EQUI] Equipment
    [*GRE1] Special Grenades
    [PERK1] Perk Slot 1
    [PERK2] Perk Slot 2
    [PERK3] Perk Slot 3
    [*DEAT] Death Streaks
    [*KILL] Kill Streaks
    [*TACT] Tactics and Tips
    [*LOSE] How to Break a Losing Streak
    [*STEA] Stealth
    [*COPY] Copyright
    	Welcome to version 2.0!
    	Every section of this FAQ has been revised, and
    many new sections have been added.
    	I got alot of emails from everyone, and most
    of it was useful and positive.  Best of all, a few of you
    kind souls even donated a few bucks.  Without your
    support I would not have come back to update this FAQ.
    	Thank You!
    Paypal account : livingston.d08@gmail.com
    	As with the previous version, this guide runs on
    the generosity of the reader.  I'm about as flat broke as
    a person can be and still have an Xbox and a connection to
    the internet.  So if you make use of what you read please
    consider making a donation.
    	If I get enough support I plan to get myself a
    Personal Video Recorder so I can offer online movies
    to supplement the guide.
    	To date I've put in about 40 hours of work on this FAQ.
    Why?  Because a game is only as good as a players
    understanding of it.  Also, I like to pretend I'm some sort
    of expert.  I may not be the best player in the world, but
    I'm happy to open up the box of tricks I've accumulated,
    which is more that can be said for many of the "pros".
    	So if you have some warmth in your heart
    and some credit in your card, even a dollar or two would
    go a long way!
    	There are a lot of people these days selling leveling
    services.  Why people would buy a game then pay other people
    to level it is beyond me.  Would you buy a car
    and then pay someone to drive it for you?  I say to hell
    with that mess!  Learn to get the most out of your game,
    learn to kick more ass and have more fun while you're at it!
    	If you want some friendly advice in real time and you
    have a microphone and a connection to Xbox Live, I am more
    than willing to offer coaching.  By spectating and playing
    together I am happy to offer practical advice that can make a
    huge difference.
    	There are also a lot of great spots in every level
    that are impossible to describe in a text document.  I'd be
    happy to run through those as well.
    	If you're interested, please send me an email.
    	My rates are extremely reasonable.  Payment also
    goes through Paypal so its safe and convenient.
    	Thank You!
    [*INTR] Introduction
    	Modern Warfare was easily one of the best multiplayer
    games for the Xbox 360.  The sequel looks ready to take the crown
    with more guns, more kill streaks, more levels, and more intense
    competition.  For new players, however, the game can be very
    difficult to get into.
    	Many players out there have been honing their skills since
    the original.  I made this guide because I believe a multiplayer
    game is only as good as the average players understanding of it.
    Hopefully reading this guide will give an advantage to both the new
    and the veteran player.
    	You will NOT find any exploits, cheats, or tactics that
    subvert the rules of the game in this guide.
    	In addition, This guide is not meant as a reference for every weapon
    and attachment.  I'm sure there will be plenty of guides in that
    	What I hope you take away from this guide is an understanding
    of how to make use of all the options available to you.  The learning
    curve for this game can be very steep since there are so many
    dedicated players out there.  Hopefully this guide will help level
    the playing field.
    [*PREP] Preparation
    	There are a few things a player should do to give themselves
    an edge before even connecting to a game online.
    	For new players and for players looking for some extra
    practice, its a really good idea to complete the other areas of
    	While there are big differences between the campaign
    and the multiplayer, some important things are the same.  The
    following is a list of things to practice in single player:
    		Moving			Using Cover
    		Aiming			Firing from the Hip
    		Using different weapons
    		Grenades		Special Grenades
    		Riot Shield		Predator Strike
    		Sniping			Firing through walls
    	The cooperative portion of the game is great for
    working on coordination and communication.  Communicating
    effectively to teammates is much more difficult than you
    might think and it takes a while sometimes before being
    able to do so effectively.
    	Before anything else make sure to maximize your connection.
    One of the most common complaints online is “I shot him ten times
    and he killed me in one hit, WTF".  Many times this is caused by
    lag.  In a head on fight, all things being equal, the player with
    more bars usually wins.  This is because the information that
    they did fatal damage reaches the server first.  If you've been
    having a hard time you may just need to open up a fresh can of
    	First get yourself some broadband.  Ask around what
    connection in the area has the best latency and download/upload
    	Next, make sure that only your Xbox is using your connection.
    Turn off downloads and tell roommates or family members not to
    get off the connection.  Your kill / death ratio is more
    important anyway.
    	Another way to get all the speed you can is to connect your
    Xbox 360 directly to your broadband.  Routers
    and hubs may limit your connection.
    	If your broadband modem is bigger than your Xbox or needed
    to be patched for Y2k, you may find your connection is unstable.
    Resetting your cable/ADSL modem can help with performance.
    Also, if you know the problem is your broadband modem
    call up your internet service provider and try to make a stink
    until you get a new one.
    	If you are forced to use an Xbox 360 wireless adapter
    get a damn good wireless router and try to get your Xbox as close
    to the router as possible.  Playing on a weak wireless signal
    is torture.
    		GEAR UP
    	Use your f**king mic.  If you don't have one, they cost
    around $20.  A team that communicates and coordinates has a huge
    advantage over one that doesn't.  If you can keep from adding
    your own soundtrack by singing your favorite Jonas Brothers songs
    or making totally awesome farting noises you may even make a
    friend or two.
    	Play in HD.  Lower resolution results in more difficulty
    when engaging at range.  Cheap ways to get up your resolution
    include using a computer monitor with a VGA/SVGA cable, upgrading
    to component on a CRT TV(old fashion TV with large rear).
    The following is a breakdown of formats and resolutions.
    			Format			Max Resolution
    	Best		HDMI				1080p
    	Great		VGA, SVGA, DV		1080i
    	Average 	Component			720
    	Bad		AV cables, S-video	480i
    	Game over	Coaxial
    	p = Progressive scan.  Updates the entire screen every
    refresh, allowing higher apparent frame rates and smooth motion.
    	i = interlaced scan.  Updates the odd lines and then
    the even.  Results in a twitter effect in areas of fine lines
    and lower apparent frame rate.
    	If you don't have an HD TV its not really an automatic
    "game over".  You know those blind Martial Artists/ Blues
    musicians?  They hone their other senses since they can't see.
    So at least get yourself some good headphones.
    [*PWEP]  Primary Weapons
    	>ASSAULT RIFLE – These are the most dominant weapons in
    	the game.  Combining power and range with good rate of
    	fire, assault rifles are a great weapon for beginners
    	and pros alike.
    		Pros- Well rounded,
    			Very accurate at range,
    			Low recoil
    		Cons- Beaten by sniper rifle at range,
    			SMG/secondary when close
    	>SUB-MACHINE GUN – This weapon category excels at close
    	to medium range.  The real thing that sets SMGs apart
    	is their high rate of fire and mobility.  SMG classes
    	function well as scouts or light infantry.
    		Pros- High Rate of Fire,
    			Mobility (great when firing from hip)
    			Flanker's choice
    		Cons- Mid - Low Damage,
    			Mid - Low Accuracy,
    			High recoil,
    			Terrible at long range
    	>LIGHT MACHINE GUN – Strong and slow, the LMG works
    	best when defending a strong tactical position.
    		Pros-	High Damage,
    			Long Range,
    			Large Magazine
    			Perfect for firing through walls
    		Cons- Slowest Mobility
    			Longest reload times
    			Sustained firing draws attention
          >SNIPER RIFLE – Highly specialized long range weapon
    	requiring detailed knowledge of the map and the enemies
    		Pros-	High Damage
    			Longest Range
    			Highest Accuracy
    		Cons-	Low Rate of Fire
    			Small Magazine
    			Firing from Hip nearly useless
    			Terrible at short range
    			Increased chance at retaliation
          >RIOT SHIELD – Odd ball defensive weapon.
    		Pros-	Provides 100% protection from bullets
    			Reduces/Deflects explosive damage
    			Provides protection from rear
    				w/ secondary wep active
    			Great distraction
    				(gives assists when deflected
    				attacker is killed by team)
    			Masks player profile
    			Powerful in groups
    		Cons-	Protects only from frontal attacks
    			Feet still visible, even when crouched
    			Easy target for Semtex grenades
    			Slowest Mobility
    [*SWEP]  Secondary Weapons
          >MACHINE PISTOLS - The Sub Sub-machine gun.
    		Pros-	High Accuracy
    			High Rate of Fire
    		Cons-	Small Magazines
    			Less useful at Medium-Long range
    			Weak against SMG, Shotgun
          >SHOTGUNS – Variations on a boom-stick.
    		Pros-	Massive Close Range Damage
    			Large Variety w/i weapon type
    		Cons-	No Damage at Medium-Long range
    			No functioning stealth option
    				(silencer drops range down to melee)
    			Many advanced attachments are
    				very time consuming to unlock
          >HANDGUNS – The old sidearm may seem vanilla, but its
    	more useful than you might think.
    		Pros-	High Accuracy
    			High Damage (Close)
    			Tactical Knife attachment
    			Fast attachment unlock
    			50% faster weapon switch
    				from primary to pistol
    			Can be combined with Last Stand
    		Cons-	Semi-automatic
    			Iron Sights only
          >LAUNCHERS – Slow but powerful, launchers are
    	good against vehicles and enemy infantry.
    		Pros-	High Damage
    			Large Area of Effect
    			Effective at short-long range
    		Cons-	Long weapon switch
    			Long reload
    			Many come w/ only 1 round
    			Long time to target
    				(compared w/ bullet)
    			Cheese Factor
    [*EQUI]  Equipment
          >FRAG GRENADE – Frags should be familiar to most players.  They are
    short to medium range thrown weapons with a decent area of effect.  While
    not as powerful as Semtex, they are much quieter and can be cooked.  Cooking
    a grenade means holding down the right bumper so that when you finally
    release the bumper and throw the grenade it will explode very quickly before
    the enemy has a chance to run away.  Frag grenades will actually roll downhill
    or in the direction they were thrown, which is new in Modern Warfare 2.
          >SEMTEX – These plastic explosives have much shorter range than
    Frag Grenades and emit a beeping noise before detonating, which can give
    your enemy time to run.  They cannot be cooked.  Now for the good news.
    Semtex can stick to whatever it hits, including players.  Also they have
    a larger area of effect and higher damage than the Frag Grenade.
          >THROWING KNIFE – While difficult to use, the Throwing Knife also
    has the shortest time between being used and potentially killing a target.
    		Frag - Windup + 5 seconds till damage
    		Semtex - Windup + 3 seconds till damage
    		Throwing Knife - Windup + Flight Time till damage
    		= .5-1.0 second
    		Windup = @.5 seconds
    	Holding down the right bumper brings up an aiming
    reticule and releasing throws the knife.  The knife travels in an arc, and
    after a short distance begins to slow down and drop quickly.  If you
    hit the enemy its almost always a kill.
          >TACTICAL INSERTION – The flare takes around 3 seconds to ignite.
    At that point its dropped beneath the player.  When the player is killed
    they will respawn at the flare, facing the same direction they were when
    they deployed it.
    		The Tactical Insertion takes some thinking to use well.
    	First of all, you need to know the map well enough to place it where the
    	enemy is unlikely to go, but also somewhere near a good position.
    		If an enemy does spot your flare they will probably wait
    	for you to respawn and get an instant kill.
    	See the section on Location for more ideas.
          >BLAST SHIELD – Do you hate getting killed by noobtubes or grenades?
    Tired of claymores?  The Blast Shield cuts down on explosive damage by around
    50%.  It must be equipped by pressing the right bumper or else it has no effect.
    When you equip it, you will lose some peripheral vision along with your UAV /
    If your reflexes are quick enough, wait until you hear or see a grenade coming
    your way before equipping it.
    	>CLAYMORE – The claymore is the camper's delight.  Once placed, the mine
    will detonate when an enemy moves in front of it.  There is, however, a slight
    delay before detonation.  So with that in mind, successful use of the claymore
    means putting it out of sight but very close to a door or walkway.
    The direction the claymore is facing should be slightly ahead of an enemy
    walking through a door so that it can trip and hit them with the full blast.
    	An exploded enemy will not be able to see your location in the kill cam.
          >C4 – These explosives are fairly straight forward.  Tapping the right
    bumper will throw a satchel of explosives a short distance.  Pressing the right
    bumper again will blow them up.  You can also detonate the explosive by tapping
    the reload button twice.
    	Where Grenades and Semtex are good in a lot of situations, C4 is
    only good at very specific times.  Due to the terrible range of the C4,
    not to mention the time required to throw and detonate it, C4 is usually
    best used when ambushing the enemy.  The problem is, ambushing requires
    knowledge of where the enemy will be.  That's why objective based games
    are often the best setting for C4.  If you know the enemy is going to
    try and plant a bomb or capture a location then all you need to do is
    plan ahead.
    	Another way to get some added power out of C4 is to try and plant
    near explosive objects.  Cars, explosive barrels or propane tanks
    can make for secondary explosions that are actually larger in area
    than the original.
    	An exploded enemy will not be able to see your location in the kill cam.
    [*GRE1]  Special Grenades
    	Three important things to remember about Special Grenades:
    	      	Timing is everything.  The duration of the
    		effects caused by these grenades is very short.
    		Hit your enemy fast or not at all.
    	      	Just because you hit them with a Special
    		Grenade doesn't mean they don't know where you are.
    		If they saw you before you threw it, that's where
    		they're going to shoot afterward.  Flanking and
    		distraction is a must.
    	      	The damage indicator from hitting an enemy
    		with a flash grenade or a stun grenade does not
    		mean the enemy took damage.  What it does mean
    		is that the enemy is near the point of detonation.
    		Use that knowledge to go fishing
    		for targets.  If you get a hit follow it with
    		some shots.  If you get nothing, however, you
    		may have exposed your position.
          >FLASH GRENADE – Any enemy within range of the flash grenade
    will be blinded and deafened.  Enemies facing the point of
    detonation will be more disrupted than those looking away.
    enemies closer to the flash bang will be more disrupted than
    those farther away.  The area of effect of the Flash Grenade is
    fairly small, but if you can manage to get one right in front of
    an enemy you can count on them being completely out for around
    a second and disrupted for one or two more.  If you manage only
    a partial hit, most players will have no problem taking you out
    if they can find you.  The flash grenade works best in a frontal
    assault since complete blindness prevents them from aiming.
    	>STUN GRENADE – Where the flash bang works best when
    attacking an enemy head on, the stun grenade works best when
    attacking an enemy or group of enemies from the side or the rear.
    The orientation of the enemy does not seem to be a factor as
    it is with the Flash grenade.  Distance, however, will
    determine the extent of the effect. While Stun grenades will
    cause some white out of the enemy screen, the main point is
    that it slows all movement of the enemy for a few seconds.
    This includes running and strafing, but most importantly,
    it prevents the enemy from turning and aiming as quickly
    as they would otherwise.  In an ideal situation, you could
    attack a group of enemies from behind, Stun them, and then
    take them out while they are still trying to turn towards you
    to engage.
          >SMOKE GRENADE – As the name implies, this grenade
    creates a large cloud of smoke after a second or so.  Its
    effects are not as direct as a the other two grenades, but
    it can be very useful none the less.  Unlike the other special
    grenades, you only get one smoke grenade so be careful
    how you use it.  That being said, the smoke grenade is ideal
    for disrupting the line of sight of an enemy.
    	Also, weapons with area of effect components, such as
    grenades, launchers, and machine guns can be employed to
    good effect through a cloud of smoke.  In these cases you
    don't really need to know exactly where the enemy is located
    so long as you're firing in the right direction.
    	Last of all, infrared scopes can see through
    smoke and give the user a great advantage.
    [Perk1]  Perk 1
    	MARATHON – Marathon allows you to run without ever
    needing to stop.  This can be great for getting behind
    the enemy, but it can also be dangerous since while running
    you cannot shoot.  Even after stopping, there is a slight
    pause before your weapon comes up.  So if you are going to
    use marathon, be careful.
    	MARATHON PRO – The pro version of this perk allows
    the user to climb faster, increasing the speed at which
    ladders and other objects can be overcome.
    	Many nifty spots on maps require some climbing to
    get to.  During that time anyone caught in the middle is
    usually extremely exposed.  So for those who like moving in
    and out of every hole and corner or a map, marathon pro can
    actually be very useful.
    	SLEIGHT OF HAND – SoH returns from Modern Warfare.
    Simply put, it allows you to reload any weapon much faster
    than normal.  The weapons that would benefit most from SoH
    are ones with either a small clip or a very high rate of
    fire.  The more often you need to reload, the better this perk
    	SLEIGHT OF HAND PRO - Faster aiming down the sight.
    While it may not seem like it, it does take time to aim
    with the left trigger.  If you are being shot at even a
    small amount of time can make the difference.  Sleight of
    Hand Pro cuts the time it takes to raise your weapon by about
    	SCAVENGER – This is a new perk and can be very useful
    if you find yourself running out of ammunition on a regular
    basis.  Whenever another player dies, enemy or ally, they will
    drop their weapon and a little blue bag.  You can only see
    the bag if you have scavenger equipped.  By walking over it
    you can refill your own ammo, no matter what weapons you
    are using.  It also refills equipment.
    	Sometimes you may need to fire a few shots of your main
    weapon and reload in order to refill your explosives or
    launcher ammo.  The longer you can survive, the more ammo
    you use up, the better this perk is.
    	In objective based maps like headquarters this perk
    can be great because players will usually die a lot in certain
    areas, allowing you to fill up ammo and spam grenades.  If you
    are like a lot of players and tend to die before using your
    ammo up, then maybe this perk isn't for you.
    	SCAVENGER PRO – When you spawn with this perk, your
    ammo is doubled.  Its hard to imagine needing that much
    ammunition, since firing often enough to exhaust what you
    scavenge is very risky.  Firing, even with a silencer,
    allows the enemy to follow the bullets back to you.  If you
    enjoy spraying than you may gain some advantage with
    the pro version of this perk.
    	BLING – Another new perk to the game Bling allows
    you to take advantage of all the new attachments you can
    put on your weapon.  Instead of one, Bling allows you to
    equip two attachments.  Basically, a weapon with two
    attachments can be either better generally, or better for
    some specific purpose.
    	For example, an ACOG scope on an
    assault rifle makes short range fights more difficult.
    Combined with a shotgun, however, you can switch between the
    two depending on the situation.
    	Other examples would be a silenced sniper
    rifle with an infrared scope, or a machine gun with a grip
    and FMJ.  The possibilities are endless.  Keep in mind,
    however, that running out of ammo can become a problem
    since you cant use scavenger.
    	BLING PRO – Two attachments with the secondary
    weapon as well as your primary weapon.
    	ONE MAN ARMY – This perk is rarely used, though it has
    a great deal of potential.  With One Man Army equipped, you lose
    your secondary weapon slot.  What you gain is the ability to
    switch to any other class at any time by pressing the Y button.
    Switching classes takes around four or five seconds and refills
    all your ammo and equipment.  Don't do much switching until you
    get the pro version unlocked.
    	ONE MAN ARMY PRO – Cuts the time required to switch
    classes by half.
    [PERK2]  Perk Slot 2
    	STOPPING POWER – Within the core rule set this perk
    is extremely powerful.  Stopping Power increasing the
    damage of all fire arms by around 30%.
    	In Modern Warfare 2, the best defense is a good
    offense.  This perk is great for beginners and for weapons
    without any unlocked attachments.  Once you feel ready for
    a challenge and comfortable with your classes then consider
    switching to some of the other perks below.
    	It is my theory that these other perks were provided
    for additional challenge for players who, through skill or
    experience, find the game a bit too easy.
    	STOPPING POWER PRO – Stopping Power Pro increases damage
    done to vehicles.
    	Honestly, like some of the other Pro unlocks, this
    is not very useful.  Shooting at vehicles with something other
    than a launcher is stupid to begin with.  Even with a powerful
    machine gun it will take more than a clip to destroy even a
    weaker vehicle like the harrier.  That means that you end up
    standing around completely unaware of your surroundings making
    yourself a perfect target, especially since you have to stop
    and reload.
    	Also, most enemy vehicles will prioritize players who
    are firing at them.  So, unless your whole team is firing
    at a vehicle, just use a stinger and be done with it.
    	DANGER CLOSE – This perk increases the amount of explosive
    damage you deal.
    	While it may not seem as useful as stopping power,
    there are quite a few new choices of explosive weapons in
    Modern Warfare 2.  The launchers, for example, become
    unstoppable with Danger Close.
    	This perk is most effective in games with large numbers
    of players, such as ground war, where a well placed javelin
    or Semtex can earn you large kill streaks.
    	DANGER CLOSE PRO – The unlock for Danger Close gives
    more damage to aerial kill streaks, such as the predator
    missile and the harrier.  While there aren't too many
    instances that an enemy can survive an aerial attack, there
    are some situations where misses and cover can allow them to
    escape.  With Danger Close Pro on there is little to no
    chance that an enemy can escape death once your vehicle
    locks on to them.
    	All in all, this is an unlock worth working towards
    since you can always save up your kill streaks with a more
    general build then switch to Danger Close Pro when you're
    ready to unload and get that extra damage.
    	HARDLINE – Another new perk in Modern Warfare 2,
    Hardline decreases the number of kills necessary to earn
    a kill streak by one.
    	The cost decrease is especially useful for the cheaper
    kill streaks like the UAV and the care package.  With hardline
    equipped you can call in a UAV with only 2 kills in a row,
    resulting in a 30% discount in cost.
    	For more expensive kill streaks, hardline has a
    diminished effect relative to the cost of the perk.  Calling
    in a nuke, for example, would take 24 kills instead of 25,
    making hardline fairly useless with more expensive kill streaks.
    	HARDLINE PRO – All death streaks require one less death
    to activate.  Painkiller, a large temporary increase to player
    health, normally takes three deaths without a kill in order
    to activate.  With Hardline Pro, however, it takes only two
    deaths.  That makes Hardline Pro a great perk for those
    players who are either doing very well and are thus able to
    earn kill streaks faster or, are doing very poorly and will
    be protected by death streaks more quickly.
    	COLD BLOODED – With Cold Blooded equipped you can
    operate completely off the grid.  That means that UAVs,
    sentry guns, and air support will be unable to see or attack
    you.  In addition, Thermal scopes will not highlight you.
    	This perk works great for players who really want to
    surprise their enemies and don't mind taking time to do so.
    Keep in mind, however, that all things being equal,
    a player with Cold Blooded will lose against a player with
    stopping power almost every time.  So if you want to use
    this perk make sure to attack from the side or from behind
    your enemy.
    	COLD BLOODED PRO – Normally when an enemy puts you
    in their cross hairs your name will appear above your head.
    This makes identifying enemies and shooting them easier.
    With Cold Blooded Pro, this feature is disabled for the enemy,
    making you truly stealthy.  Keep in mind, however, if you are
    caught running out in the open Cold Blooded will not help you.
    	LIGHT WEIGHT – In Modern Warfare 2, like in the original,
    movement speed is largely determined by what type of primary
    weapon you have.  Machine guns are the slowest, while
    sub-machine guns are the fastest.
    	Equipping Light Weight will add speed to any class.
    When combined with marathon, it allows a player to really move
    around the level.
    	While LW doesn't have the bullet damage of stopping power,
    the damage of explosives and the melee attack are unaffected.
    Using a more varied offense with LW is a very good idea.
    	As with Cold Blooded, this perk more or less requires
    flanking your enemy.  In order to do that it usually means you
    have to take the long way around the map, and with Light Weight
    that becomes much easier.  There are some small defensive
    bonuses as well.  By moving around quickly, enemy UAVs and heart
    beat sensors will likely have a hard time keeping up with you
    since they update once every few seconds.
    	Light Weight also makes you slightly harder to snipe
    or hit with explosive weapons.
    	LIGHT WEIGHT PRO – Allows the user to aim quickly after
    running, similar to Sleight of Hand Pro.  This is one of my
    favorite perks and a real challenger to Stopping Power, though
    it requires a very different play style.  In theory, if you
    centered your aim properly you could come out of a sprint,
    aim and fire then be off again.
    [PERK3] Perk Slot 3
    	STEADY AIM – This perk increases the accuracy of
    weapons when fired from the hip.  To new players, this means
    firing the weapon without aiming down the length of the gun.
    	The benefit to firing this way is that you can still
    move at normal running speed and you can avoid the split
    second amount of time it takes to bring your weapon to bear
    when firing down the sights.  The result of this perk is a
    tighter cone of fire, with bullets firing randomly within
    its confines.  Kneeling will tighten that cone further, and
    going prone even more so.  This perk is great for sub-machine
    guns, accurate assault rifles and LMGs with a grip.
    	STEADY AIM PRO - For snipers, steady aim is more or
    less useless.  When you unlock the Pro version, however, it
    increases the amount of time you can hold your breath while
    sniping.  This makes it very useful, especially with sniper
    rifles that have a low rate of fire.
    	COMMANDO – For those players who enjoy flanking and
    attacking with melee, commando adds additional range to any
    melee attack, riot shield included.
    	It may take some time getting used to, but the range
    works out to about a player or two in length.  While melee
    may seem difficult at first, there are a lot of benefits to
    using your knife.  For one, you never run out of ammo.
    Also, unlike fire arms, you will not appear on the enemy
    map when you use melee.
    	COMMANDO PRO – The upgraded form of commando negates
    all falling damage.
    	That may seem useless to some, but one of the best ways
    to get in close to an enemy is to drop down on them.  With
    Commando Pro you can drop from a great height and surprise
    the enemy.
    	SCRAMBLER – Scrambler disrupts the enemy map or UAV the
    closer they come to you.  The effect is very similar to a UAV
    jammer kill streak.  While it may seem like this perk would
    be ideal for stealth, it also alerts your enemies that you
    are nearby.  The degree to which their maps are scrambled
    also informs them whether they are colder or warmer, so to
    speak.  There goes the element of surprise.
    	Don't give up on this perk yet.  There are some
    situations where it can still give an advantage.  As was
    mentioned before, the enemy may be able to figure out if
    they are hotter or colder to your location.  That only works,
    however, if the game is simple.  Make things complicated
    by equipping the perk on a fast moving class or by getting
    some friends to use it as well.  Also keep in mind that
    the scrambling effect doesn't take elevation into account.
    The scrambler has nothing to worry about if the enemy is
    looking on the wrong floor.
    	SCRAMBLER PRO- Annoyed by claymores?  Scrambler pro
    slows down the speed at which they trigger by a good three to
    five seconds.  That means you will hear the click of activation
    but the claymore itself will not explode for some time,
    allowing you to walk safely past.
    	SIT REP – This perk alerts you to enemy explosives and
    tactical insertions are located.
    	Sit Rep is very situational.  If you are in a game and
    you notice the other team using tons of claymores, C4, and
    tactical insertions then this perk would be very useful.
    However, in my experience, I have never been in a game that
    warranted using Sit Rep.
    	SIT REP PRO - Sit Rep Pro makes enemy footsteps louder.
    If you have a nice sound system, this perk really shines.
    The problem is that in order to unlock this perk you have to
    destroy a very large number of claymores and tactical insertions.
    If you want to spend the time, then more power to you.
    	LAST STAND – After playing through the single player, you
    may have noticed how many enemies may go down but continue to fire
    at you on the ground.  Last stand allows you to do just that.
    Where normally you would die, this perk allows you to pull out
    your pistol.  If you do not have a hand gun or machine pistol
    equipped, then an M9 pistol will be provided.  You can also crawl
    slowly around.
    	There is a time limit however, of about five to ten seconds.
    Also, when in Last Stand you have very little health, pretty much
    any damage will take you out.  Stun grenades can actually finish
    you off even though they do virtually no damage normally.
    Overall, this is a difficult perk to use effectively since most
    players will just keep shooting until they get you.  If you play
    it smart, however, and keep behind cover or disrupt the enemy with
    stun/flash grenades you may find you are able to get a few kills
    here and there.  If you are serious about using Last Stand, make
    sure you keep some powerful machine pistols and handguns equipped.
    Going akimbo with either will allow you to open up on the enemy and
    increase your chances of taking them down.  This perk is a great
    counter to snipers, forcing them to fire an extra shot no matter
    how powerful their weapon is.
    	Last Stand does not stack with Final Stand.
    	Last Stand Pro – While in last stand you can now use your
    equipment as well as your pistol.  That means that you can throw
    grenades, knives, flash bangs, etc.  In order to take advantage
    of this you had better learn to think fast.
    [*DEAT]  Death Streaks
    	COPY CAT – Copy cat allows you to steal the class of the
    enemy that kills you.  It requires four deaths in a row in order
    to activate.  This Death Streak is garbage.  You get to use
    the enemy class for one life.  WTF is that.  Whats worse is
    that if the enemy has killed you, they may be more experienced
    and could be using a build or a weapon you don't have much
    practice with.
    	Lastly, copying someone will, at best, even the odds
    a little.  It will not put you on top.  No class is countered
    well by a copy of itself.
    	PAIN KILLER – If you played Modern Warfare at all, you
    likely spent a far amount of time cursing a perk called Juggernaut
    that increased the health of the enemy.  Juggernaut, thankfully,
    is gone in Modern Warfare 2.  Pain killer functions in a similar fashion.
    After three deaths without taking out an enemy, the next time you
    spawn you get about ten seconds of double health.  Personally,
    this is my favorite death streak.  Its especially useful if you
    find yourself being spawn camped, which is usually how most people
    get killed over and over in the first place.  With Pain killer you
    may just have enough time to make those spawn campers back off.
    	MARTYRDOM – Another old and hated perk from the original,
    Martyrdom drops a live grenade once you've died enough times for it
    to activate.  Danger Close will increase the power of the grenade.
    Small levels or confined spaces allow martyrdom to work best and since
    its not a general perk anymore, most enemy players will not expect it
    as much as they used to.
    	FINAL STAND – If you like Last Stand, you may want to consider
    using Final stand.  Keep in mind that the two do not stack.  Final Stand
    allows you to survive where you would die normally, and like Last stand,
    you are able to move around on the ground and fire at the enemy.  Unlike
    last stand, you are not forced to use your pistol which means you can use
    your primary weapon while down.  This allows for some interesting
    combinations, such as pulling out your riot shield.  With your riot
    shield out and a wall to your back, you become very difficult to finish
    off, though the downside is that you have no offensive capability.
    	Finally, if you manage to kill your attacker or at least crawl to safety,
    you can get back up after around fifteen seconds.  By surviving with
    Final Stand you can continue any kill streak you had going.
    [*KILL]  Kill Streaks
    	In order to get a kill streak you need to kill enemy players
    without dying.  Each kill streak has a number associated with it.
    The UAV, or unmanned aerial vehicle, provides you and your team with
    the locations of the enemy.  In order to get it you need to kill three
    enemies without dying.  The more kills required to get a kill streak
    the more powerful the effect.  For example, four kills will get you
    one care package.  You might expect eight kills in a row would get you
    two packages, but if you use the Emergency Air Drop you actually get four
    	Taking an enemy out in last stand will continue your streak.
    Assists, meaning some one else deals the final blow, do not count
    towards your kill count. All kills earned through using kill streaks
    that you earned during your current life will add to your total.
    That means if you get five kills and use a Predator Missile to get
    two more you could use the Harrier Airstrike so long as you have it
    unlocked and equipped.
    	Any kills gained from kill streaks earned during previous
    lives will not add on to your total.
    	Anything found within a care package will not add to your
    kill streak.
    UAV - 3 Kills
    	This is the most basic kill streak and also one of the most
    useful.  Once activated, the enemy positions are posted on the map
    and are updated every second or so.  This works for both you and
    your team.
    	The UAV itself can be sighted up in the sky and can
    be shot down using a guided missile.
    	Many players opt out of using this perk because it doesn't
    directly add to their killstreak.  Its a real shame, however, because
    the UAV is a real help to you and your team.  Knowing where the enemy
    is not only helps you get more kills, it also helps you stay alive
    long enough for those kills to matter.
    CARE PACKAGE – 4 Kills
    	By throwing a red smoke grenade you mark a landing zone for
    a friendly helicopter to drop supplies.  Make sure that the area
    above your LZ is open to the sky or else when your supplies are
    dropped off they can become stuck out of reach.
    	Once your marker is out a crate will drop straight down
    from above.  The crate can contain any other kill streak,
    including those with a much higher cost than the care package
    itself.  If you're unlucky, however, you only get ammunition.
    	Care packages draw players interested in free goodies.
    Friendly and Enemy troops may come from all over the map to
    try and grab the crate.All players in the game can see it on
    their radar, even without UAV. Only your own team can see
    what is inside the crate.
    	With that information, you can do some interesting things.
    Setting up a sentry nearby can net you a few kills, C4 or
    claymore can be useful as well.  If a friendly team mate grabs
    the crate you gain some exp, but any trap you have set for the
    enemy has no more bait.
    	Do not stand directly on top of your LZ as you can be
    killed by the falling crate.
    COUNTER UAV – 4 Kills
    	The counter UAV renders the enemies map useless by
    filling it with static.  Not only does this counter their UAV,
    but it also hides team mates who are firing their weapons.
    This is a great way to get some stealth without sacrificing
    damage or range.
    SENTRY GUN – 5 Kills
    	In order to use the Sentry Gun, you must first call in a
    supply drop in exactly the same way as you would a care package.
    Once you pick up the crate you can activate your sentry gun
    which will place a shiny outline in front of you.  By confirming
    the location the sentry gun will materialize.
    	If you are killed with the sentry gun position
    unconfirmed it will be placed wherever it was when you were
    killed if it was a valid position.
    	The gun itself scans a 90 degree cone directly in
    front of it.  If an enemy moves in front of the gun it will
    open fire.  Usually this will result in the enemy being shot
    to pieces in a second or two.  There is, however, a maximum
    range that a sentry gun can acquire a target.  Past that point,
    your sentry will not fire.
    	Sentry guns can be killed with normal fire arms, however
    it takes a lot of damage to do so.  Explosives are your best
    bet for destroying sentry guns.  They can also be killed by
    meleeing them from behind.
    	Flash or Stun grenades will temporarily shut down
    sentry guns.
    	Positioning your sentry gun is very important.  Generally,
    you want to put the gun somewhere where it cannot be approached
    from behind.  Corners are great for this.  Also, you want it to
    be able to scan a large room that is fairly high traffic.
    	If you happen to have two sentry guns, try positioning
    them in corners allowing them to cover each other.
    	The predator missile is a simple yet potentially
    very effective weapon.  Once activated, you temporarily take
    control of a single predator missile launched from above the
    map.  The enemy is represented as red squares while enemy
    vehicles will appear as red triangles.  By guiding the missile
    into either target it will explode , doing lethal damage to
    anything nearby.
    	Timing with the Predator Missile is everything.  If you
    can hit the enemy while they are in a group you can easily
    score three or more kills which can boost you up to your
    next kill streak.
    	Also, as mentioned before, enemy vehicles will be
    represented and can be hit by your predator missile.  That
    means helicopters and harriers can be blasted instead of enemy
    troops.  If you take this route, make sure to hit the enemy
    vehicles right as they are spawned and before they get any
    kills.  Taking out an enemy kill streak after its wreaked havoc
    for almost its full duration is not an effective use of the
    	Predator missiles can be flown through sky lights and into
    troops within a building.
    	The airstrike is back, but this time you can chose the
    direction that your air craft will bomb in.  The damage
    pattern is more or less rectangular and the bombs drop in
    three waves.  While a single wave may not kill an enemy near
    the outside of the blast area, multiple waves will destroy
    everything and anything in their path.
    	The accuracy of the strike is far greater than a
    Harrier Airstrike.
    	These bombs, like the predator missiles, will drop
    through windows.  Enemies completely under cover, however,
    will take no damage.
    	Airstrikes cannot be shot down.
    	This nifty kill streak combines some of the power of
    an airstrike with the staying power of a helicopter.  Two
    harriers will bomb around the area you target and a third
    will hover over the area firing its mini gun turret down at
    any enemies left alive.
    	Unlike helicopters, the harrier does not patrol the
    map much and is one of the easiest vehicles to destroy
    since it is more or less stationary.
    	Harriers will fire missiles at enemy helicopters if
    they are present, making them a potent counter.
    	Once activated an attack helicopter will fly from
    outside the battlefield into combat.  Any enemy exposed
    to the 270 degrees in front of the helicopter will be blasted
    by a turret.  The helicopter can last longer than any other
    air support.
    	If the enemy doesn't shoot down your helicopter, it may
    generate more kills than the harrier.  Most of the time, players
    will shoot it down quickly and easily, with only a singer stinger
    or javelin.
    	The Attack Helicopter will fire missiles at enemy
    air support (except care package vehicles, AC130)
    	This is one of my favorites.  The Emergency Airdrop works
    just like the care package.  You must designate an LZ.  A few seconds
    later a cargo plane will fly overhead dropping crates.  These crates
    will spread out quite a bit more than with the care package, so pick
    a wide open area.  While the Airdrop may only cost twice as much as
    the care package, you get four crates instead of one.  These crates
    can contain any other kill streak.  As long as you pick them up before
    your enemy and none of them are unreachable, the time you spend waiting
    will be rewarded with some potentially devastating support.
    	The Airdrop cannot be shot down.
    	Any killstreak from an airdrop or care package will not add
    kills toward your next killstreak.
    PAVE LOW – 9 Kills
    	Think of the Pave Low as an upgraded Attack Helicopter.  Its
    larger, possessing two turrets fired from the sides of the helicopter.
    The Pave Low can counter one missile and can take around two AT-HS missiles
    or one direct stinger hit.
    	Overall the damage inflicted by the Pave Low is much higher
    than with an attack helicopter.  Each gun does around twice the damage
    of the Attack Helicopter turret, resulting in around a four fold increase
    in damage.
    STEALTH BOMBER – 9 Kills
    	Other kill streaks are announced to your team as well as the
    enemies.  Also, other kill streaks will appear as an icon on the enemies
    map.  This gives them the chance to take cover from incoming fire.
    	The only warning the enemy gets when the Stealth Bomber is used
    is a low hum in the background.  Shortly thereafter a B2 stealth bomber
    flies over the map and destroys everything in its path.  This path is
    determined by the player, similar to the precision air strike.  The actual
    area of effect is a straight line about as wide as the targeting reticule
    and stretches from one end of the map to the other.
    	The stealth bomber cannot be shot down.
    CHOPPER GUNNER – 11 Kills
    	When activated you take control of the turret on a helicopter.
    Unlike the normal attack helicopter, the chopper can fire non stop.
    The attack has an area of effect far larger than the graphic would
    indicate.  Shooting the ground near enemies that are otherwise
    unexposed will kill them as quickly as hitting them directly.  Head
    shots are also possible.
    	Enemies are represented as squares and will be highlighted when they
    are in the open.  Simply line em up and fire.  It usually only takes
    two to three hits to take down an enemy and the gun has no danger of
    overheating so go nuts.  Head shots are possible as well.
    	The Chopper Gunner is better than the AC130 on maps where the
    enemy is more spread out or in cover, such as in the alleys between streets.
    	The Chopper Gunner kill streak is, however, easier to shoot
    down than the AC130.  This is because the helicopter flies closer
    to the ground and does not possess the strong antimissile countermeasures
    of the AC130.
    AC130 – 11 Kills
    	If you played the original modern warfare then you probably
    remember the level with the AC130.  There are three weapons
    to chose from, each with its own level of magnification.  You can
    switch between them with the Y button.
    	The main gun fires a single shot with a tremendous area
    of effect but slow reload.  The second gun zooms in slightly
    and fires up to three shots with some area damage.  The final gun
    is a heavy machine gun with high zoom and around a dozen rounds
    per reload.  There is little area of effect which requires leading
    the target.  This is the most difficult gun to use.
    	In order to use the AC130 to its fullest potential make
    sure to switch guns while reloading.  Many new players will only
    use the large gun and may only get to fire it a few times before
    their time runs out.  By switching, however, you can fire one
    while the other two reload.
    	The AC130 can be shot down, but its not easy.  When a missile
    comes close, the AC130 will release countermeasures.  Shooting it down
    requires three guided missiles of any type as the first two are countered.
    EMP – 15 Kills
    	The EMP shuts down all enemy electronics.
    The EMP removes all of the enemies HUD, including the map, the cross hair
    and name labels on other players.  It also disables all sights except
    the iron sights (default) and the ACOG.
    	Best of all, enemy kill streak rewards are destroyed.  That
    means all existing air support, turrets, and UAVs are toast.
    Also, the aircraft that deliver care packages can be
    destroyed en route.
    TACTICAL NUKE – 25 Kills
    	The Tactical Nuke starts a ten second count down followed by
    everyone on the map being killed.  It may sound lame and over powered,
    but ask your self, if someone on the other team is able to get twenty five
    kills without dying maybe its best the game was ended.
    	In order to activate the Nuke, most players will equip the Pave Low
    followed by the Attack Helicopter/ AC130 and then the nuke.  Therefore
    in theory all they need to get is nine kills.  If no one shoots down their
    kill streaks and they can get all the kills they need they can ride it out
    all the way up to the Nuke.
    	The good news is that players trying to get nukes will usually get
    NO kill streak rewards until they get nine in a row.  That's a pretty good
    advantage to everyone else.
    [*TACT] Tactics and Tips
    	Before talking about all the details lets take a moment to look
    at the big picture.  First of all, with thousands of potential classes
    out there, you may be wondering where to start.
    	First of all, there is no best class or best weapon.  Every
    weapon, perk, etc has a strength in the right situation.  Consider
    game mode, opponent, and what you know how to use well.
    		Leveling and Unlocks
    	Once you get outside of the noob levels and can build your
    own classes you will have access to a few basic weapons and perks.
    People tend to think high level unlocks are "better" than what
    you start with.  That's not entirely true.
    	The options you have initially are useful in a wider
    variety of situations than much of what you unlock later on.
    These initial options are also very difficult to build a
    hard class to play with.
    	For example:
    	-  The Famas is one of the easiest weapons
    to use.  The three round burst gets rid of recoil and accuracy problems.
    Think training wheels.
    	-  The F2000, one of the last AR unlocks,
    is extremely difficult to use.  Its high rate of fire and low
    accuracy require manually limiting your fire.  Failure
    to do so results in crippling recoil.
    	-  Stopping power is very easy to use in the Core game rules.
    Doing more damage is about as good as it gets in a game that's mostly
    about taking down the other player.  All the other perks unlocked later
    in that slot are hard pressed to make up for the drop in damage.
    	-  Basic weapon attachments, such as the grenade launcher
    (Assault Rifle), the Grip (Light MG) and Rapid Fire (SMG) have very
    broad applications.
    	-  Advanced weapon attachments, such as the Infrared Scope
    and the shotgun are useful only on certain maps and in certain situations.
    	You may be wondering what the purpose is for all these
    unlocks if some of the initial options are so powerful.  The answer
    is that doing the same thing over and over is boring and leads
    to a very narrow understanding of the game.  In order to keep
    things fresh and challenging its fun to use some of the strange
    unlocks that become available.  Every once in a while you may
    even build a class that players have no idea how to counter!
    	Easy Mode Perks		Stopping Power	Sleight of Hand
    				Steady Aim	Commando
    	First of all, keep at least some of the perks listed equipped
    at all times.  Having stopping power on can make trying out higher
    level perks like Bling, Marathon, or Ninja much easier.  The hit
    to damage caused by choosing Cold Blooded over Stopping Power can
    be made much more manageable with Sleight of Hand or Commando.
    	When creating a class, you can't have your cake and eat it too.
    In economics the term is opportunity cost.  What you chose to equip
    can be measured against what you did not.  The perks available in each
    slot share a theme.  Essentially, its the difference between 1 x 12, 2 x 6,
    3 x 4, 4 x 3, 6 x 2, etc.  The end product is equal, or close at the least.
    	In Perk slot 1, for instance, the perks available share a
    general theme.  Marathon allows you to sprint without needing to stop.
    This allows you to get closer to your enemy, thus increasing accuracy
    and reducing wasted ammo.  Another option would be sleight of hand,
    allowing you to reload faster and thus sustain your damage output over
    time.  Scavenger allows you to pick up ammunition off of your enemies
    and Army of One allows you to switch classes and refill your ammo.
    These perks all involve ammunition which is tied to your ability to
    do damage.
    	So when you are creating a class, take your surroundings into account.
    Are you playing an objective based game?  If so, what perks would help you
    the most?  If Headquarters is your game, then maybe you want a build with
    a riot shield and a blast shield so you can survive long enough to capture
    the headquarters which is bound to be fiercely contested.  Lightweight
    makes for a great bomb carrier and danger close can be very useful in
    ground war or any situation with high concentrations of enemies.
    	Another good question to ask is what are other players using and
    what can you do to counter their class?  Maybe a lot of enemies are sniping
    so perhaps being able to move fast would help you close in for the kill.
    Another choice might be using smoke grenades to obscure their field of vision
    or equipping cold blooded to avoid being spotted by enemy UAVs and
    Thermal Scopes.
    	The best way to find out what works is trial and error.  Start
    with a class you are very good with and make small changes.  Be careful
    when trying too many new things at once.  Building
    away from your play style and what you know how to use usually results
    in garbage classes.
    [*LOSE] How to Break a Losing Streak
    	Sooner or later, no matter how good you are, the enemy is going to
    start kicking your ass.  Everyone on your team is a noob.  The sky is full of
    enemy air support and for
    every kill your team gets, the enemy gets many times more.  Your kill/death
    ratio is
    headed straight for the dumpster.  This is when Call of Duty is absolutely no
    Most players will quit the game at this point.
    	Before you leave, however, there are a number of things you can do to
    turn things around, or minimize the damage if nothing else.
    	Communication beats frustration
    	The first thing you can do is plug in your mic and talk to your team.
    Every time you get killed by someone camping, tell your team where they are.
    If everyone does this, there's no reason you should get killed repeatedly by the
    same person in the same spot.
    	Some examples of useful team communication are:
    	"The enemy is camping on the roof!"
    	"The objective is near the greenhouse"
    	"Help me shoot down that helicopter"
    	Examples of useless microphone use:
    	"[Farting/Beeping/Obnoxious Noise]"
    	"You guys are faggots!"
    	"Those guys are faggots!"
    	"[phone conversation with the mic on]"
    	Anti-camping 101
    	Most of the time the enemy will gain an advantage by camping
    in a strong position, often overlooking a bottleneck like a corridor, doorway
    or bridge.  Camping sucks.  Welcome to the internet.
    	Campers don't camp because they are a bunch of [expletive deleted].
    They camp because you and your team are throwing yourselves in to the grinder.
    Every time they get an easy kill the enemy team has less reason to leave.
    Success reinforces existing strategies.  Failure, therefore, must
    result in a new approach.
    	The fastest route through a map is a straight line.
    The safest route, however, is a curve.  If repeated direct assaults fail,
    take the scenic route.  It's longer and its slower, but if you're lucky
    you may come on the enemy team from a direction they don't expect.
    The more successful a camping spot, the less likely the enemy is going to
    guard their flank.
    	Sometimes flanking doesn't work and you may eventually end up in the same
    position you started in.  If this happens, switch directions again.
    The worst case scenario with this strategy is that the enemy will have
    to wait longer for kills.
    	Counter with your Class
    	While building on your strengths through practice is important,
    sometimes the source of defeat is more than relative position to your
    enemy.  Tweaking your classes can make a big difference.
    	Some players seem to enjoy being blown away by enemy killstreaks.
    I've seen it too many times.  The enemy gets a harrier strike and instead
    of doing something about it, teammates just keep respawning and getting
    blown away.  So, when enemy air power arrives you have a choice to make.
    You can ignore the problem, or you can do something about it.  The choice
    is up to you, but if you ignore that pesky Harrier Kill Streak it may grow into
    a much more menacing Pave Low or AC130.
    	Low level players don't have a lot of options for dealing with
    harriers, helicopters, etc.  First of all, don't shoot at aircraft with your
    I don't care what Stopping Power Pro says, the only way shooting down
    aircraft that way will work is if most of your team is engaged.
    	Launchers are easily the best way to counter aircraft.
    The Stinger missile launcher,however, is not available
    until the mid levels, leaving the AT-HS launcher the only available option.
    Because of this, the first opportunity players have to take out
    enemy air power is when they get scavenger unlocked.  With scavenger
    and the AT-HS equipped on a class not only do you have some devastating
    area of effect, you also have a class that can shoot down air power
    on its own.  While you will need to scavenge additional shots, if
    you are getting rocked by aircraft there will probably be plenty to
    scavenge off of.
    	Another great counter is the Cold Blooded perk.
    Cold Blooded counters all the enemy kill streak rewards.  Yeah,
    you lose the damage you would have from stopping power.  What you get in
    return is safety from harriers, helicopters, sentries and UAVs.  The more
    you are losing, the more the enemy team is going to disrupt and destroy you
    with kill streaks.  So give yourself a leg up by putting Cold Blooded
    on one class.  Keep in mind though, if the enemy has a Chopper Gunner or an
    AC130, Cold Blooded will not protect you.
    	Hard line Pro is awesome as well,
    dropping the number of deaths required to start a death streak by one.
    When Hardline Pro is combined with the pain killer death streak, the enemy
    will have a much harder time spawn camping than before.  It probably won't
    win you the game.  At the very least, however, it will
    piss off the enemy.
    	Take a Deep Breath
    	There's only so far a team needs to be beaten before they
    lose cohesion and organization.  Its hard to tell whats going on
    when you get killed every few seconds after all.  This disruption
    and distraction is more powerful than any weapon or killstreak.
    	So what can you do?  Take a deep breath and run for cover as
    soon as you spawn.  Get inside or go prone.  Once you are in cover,
    stop moving and look around.  Try equipping a heart beat sensor or
    use a UAV.  Figure out where you are and where the enemy is.  The
    reason a lot of loses occur is that once a team starts losing
    players are disrupted by frequent deaths and respawns.
    [*STEA]  Stealth
    	There's more to Modern Warfare 2 than simply getting kills and
    completing objectives.  If you really want to get a lot of points then you
    need to survive long enough to get kill streaks, which are invaluable, not
    to mention a lot of fun to use.
    	The problem is that so much of Modern Warfare 2 is up to chance.
    That's not to say that skill isn't important, but there's no way
    to predict where the enemy is going to be and what tactics they'll be
    using.  Every head on, toe to toe gun fight is like rolling the dice.
    You may have great luck, but sooner or later you're coming up snake eyes.
    	For example, Every
    time you take out an enemy they get to see what you saw when you killed
    them.  That includes what weapon you were using, what perks you had equipped
    and where you were attacking them from.  Thus the more you succeed the
    more the enemy gets to know your tactics.
    	That's why when you take on an enemy, do everything you can
    to load the dice.  This is where stealth comes in.  By evading and hiding
    from the enemy you can decide when to attack.  By surprising, striking
    from behind, and then leaving the area, chance is no longer going to
    help your opponent.
    	With that in mind, it becomes much easier to stay alive and
    eventually reach the most powerful kill streaks.  In Modern Warfare 2
    there are tons of ways to stay hidden and avoid attracting attention
    to yourself.
    	Covert Options
    	The most obvious way to keep a low profile is the silencer.
    Almost every weapon in the game has a silencer attachment that can be
    unlocked very quickly.  Silencers decrease your range, meaning that your
    shots will do less damage at a distance. The upside, however, is that
    your weapon makes almost no noise and has no muzzle flash when fired.
    Also, firing a silenced weapon will not put you on the enemy map.
    	Keep in mind that a silencer will not help if you're drawing
    attention to yourself.  Find a window or a dark corner so that by the
    time your enemy figures out where you are firing from its too late.
    	The Cold Blooded perk is another great choice for stealth.
    By equipping it you give up the damage you would have gained from stopping
    power but you gain the ability to render many enemy killstreaks useless.
    Removing yourself from the enemy UAV readings puts them at a double
    disadvantage.  Not only can't they see you, but many enemies will rely
    almost entirely on the UAV readout, letting their guard down when
    the red dots aren't around.
    	If you keep at it and unlock Cold Blooded Pro you can actually
    stand still and enemies will walk past you, especially in brush or shadow.
    So long as you keep your profile hidden and remain motionless its
    absolutely amazing how many players will walk on past unaware.
    	Other options for stealth include perks like Ninja and Scrambler,
    and so on.  While the game rewards using some stealth, trying to be
    entirely hidden will put you at a disadvantage.  Combining Cold Blooded
    with a silencer may seem like the next logical step.  By doing this you
    take yourself off of the enemy map entirely, but at a great cost.  With
    this setup you essentially double the number of shots you need to land on
    the enemy, requiring tremendous amount of ammunition and making head on
    attacks completely useless.
    	The enemy may not be able to find you immediately, but it wont
    stop them from taking cover and regenerating health while you are forced
    to reload.
    	Act Like a Ninja
    	Some simple stealth tactics don't require you to sacrifice your
    damage output.  The basic rule of thumb is that if you can't see your enemy
    they cannot see you (except if they are coming from a blind spot).
    By crouching or laying prone you make yourself smaller and less visible.
    Laying prone is especially useful and can make hiding in grass or brush
    much easier.  Firing from such a low angle may take some practice but the
    payoff is definitely worth it.  Firing when prone even increases weapon
    accuracy, lowering the number of shots necessary to take out an enemy.
    	While prone, the ACOG and Thermal scopes have their accuracy reduction
    nullified while keeping the bonus to range.
    	Simply remaining motionless, without turning or aiming, fools
    more players than you might think.  Obviously if they see your profile
    out in the open its not so useful.  While hiding in brush, shadow, or
    even in the corners of rooms, many times players will simply walk past you.
    	Sudden changes in the visible field from motion or muzzle flashes are
    very noticeable against a static background.  Infinity Ward has tried to
    compensate for this by adding more moving objects in their levels, such as
    bits of garbage floating in the wind or cages full of chickens in one of
    the games many market places.  Nonetheless, ration your movement.  Sprint
    to cover, rest, then sprint.
    	As you might guess, there are many different ways to stay hidden
    as you rack up kills besides using a silencer.  While there are some other
    perks that can help with stealth, one very easy way to stay hidden is the
    UAV Jammer kill streak.  Once activated the enemy will lose their map
    entirely for around thirty seconds.  During that time you can be as loud
    you want and only draw attention from enemies within your line of sight.
    So before dropping your damage output by combining Cold Blooded with a
    silencer, try some of these other tactics.  Most of all, however, move
    smart and move often.
    The enemy can't see whats behind them.
    [*COPY] Copyright
    Call of Duty, Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 are trademarks of
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