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"Well of course I am Batman, here is me with Robin......Who the hell is Robin?"

Batman Arkham Asylum was released on August 25, 2009 and was the answer to all the other crap-tackular campy versions of Batman video games before it. This game when originally announced was unsure if it would be released and lost its original publisher, but thanks for Eidos for making one of the few good moves it made by publishing this.

Story- Batman Arkham Asylum is about Batman returning Joker to Arkham Aslyum after a fairly easy catch. Batman right out the gate thinks it is a trap and soon figures out he is right. So most of this story is trying to catch the “Clown Prince of Crime” as he throws old enemies as well as a few random thugs in your way. The game takes roughly 15 to 20 hours to beat and had a very interesting story to say the least.

Game play- This game has excellent game play; the combat is smooth and the gadgets are fun. This game does stealth right for once. When you actually have to do the stealth you feel like it is necessary to the story and the way you use your brain you feel like you actual are Batman. The only argument I have is the combat system although it is okay could be better you are not limited to buttons, but you will use two the most. Just X and Y the whole game and sometimes B. You have other options like pressing A to jump, or left trigger and right trigger, to use the gadgets. But when you are surrounded by like 25 thugs yeah you're gonna end up using the X and Y the most. I like the combat, but all I want was something a little more Batman-ish one that let him use the environment around him as he does in comics, movies, and TV shows. There are loads of collectible items such as audio tapes and Riddler Statues to collect along the way so you are not just blowing passed rooms although it is an option.

Graphics- It is one of the best XBOX 360 titles when it comes to graphics. I really think games look the best when they use the Unreal Engine or the engine used for GTA IV. This game has no glitches which ruin the beauty of this game it looks like someone ripped it out of the graphic novel and slapped it on the screen. I also liked the attention to detail, missions go by and each one affect Batman's outfit and his body. As you get later in the game the Batman grows a 5 o'clock shadow and scars as well as rips in his costume appear. This game has good graphics as well as a unique design so thumbs up all the way for that.

Enjoyment- Hard not to enjoy this game it is the best Batman game out there the only one other game that gets close is Batman Begins. If you wanna feel and act like Batman this is the game you been wanting. The only negative thing I can say is if you are a online player there is no content really here for you to play or have fun with. It is just a challenge mode with beat these guys the fastest and you will be put on a leader board. I think after time this would grow to bored most people who are used to multi-player online play.

Sounds- Another plus for this game. All the old Batman voice acts from the Batman show in the 90's make their return and it is just a perfect fit.

Replay Value- Medium, if you like Batman you will play this game again. But with no real online stuff there is really nothing else to do but beat the game 100%.

Buy or Rent?- Buy, it is just another one of those outstanding games that should be in your collection.

Verdict- 9.5 out of 10. With only minimum amount of negatives for this game it still gets a fairly high score. Enclosing I am just glad Eidos just published this game not made it, because it would have been just like the other Batman games if they did hats off to rocksteady.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/19/10

Game Release: Batman: Arkham Asylum (US, 08/25/09)

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