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"Arkham holds many secrets that will keep you coming back for more."

My initial reaction to this game was: Wow, you couldn't have made a stiffer Batman character, Rocksteady. I mean honestly, he looks like an action figure when he moves. How wrong I was. Before I knew it, I was running down hallways with my cape fluttering behind me, creeping stealthily through vents and past enemies, who had no idea when I was going to attack. I grappled onto gargoyles, wrestled ferocious mutants, and glide kicked any enemy in my way.

You haven't even got me started on the combat system, or more appropriately the "combo" system. This system mainly consists of super-hero style punches, kicks, and counter attacks which can be strung together to wield "super" attacks which deal more damage and look super sweet. Once you get a feel for it, it becomes more and more entertaining.

Okay, the story in this game is pretty decent; Joker sets a trap, they spring it. Now Batman needs to stop the Joker, as well as all the other loosed villains wreaking havoc in Arkham Asylum. That's that, predictable but that's not really a problem at all. And if you have a problem with the story, the gameplay makes up for it. Also, the voice acting in this game is top notch.

Another part of this game that deserves a hand are the challenges. There are two types of Challenges: Combat and Predator. Combat Challenges are unlocked while playing through the campaign, and the same applies for the Predator Challenges. Combat Challenges are completed by defeating wave after wave of enemies without dying until it finishes. Simple and fun enough. Predator Challenges are a bit more interesting and in my opinion more difficult. They involve sneaking through a giant room while taking out every enemy, but you can't just run up and fist fight them because they all have guns, which will take you out in just a couple hits.

Ultimately, this is a great game that will keep me occupied for months to come. There are three levels of difficulty, scattered secrets of Arkham to discover, and Riddler Challenges throughout the campaign. Throw in some achievements (Trophies for you PS3 people) and you've got yourself a fantastic amount of things to do even after you've finished the main story. If you are a fan of Batman buy this game. No, unless you absolutely DESPISE Batman with all your heart, buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/02/09

Game Release: Batman: Arkham Asylum (US, 08/25/09)

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