Were is the dot to the Question Mark in the Caves?

  1. please help i cant find it, the riddle is A Puzzle Has Many Sides, But Only Some Are Visible.

    User Info: Questopher

    Questopher - 7 years ago

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  1. Okay. That is the one inside Intensive Treatment. For the one in the caves, go to the Main Sewer Junction. From the bottom work your way up, climbing. You will find what looks like a smokestack that has collapsed at an angle, allowing you passage upwards. On top of there you will see an opening tinted red.. Jump to there and you will see yet ANOTHER smokestack collapsed at an angle. When you reach the top of the second one, turn your Detective Mode on and look up, toward the archway. You will see the question mark. From where you are, jump to the next opening and you will have to shimmy around. Do so and when you look up while in the second red tinted opening, you will notice the dot. Align the dot and question mark and you have solved the riddle.

    User Info: Headhittin

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  1. It's where you find officer Boles. Go away from him, down the hallway and go into the glass enclosed building in front of you. Turn on detective mode. Inside on the small glass panels of the left room is the question mark. As you look through the pane there's a large grate on the far wall and the dot is below it, align the question mark with the dot and you're done.

    User Info: Xx_Kolchak_xX

    Xx_Kolchak_xX - 7 years ago 0 2

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