How can i appear out of nowhere and surprise a henchman?

  1. This isn't a riddler challenges. In the last challenge of all you are requested to

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Accepted Answer

  1. Just step out of nowhere and get him surprised.
    Exemple: Get out of your hiding spot when the henchman is one step close to catch you.

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Other Answers

  1. If this is pertaining to the predator challenges, here's what you do. It's been a while but i think i know what you're talking about.

    Step 1.) take out all the guards according to all the other challenges to get the medal.

    Step 2.) leave 2 guards, when they get all scared of how you're taking out everyone and how they're not finding you you will have them on edge. you can actually see this in their biometrics as long as you have your batvision reticle on. it'll monitor their heart rate and everything.

    Step 3.) take out one of the last two guards. the last one will come over to see him and after he does, he heart rate will jump up about another 10-20 beats per minute so he will be extremely edgey... anything will scare him, including vents and other objects in the environment.

    Step 4.) when you're on your perch, whether it's one of the gargoyles, bookcases, or wherever you are, waiting for him to walk under you, once he does walk by just jump down and walk towards him and that will scare the crap out of him and you will then proceed to knock him out and meet the last of your specifications for a medal.

    if this is for the rope-a-dope-dope achievement, even easier. once you unlock the ability to hang from a gargoyle and have a stealth takedown on the henchmen, use that technique to string a guy up and proceed to jump to another nearby gargoyle. another henchman will come over to see your handywork and at that moment you use the batarang to slice the rope holding said first henchman up and he will fall down on the new guy both scaring him and if you're lucky, knocking him out as well.

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