Review by bailer4life

Reviewed: 11/23/11

Arkham Asylum provides varied and strong game play in all areas, put together in an extremely attractive package.

As you’d expect from a Batman plot, the characters are fleshed out, interesting and add great depth to the story. What you might not expect is to see this in a Batman game. Because of the superb high quality of this game, the story and it’s plethora of characters are handled perfectly and proves this to be a perfect outlet for a snappy and enthralling Story.

The excellent presentation is helped in no small because of the great voice acting, Kevin Conroy makes an excellent return to his role as Batman, and Mark Hamill is a particular highlight as the joker, a voice that provides ever present commentary throughout the game. Taunting batman as he advances through the asylum is put to particularly cleaver use for the very infrequent times you’re just getting from A to B or having to back track, his whimsical and amusing rants help break up any potential monotony the developers were just not willing to have present in the game.

The game world is fairly open in design but still focused and linear enough to keep the pacing tight. Combat may be the weakest aspect of game play due to rigid and predictable enemies but as the game isn’t over reliant on this aspect it remains addictive and fun throughout and never becomes dull. Set pieces are fun, and touches of brilliance are sprinkled throughout the adventure.

The controls are tight, responsive and work perfectly, Batman moves fluidly and is a joy to use throughout. As you progress through the action packed game you can unlock new gadgets to improve your sneaking abilities or combat which helps keep things fresh and exciting.

While not huge in length the main story is snappy and compelling with little to no needless filler or waste. Arkham Asylum doesn’t revolutionise the action/adventure genre but it does present an extremely well put together package, highly polished in all areas and an absolute thrill to play.


Each element is individually strong including the plethora of game play styles to the great story and wonderful visual style. And whilst none of them on their own are ground braking or genre leading they complement each other to create an overall outstanding package.

The game is short and sweet with almost no padding to provide a lean and uncompromising experience.

It’s Batman.

Although still a fun and addictive edition the combat mechanics are shallow but thankfully not too overplayed during the adventure.

Release date: 2009

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Batman: Arkham Asylum (EU, 08/28/09)

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