Review by jonnewcomer

Reviewed: 08/26/09

Not only the greastest Batman game of all time. But could be the best Super Hero Game of all time

Batman Arkham Asylum is everything and more of what the media and reviewers have hyped it up to being and more. The game features a great combat engine, deep story and fantastic graphics all bundled up into one gamers dream come true.

It is hard to choose what is the best part of this game, while the graphics are state of the art and fighting system almost flawless the story mode beats all aspects of the game by going deep into the mind of Batman, exposing secrets of Arkham Island and the inmates that inhabit it. The missions of this story mode never seem to disappoint, weather or not your hunting down clues to where a victim has been taken, or taking down a room full of armed henchmen, you never really seem to get bored of the game. The main premise of the story is that Joker is trying to create a venom to turn all of his henchmen into huge raging well...Banes. Bane is a serum charged mutant that is hard have for good ol' bats to take down. And Joker is about to create a whole army of them. To stop him you must create a anti-venom to reverse Jokers army. To archive this you must take down many, many enemies such as Scarecrow and Killer Kroc. All while also solving the Riddlers riddles. The story has taken myself well over 5 hours to beat and has not left me disappointed yet.

The visuals and sounds of this game are to no surprise- amazing. When you first roll in to Arkham and get a close up on Jokers face, you can tell the designers put a lot of work into the presentation of this game. Different actions show different emotions on Batman's face and the level design almost sucks you in more than the actual game play. More than half the time I caught myself looking at the game's design rather than the action going on inside of it. The sound of the game does not all. The punch to a henchman, the roar of the killer kroc or the maniacal laugh of the joker himself is great to hear. And helps the game suck you in even more than it has too making this an experience you won't soon forget

Game play
In Arkham Asylum there is an experience point system where over time by defeating enemies or solving riddles, Batman will gain EXP and eventually be able to upgrade attacks, health bar and batarang powers. But all the while doing that requires actual game play, which is the only part of the game that could be improved. During the game play you contentiously button mash X in hopes of rendering your foes unconscious with the options of waiting in a counter attack opportunity or down a ground take down which will automatically knock your foe out. Where the game play shines is the diverse selection of gadgets including the Batclaw to grab objects and enemies with, exploding gel to blast walls and floors down with and of course the Batarang to stun an opponent for a few moments. Another very cool feature is detective mode, where you can tell how many armed or unarmed enemies are in the room, or track down DNA and finger print evidence through the levels. While there is not much to complain about in this game, the game play is no exception.

After beating the story mode of the game there is still much much more to do. Go into challenge mode and have some fun, or go back in game and collect riddler trophies and solve riddler's riddles. All this and more with DLC on the way should make for a very good game.

Lets face it folks, this game is a must-buy for this generations gamer. Action, deep story and great visuals make up for an outstanding game which is why I give it a 9/10 - Outstanding

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Batman: Arkham Asylum (US, 08/25/09)

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