How can I complete the Silent Knight (Extreme) predator challenge?

  1. I have literally completed every other challenge except this one. How do I knock out the 3 goons with the 3 different exploding walls at the same time? Usually, they set something up for you to help you get the takedowns they ask for, like in Record Breaker, there is a goon about to walk by a bookcase, allowing you to do a corner takedown, but I can't seem to find anything like that in this room, especially since they changed where some of the destructible walls are.

    User Info: rickyl3

    rickyl3 - 8 years ago

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  1. This may sound confusing, but get to know the map and you'll figure out what I mean.
    from the start run over to the opposite side, go under the grating and come up in the middle where the stone is (riddle in the main game) above you is a destructible floor, spray your gel on the middle now run back towards where you start then shoot up 2 levels until you are on the glass ceiling, use detective mode to spot it if need be and gel it. Then jump over to the wall by the door (the one the guard never leaves unless someone dies nearby) and gel it right behind him.

    from their look up and shoot up to the opening. and fly back to the glass ceiling. Wait in the corner there in detective mode for the random guard to check the location of your first gel spray. He pauses there for a sec, wait for that and the guard right beneath you will be under the glass so you can detonate all 3 at once and knock them all out.
    as soon as you do that drop down through the hole and look across the way you'll see the guard who was on the middle walkway across from you, he'll paus to figure out what is going on. zipline through the window and hit him for part 2/3. (knock him out immediately too to make things easier but leg it as soon you have as the last guy is nearby ;)

    finally just glide kick the last guy from a high point to get 3/3.

    there are faster ways to do this, but this is a foolproof way if you are patient.

    hope that helps

    User Info: J2C

    J2C - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. I managed to do it in 2 mins 54 with this speedy method: as soon as you start do a 180 out the door to your right and climb up the ladder. Grapple up to the destructible roof and gel it. then zip line ahead of you to the wall with the guard always in front of it and spray that. grapple up above you onto the ledge, and zip line back to where you started. In the room where you started there is a grate, pull it off, go inside and to the end of the room and spray this wall.

    Now, make your way to the other side of the wall you sprayed, and throw the sonic batarang onto it, then quickly run to the opposite side and hide under the slope. Use detective mode to see where everyone is and detonate when the guards are all in position.

    After that, follow J2C's way for a quick victory. As he says, there are many ways to do it, this was just the fastest method for me. Hope it helps!!

    User Info: SebPastyman

    SebPastyman - 8 years ago 0 0

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