Freeflow Perfection????

  1. Does anyone know how to get freeflow perfection?

    User Info: gunman880

    gunman880 - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    This is the achievement where you need to perform a perfect combo including all of the combat moves right???? If that's the case then it's not for beating an entire round of bad guys in a combat challenge. That would just give you a flawless freeflow bonus of 1000.

    I have the same question as gunman880. How many combos are there???

    User Info: ironbull86

    ironbull86 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You have use all of the fighting tactics in a single combo. These tactics are Counter (Y), punch (X), cape stun (B), Dodge (A), Batarang (LT), Batclaw (RT), the Throw (A+X), the Takedown (B+Y) and the Ground Knockout (RT+Y).

    User Info: losthighway575

    losthighway575 - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. You need to beat an entire round of bad guys in a combat challenge without breaking your combo. To do this you slowly tap the X, B, Y, and A buttons (or perform the AX, BY combos) without stopping. Your timing has to be good, you can't get hit at all, and you need to block an attack with a counter (Y) when you see silver wavy lines over a bad guy's head, and use the cape-stun (B) when you see red lines. If you get hit at all, it will break the combo and you won't get the freeflow perfection bonus.

    It's easiest to get these on levels without armed bad guys (stun batons, knives).

    User Info: solarphinn

    solarphinn - 7 years ago 0 3
  2. **THIS MESSAGE HAS SPOILERS ABOUT BATMANS EQUIPMENT/GADGETS, THE STORY MODE AND CHALLENGE MODE* (I dunno if i needed to put that or not... Im new, i just made a username just so i can answer this/your question, as i've just got the achievement myself and it took me awhile to do it) :).
    What this achievement means (as already pointed out) is that you have to do a perfect combo including all of the combat moves... So a complete combo score that is not interrupted/reset (so not getting hit or pressing a button and not pressing the hit button or the counter button but not actually gettin anyone (does that make sense, do you know what i mean lol? :/), as that also resets the combo score, as you might already know. So what you have to do is a combo that includes the following:
    (Remember this all has to be done within one combo so it is likely you will get over x10 combo score, i think you need at least x12)
    A normal attack (X).
    A counter attack (Y).
    A stun (B).
    A dodge (A) im not too sure if you HAVE to dodge but i made sure i dodged so i ended up like flipping/jumping over a guy and it kinda pushes/nudges them out the way, if you know what i mean?
    A quick combat (need upgrade) batarang (tap LT) this is where you gain up a bit of combo and when you tap LT it will knock a guy or multiple guys down.
    A quick Batclaw (double tap RT). You will only get a Batclaw at a certain point in the game.
    A normal takedown (LT + Y) this is when there are aleady on the ground so you can just do a normal takedown.
    An instant takedown (Y + B). Requires x5 combo score if you have upgraded fully, otherwise it needs x8 combo score.
    A throw (X + A). Requires the same combat score as the instant takedown.
    Oh and a perfect hit where it gives you x2 combo, but again i dont know if you NEED to do that. However, it is one of your combat moves upgrade i believe so you will probably have to do that.
    At the end of a combat/arena challenge (where you just have to go through rounds killing enemies) it gives you a score at the end, i got x9 variation when i got this achievement. BUT again i dont know if you can get more, so if you get x9 variation but not the achievement it might have something to do with knocking them out the ring i guess :P. So basically i think the highest variation is x10? So that should help.

    User Info: SoggyWorm

    SoggyWorm - 7 years ago 0 0

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