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    Perk Guide by Stevewins123

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    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - Perk Guide
    Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC
    Guide by Stephen Marcok (A.K.A. Stevewins123) - steve.gamefaqs(at)gmail.com
    1 - 4 Players (Offline Competitive Play)
    Created on: January 28, 2010
    Last Updated on: March 21, 2010
    This is just a test for me to ensure that it is 79 characters.
    				Table Of Contents
    Version History.................2.00
    Overview of Perks...............3.00
    Perk 1 Slot.....................4.00
    				4.02.................Sleight of Hand
    				4.05.................One Man Army
    Perk 2 Slot.....................5.00
    				5.01.................Stopping Power
    				5.05.................Danger Close
    Perk 3 Slot.....................6.00
    				6.02.................Steady Aim
    				6.06.................Last Stand
    Death Streaks...................7.00
    				7.04.................Final Stand
    				Introduction (1.00)
    Hello, my name is Stephen Marcok and I'm the author of this guide, which is
    specifically meant to inform you about perks in the game "Modern Warfare 2." 
    This guide was first made with the Xbox 360 version of the game in
    mind, but it's contents can also apply to the PS3 and PC versions of the game. 
    This guide will be looking at perks in multiplayer, but I have plans to 
    eventually expand this to contain Death Streaks, Kill Streak  rewards, and 
    equipment (i.e.  Frag Grenades, Throwing Knives, etc.) However, the primary 
    objective that I'll be working on first are the perks.
    If you need to specifically find something, use the Table of Contents and find
    the number of what you are looking for. Then, use the "Find" feature and type
    in the number. It should bring you to where you want to go. (The "Find" feature
    shortcut is accessed by pushing "Control" + "F" on the standard internet
    browser.) In this guide, sections are divided up by perk slots. For example, 
    there will be sections like "Perk 1 Slot" and "Perk 2 Slot"
    If you need to contact me to ask a question, or to contribute data, you can
    contact me at steve.gamefaqs(at)gmail.com If you want to inform me about
    spelling errors, go ahead, but please be informed that I'm spelling things
    the Canadian way. That's "colour," not "color!" If you email me, put "Call of 
    Duty" somewhere in the email title. And on a side note, please put a name to
    be credited by if you're contributing information.
    Thanks. :-)
    				Version History (2.00)
    NOTE: Very small changes will not be included in the version history. See the
    top for the last update date.
    Jan. 28, 2010	Guide first submitted to GameFAQs for approval.  
    Version 1.00
    Jan. 31, 2010	Lots of information added, regarding the Stopping Power perk.
    Version 1.20
    Feb. 21, 2010	Sorted through e-mails and added information on a number of
    Version 1.50	different perks.
    Mar. 21, 2010	Started a section on Death Streaks.
    Version 1.60
    				Overview of Perks (3.00)
    	So, you may be asking yourself, "What exactly are perks?" Well, perks 
    are basically additions/modifiers that can be used to assist you by affecting 
    game play. They can only be used in competitive multiplayer modes; either 
    split-screen or online. You use them while creating custom classes to give 
    yourself special abilities, or extra weapons. For example, one perk might give 
    you the ability to sprint for an unlimited amount of time, while another perk 
    might give you extra magazines for your weapon. Either way, all perks are an 
    interesting way for everyone to express individuality, and to assist you in 
    developing a unique strategy to help you excel in competitive multiplayer.
    	Unlike in Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty: World at War, there are far 
    less perks in Modern Warfare 2. However, for the perks that were taken out from 
    these 2 games, their abilities got added into existing MW2 (Modern Warfare 2) 
    perks through a new concept. Now, there are "Pro" versions of perks, unlocked 
    by fulfilling certain requirements that differ for each perk. These new "Pro" 
    versions each have new abilities that get added on to the base perk. For 
    example, the purpose of the perk "Marathon" is to let you sprint for unlimited 
    amounts of time. When you sprint for 26 miles while using it, it automatically 
    transforms into "Marathon Pro," which lets you sprint forever, as well as 
    letting you climb over things faster.
    	On the other hand, some perks were replaced by weapon attachments that 
    are available (after being unlocked) for each gun, individually.
    And now, without further ado, on with the guide!
    				Perk 1 Slot (4.00)
    At a glance, there are 5 different perks in this slot.
    Marathon (4.01)
    In game description: "Unlimited sprint."
    Level unlocked at: Level 1
    What it does: Marathon is a nice perk if you're impatient, or if you like to 
    get places quickly. Like the description says, this perk lets you sprint for as 
    long as you like, unless you stop moving or attempt to fire your gun. Really 
    quite simple - I much prefer other perks like Sleight of Hand or Bling.
    How to use: Just equip it, and sprint. On the Xbox version, this can be done by 
    pressing on the left analog stick, on your controller.
    What it assists: Running
    PRO Version: Unlocked by sprinting for a total of 26 miles with this perk 
    equipped, Marathon Pro allows you to climb over obstacles faster.
    Sleight of Hand (4.02)
    In game description: "Faster reloading."
    Level unlocked at: Level 1
    What it does: Sleight of Hand is necessary for some guns, yet isn't too 
    necessary for others. What it does is speed up the reloading process by a very 
    large amount of time. You can definitely notice the decrease in time that it 
    takes for your player to reload. For some guns, using this may be a waste of a 
    perk, but for others it would be hard to survive without. I recommend using 
    this perk with any weapon that has a small clip, or that takes a while to 
    reload. For example, the AA-12 shotgun, or the Ranger. Any classes with guns 
    that have large clips would be far better off with a different perk.
    How to use: Just equip it, and you're good to go. You don't need to do anything 
    to activate the fast reload, other then just to hit the reload button.
    What it assists: The reloading time of any gun, including launchers like the 
    Stinger, Rifle Grenades, Thumper, etc.
    PRO Version: Unlocked by getting a total of 120 kills with this perk equipped, 
    Sleight of Hand Pro allows you to aim down the sights (ADS) of your gun faster. 
    This is especially useful with sniper rifles, if you enjoy Quick-scoping.
    Scavenger (4.03)
    In game description: "Full resupply from dead enemies."
    Level unlocked at: Level 13
    What it does: This perk replaces the "Bandolier" perk from previous games, and 
    adds a twist to it. In previous Call of Duty games, Bandolier would start you 
    off with extra mags whenever you spawn. In Modern Warfare 2, if you have 
    Scavenger equipped, whenever you see a dead enemy, there will be a blue package 
    or bag near them. If you run over the package, an icon will flash on your 
    screen, and you'll have some ammo refilled. Note that you won't have full ammo 
    refilled, but you will have a good amount. This is good because you can 
    basically have endless ammo if you continue to run over dead enemies. A really 
    nice feature about this perk is that it can also refill equipment, such as 
    Tactical Insertions, Grenades, Secondary Grenades, Throwing Knives, etc.
    How to use: Simply run over any dead enemies that you see on the ground to 
    refill some of your ammo. A confirmation that your ammo has been refilled will 
    pop up on your screen for a second or two.
    What it assists: Almost any weapon will have ammo refilled from this perk, when 
    you run over someone. Stingers, Rifle Grenades, Grenades, etc. They all benefit 
    from this perk, making it incredibly useful.
    PRO Version: Unlocked by resupplying 100 times, Scavenger Pro stars you off 
    with the maximum amount of ammo that you can possibly have for your gun.
    Bling (4.04)
    In game description: "2 primary weapon attachments."
    Level unlocked at: Level 21
    What it does: This is my favourite and most used perk in this slot. In previous 
    Call of Duty games, I'd always be annoyed by the fact that I couldn't have both 
    a silencer and a Red Dot Sight attached to my primary weapon, and this solves 
    that problem. Bling lets you attach two attachments, which can be extremely 
    helpful. Note that there are some attachments that cannot be placed on a gun 
    if other certain attachments are already on the gun. For example, you cannot 
    attach both a Red Dot Sight and a Thermal Scope to your gun, at the same time.
    How to use: Simply equip this perk onto one of your classes, and when you're 
    selecting your primary weapon's attachments, you'll be able to choose two.
    What it assists: Any primary gun, other than the Riot Shield.
    PRO Version: Unlocked by getting 200 kills with a weapon that has two 
    attachments, Bling Pro allows you to have 2 attachments on both your primary 
    AND seconday weapons.
    One Man Army (4.05)
    In game description: "Swap classes at any time."
    Level unlocked at: Level 45
    What it does: One Man Army is a useful perk because it allows you to adjust 
    your classes and perks according to the events that are unfolding in the 
    current game. Basically, what it does is allow you to switch classes at any 
    time in the game, without needing to respawn. When you equip it, it'll replace 
    your secondary weapon, and whenever you try to switch to your secondary, you'll 
    pull out a bag instead. At this point, you'll be able to switch to another one 
    of your custom classes, and when you're done choosing, the transformation will 
    begin. Note that the transformation between classes is not instant - it takes 
    five seconds. This perk can also be used as a replacement for "Scavenger", 
    because you have the ability to re-select your own class, with normal ammo 
    NOTE: Once you change to a class, you can't change back again unless you have 
    One Man Army equipped on that class. Classes chosen with OMA are "temporary" 
    classes, and when you respawn after death you'll have your normal class again.
    How to use: Equip the perk, and then when you want to change classes, switch to 
    your secondary weapon. Choose your new class, and wait five seconds.
    What it assists: N/A
    PRO Version: Unlocked by getting 120 kills with this perk equipped, One Man 
    Army Pro will reduce the amount of time required to switch classes by 2 
    seconds. Instead of taking 5 seconds to switch, it will only take 3.
    				Perk 2 Slot (5.00)
    Like in the Perk 1 Slot, there are 5 perks that can possibly be used here. All 
    of these perks are activated automatically, when they're equipped onto a custom 
    Stopping Power (5.01)
    In game description: "Increased bullet damage."
    Level unlocked at: Level 1
    What it does: This is probably one of the most popular Perk 2 Slot perks that 
    people use. It's my favourite Perk 2 Slot perk, though there are also many 
    other good perks that can be used here. Basically, this perk will make your 
    gun's bullets deal more damage. Enemies will be killed with less rounds, and 
    after playing a while with this perk and then switching back to a different 
    perk, you'll notice that it takes a lot more shots for them to die. This perk 
    is more useful in Core modes rather than in Hardcore, because in Hardcore, 
    enemies die quickly anyways. Like in Call of Duty: World at War, Stopping Power 
    bullets do 1.4X (140%) the amount of damage that they would normally do, 
    without the perk equipped. (Thanks to George Keenan and Z1ZYX for contributing 
    this information on Stopping Power damage.)  This makes the perk extremely 
    useful for Core-mode snipers.
    However, some guns do not benefit from Stopping Power as much as others do, and 
    therefore, are not "Stopping Power Friendly." Thanks to George Keenan for 
    pointing this out to me, as well as writing an explanation about the "Stopping 
    Power Friendly" concept, which can be seen in the following paragraph:
    Since Stopping Power does a 1.4X multiplication on each bullet, it is obvious 
    that the number of bullets that you need to shoot to kill someone will 
    decrease. However, this is not always true for some guns. On "Core" matches 
    players spawn with a health of 100 (assuming that they do not respawn with 
    Painkiller active.). If you were to take a common weapon such as the SCAR-H and 
    analyze its bullet damage, you would find that it does 40 damage per bullet at 
    close-mid range. Now, in order to kill a player on "Core" settings you need to 
    deal damage greater than or equal to 100. This means that in order to kill a 
    player on "Core" settings with the SCAR-H at close-mid range, you would need to 
    shoot him 3 times. This is because 3*40=120, which is enough to kill a player. 
    Now lets put Stopping Power onto that gun. Since each bullet does 40 damage we 
    multiply 40 by 1.4, since that is how much Stopping Power multiplies each 
    bullets' damage. 40*1.4=56. Now that we have increased the bullet damage to 56 
    it only takes two bullets to kill an enemy. This is because 2*56=112. Since 
    putting Stopping Power on the SCAR-H reduced the amount of bullets it took to 
    kill a player, it is therefore "Stopping Power Friendly". Now look at another 
    gun that is commonly used, such as the FAL. The FAL does 55 damage at close-mid 
    range. That means it only takes two bullets to kill a player on "Core" settings 
    at close-mid range. Now put Stopping Power onto this gun. 55*1.4=77. Although 
    the "FAL" is much stronger now it still take 2 bullets to kill a player. Since 
    it did not reduce the amount of bullets it takes to kill a player it is NOT 
    "Stopping Power Friendly". There are few guns that are NOT "Stopping Power 
    Friendly" since most guns have a base damage of either 30 or 40 but there are 
    guns that do not cope well with Stopping Power. To learn more about how much 
    damage each gun puts out in one bullet, try visiting this site: 
    What it defends from: N/A
    What it assists: Most primary weapons and seconday weapons other than the Riot 
    Shield and all launchers.
    PRO Version: Unlocked by getting 300 kills with Stopping Power equipped, 
    Stopping Power Pro will cause extra damage when you shoot at enemy vehicles 
    (air support).
    Lightweight (5.02)
    In game description: "Move faster."
    Level unlocked at: Level 1
    What it does: This is an okay perk, but isn't that great, in my opinion. All it 
    does is let you move slightly faster, and though it's effects are still 
    noticeable, there are much better things that could be used in its place. Most 
    of the time, whenever I see this being used, it's being used by players who 
    like to use knifing to get the majority of their kills. The perks Marathon, 
    Lightweight, and Commando, make good classes to run around and knife with.
    What it defends from: N/A
    What it assists: Running
    PRO Version: Unlocked by sprinting 30 miles with Lightweight equipped, 
    Lightweight Pro will allow you to aim down the sights quicker after sprinting, 
    increasing mobility.
    Hardline (5.03)
    In game description: "Killstreaks require 1 less kill."
    Level unlocked at: Level 9
    What it does: Hardline lowers the amount of kills that you need to obtain a 
    killstreak by one. I find that this is a good perk, but whether its worth it or 
    not really depends on the killstreaks that you're using. If you're using 
    killstreaks that require low amounts of kills, such as a UAV, this perk will 
    make a much greater impact than it would on killstreaks that require large 
    amounts of kills, such as the Tactical Nuke. You do the math: Normally, a UAV 
    takes 3 kills, but with Hardline equipped it would only take 2. The perk takes 
    away 33% of the required kills needed to obtain the killstreak. However, if 
    you're going for a Tactical Nuke, and you have this perk, you'll need 24 kills 
    instead of 25. That's only 4% that the perk actually helps you with, and that's 
    not much. If you can get 24 kills, you can probably get one more, especially 
    with the help of Stopping Power instead of this.
    So again, it's all up to you, but whether or not this is useful depends on the 
    killstreaks that you choose.
    What it defends from: N/A
    What it assists: Obtaining killstreaks
    PRO Version: Unlocked by obtaining 40 killstreaks with this perk equipped, 
    Hardline Pro will make it so that you need one less death before your death 
    streaks are activated. So to activate copycat, you will only need two deaths 
    instead of the usual three.
    Cold-Blooded (5.04)
    In game description: 
    Level unlocked at: Level 25
    What it does: Cold-Blooded has the same purpose as Camouflage in World at War, 
    and UAV Jammer in Call of Duty 4. It prevents you from showing up on the radar 
    when the enemy has a UAV. However, it also does a handful of other useful 
    things. It prevents automated killstreaks, (such as the Harrier or Pave Low) 
    from shooting at you, and when a manual killstreak that uses a laptop is used, 
    (such as the Chopper Gunner, AC-130, and Predator Missile), you won't show up 
    highlighted in red. Note that you can still be killed by player-controlled 
    killstreaks, but it is much less likely, unless you're standing next to 
    teammates who don't have Cold-Blooded equipped. Lastly, Cold-Blooded will make 
    you invisible to Sentry Guns and Thermal Scopes. Therefore, Cold-Blooded is a 
    great perk to use in Core modes, and an amazing perk to use in Hardcore.
    Note that Cold-Blooded will NOT stop you from appearing on enemy radar when you 
    fire an unsuppressed weapon.
    What it defends from: UAV, Sentry Gun, Predator Missile, Harrier Strike, Attack 
    Helicopter, Pave Low, Chopper Gunner, AC-130, Thermal Scope
    What it assists: Hiding
    PRO Version: Unlocked by destroying 40 enemy killstreak rewards with Cold-
    Blooded equipped, Cold-Blooded Pro will prevent enemy crosshairs from turning 
    red when they are targeting you, or your name from popping up and giving away 
    your position. Cold Blooded Pro will also prevent "auto-aim" or "aim assist," 
    which is when someone who is aiming down the sights of their gun doesn't 
    automatically jump onto you.
    Danger Close (5.05)
    In game description: "Increased explosive damage."
    Level unlocked at: Level 33
    What it does: Danger Close increases the damage of all things that explode. 
    Rifle Grenade explosions will be more deadly, as well as launchers, grenades, 
    and claymores. This is a good perk to use in Core modes, when explosives don`t 
    kill unless your target is near the explosion. However, in Hardcore modes, this 
    perk isn't really necessary. Danger Close will also increase the diameter of 
    the explosion.
    What it defends from: N/A
    What it assists: Rifle Grenades, Launchers (other than the Stinger), Grenades, 
    Claymores, C4
    PRO Version: Unlocked by getting 100 kills with explosives while Danger Close 
    is equipped, Danger Close Pro will cause your air support to deal extra damage.
    				Perk 3 Slot (6.00)
    Unlike the previous two slots, this slot has 6 choices of perks to choose from.
    Commando (6.01)
    In game description: "Increased melee distance."
    Level unlocked at: Level 1
    What it does: Commando is a perk that increases your melee distance. If you're 
    near someone, and you attempt to melee attack someone with this perk equipped, 
    you will lunge towards them and knife them. Without this perk, you wouldn't 
    lunge towards the enemy player, and therefore would not get the kill unless you 
    were right next to them. Commando lets you be farther away to get the kill. The 
    perk also works with the Riot Shield. If you have it out, and you attempt to 
    melee, you won't knife, but will instead try and bash a player with the shield. 
    In core modes, it takes two hits with the shield, and in Hardcore modes, it 
    takes only one.
    What it defends from: N/A
    What it assists: Knifing and other melee attacks (Riot Shield)
    PRO Version: Unlocked by getting 20 melee kills with Commando equipped, 
    Commando Pro will stop all falling damage. However, you will still hear a 
    cracking sound after jumping from a high area. Note that jumping out of the map 
    (for example, Highrise) will still result in death.
    Steady Aim (6.02)
    In game description: "Increased hip-fire accuracy."
    Level unlocked at: Level 1
    What it does: Not one of my preferred perks, but I can see the use in this one. 
    When you have your gun at your hip, you'll see crosshairs in the middle of your 
    screen. However, these crosshairs cover a large area, and as a result, aren't 
    very accurate. With Steady Aim equipped, these crosshairs will cover a smaller 
    amount of area, therefore increasing your hip-fire accuracy. If you like to aim 
    down the sight (ADS) whenever you're shooting your gun, then this perk is quite 
    useless to you, but if you're spraying an SMG or using Akimbo weapons, then 
    this perk can be useful.
    What it defends from: N/A
    What it assists: Spraying, hip-firing, Akimbo weapons
    PRO Version: Unlocked by getting 80 hip-fire kills while using Steady Aim, 
    Steady Aim Pro will allow you to hold your breath longer when you're steadying 
    a Sniper Scope.
    Scrambler (6.03)
    In game description: "Scrambles the radar of nearby enemies."
    Level unlocked at: Level 17
    What it does: In my opinion, this is probably the worst perk in the game. Not 
    only does it seem useless, but it works AGAINST you. What it does is jam the 
    radar of the enemies who are near you. However, the major flaw is that their 
    radar progressively gets fuzzier and fuzzier, depending on how close that they 
    are to you. With a little knowledge of the map and layout, enemies can easily 
    guess where you're hiding, depending on how fuzzy their map is. It's only 
    useful in you're in a building that has multiple levels to it. In conclusion, 
    I wouldn't use this perk, unless you have the Pro version unlocked. There's 
    many better perks out there in this slot, and this one is hardly helpful.
    What it defends from: Really new players
    What it assists: Giving away your location
    PRO Version: Unlocked by getting 50 close range kills with Scrambler equipped, 
    Scrambler Pro will delay enemy Claymore explosions, allowing you to escape 
    before the Claymore kills you. Instead of the normal 0.56 seconds that you have 
    to escape, you'll get 3 seconds.
    Ninja (6.04)
    In game description: "Invisible to heartbeat sensors."
    Level unlocked at: Level 29
    What it does: Ninja is a perk all about stealth. Without it equipped, you'll 
    show up as a red dot if any nearby enemies have a Heartbeat Sensor out and are 
    scanning for enemies. Ninja stops you from showing up on said Heartbeat 
    Sensors, and nothing more. I find it's useful in Hardcore because in Hardcore 
    modes many people seem to use Heartbeat Sensors, while in core not too many do.
    What it defends from: Heartbeat Sensors
    What it assists: Stealth
    PRO Version: Unlocked by getting 50 close range kills with Ninja equipped, 
    Ninja Pro will allow you to jump, walk, and run silently. However, you will 
    still make noise when you fall. For example, if you fall from a tall ledge and 
    hit the ground (without dying,) you'll hear the cracking of bones, and nearby 
    players will as well.
    SitRep (6.05)
    In game description: "Detect enemy explosives and tactical insertions."
    Level unlocked at: Level 37
    What it does: SitRep is the equivalent of Bomb Squad in both Call of Duty 4 and 
    World at War, but instead of being a first tier perk, it's a third. SitRep 
    allows you to see all explosive equipment nearby, as well as Tactical 
    Insertions. Claymores, C4, Grenades, and Tactical Insertions will all be 
    highlighted in red, and will be able to be seen through many, many, many walls. 
    This is the big difference between SitRep and Bomb Squad. It's sort of funny 
    how you can see enemy traps halfway across a small map.
    Oh, and SitRep is often used in modes such as Free-For-All, for the sole 
    intention of preventing Nuke Boosting and other forms of online cheating that 
    include the use of Tactical Insertions.
    What it defends from: Claymores, C4, Grenades (if you're fast enough)
    What it assists: Stopping Nuke Boosters
    PRO Version: Unlocked by destroying 120 enemy equipment with SitRep equipped, 
    SitRep Pro will make enemy's footsteps sound louder, and your teammates' 
    footsteps quieter.
    Last Stand (6.06)
    In game description: "Pull out your pistol before dying."
    Level unlocked at: Level 41
    What it does: Last Stand in Modern Warfare 2 is the exact same as the Last 
    Stand perk from Call of Duty 4, except for the fact that you can move while in 
    it. This is definitely one of my favourite Perk 3 Slot perks, and I have it 
    equipped on most of my classes. In the game, if you have this perk equipped, 
    you'll get a second chance before death to finish the  enemy off. Basically, 
    what happens is that  when you're shot and damaged enough to be on the brink of 
    death, you fall into a somewhat "prone" position and automatically take out 
    your side arm. During this time (10 seconds), you can shoot with only your side 
    arm, and there are two possible things that you can do: 
    1. If an enemy is near you, you can try to kill them (it counts as a normal 
    kill on your records, and may even get you a killstreak reward that you needed) 
    2. Let yourself die. If there are no enemies near you, and you don't feel like 
    waiting the 10 seconds for you to die automatically, you can let yourself die 
    by hitting the same button that you would use to reload. (For example, the X 
    button on the Xbox 360.)
    NOTE: If you're using a secondary weapon other than a handgun, or you picked up 
    two primary weapons before being put into Last Stand, you will not pull out a 
    primary weapon instead of a side arm. Instead, you'll pull out the default M9 
    handgun, and will use that.
    Also note that while in Last Stand, you can pull out the M93 Raffica machine 
    pistol, as long as you have it set as a secondary weapon. This is one 
    exception, and is the only gun that can be used in Last Stand that isn't a 
    handgun. Thanks to all the people out there who e-mailed me about this.
    What it defends from: N/A
    What it assists: Last-chance kills
    PRO Version: Unlocked by getting 20 kills while in Last Stand, Last Stand Pro 
    will allow you to use equipment while you're in Last Stand mode. Instead of 
    only being able to shoot your handgun, you'll also be able to throw grenades, 
    knives, place Claymores, throw C4, etc.
    				Death Streaks (7.00)
    		NOTE: Section coming soon. I hope. . .
    Death Streaks are a new, unique feature which is (at the time,) exclusive to 
    Modern Warfare 2. They were added with the idea that they could give a player a 
    "boost" to try and give them a fighting chance after they had died multiple 
    times in a row. In total, there are four different death streaks.
    Copycat (7.01)
    Death Streak Required: 4 Deaths
    Painkiller (7.02)
    Death Streak Required: 3 Deaths
    Martyrdom (7.03)
    Death Streak Required: 4 Deaths
    Final Stand (7.04)
    Death Streak Required: 4 Deaths
    				Credits (8.00)
    If I've made any mistakes in this guide, please contact me. My email is in the
    introduction, which is section (1.00) You will be credited. Any feedback is
    also appreciated. Thanks. :)
    GameFAQs - For being a host site of this guide, and.....being cool.
    The Call of Duty Wiki - For being a great source of information on anything 
    related to Call of Duty.
    George Keenan, Z1ZYX - For contributing information on Stopping Power.
    Superb_Dante, Hellion7776, aceofspades77 - For contributing information on Last 
    Geoff Louth aka SanCheeze - For contributing information on a number of 
    different perks.
    ColonelSlur - For contributing information on Scrambler Pro.
    Andy Clarke - For contributing information on Sleight of Hand.
    VekuRommel - For contributing information on many different perks.
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    Your name could be here if you care to help me in some way!
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