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"Getting in was the east part, Breaking out is even easier."

Prison Break: The Conspiracy is a game based on the 1st Season of the Television show Prison Break. You play Tom Paxton, an Agent for The Company that is sent to Fox River so he can stop Lincoln and Michael from breaking out of Fox River and making sure that Lincoln dies in the electric chair. During the game you will experience Stealth, Fighting, and a familiar story.

Prison Break: The Conspiracy follows the first season of Prison Break. The Company knows about Michael's plan to break his brother Lincoln out of Fox River. Tom Paxton's boss sends him to Fox River to make sure the break out doesn't happen. Through out the game, you will watch quite a few of the Events from Season 1 through Paxton's eyes, including the famed Prison Break. All the key characters from Season 1 are in the game, although because of what I assume were contract or some issues some characters don't look like their T.V counterpart and aren't voiced by the Characters. Like Sarah Tancredi and Charles Westmoreland.

The video game version of Fox River looks very nice. A lot of the important characters are very well portrayed. The main game play style for Prison Break: The Conspiracy is stealth, as Tom you will have to sneak through halls, vents, past guards, and Search Lights, as you progress through the game. The Stealth gameplay isn't bad, but it can also be pretty hard, or easy depending on the situation. In some parts a guard will see you and can run back and jump into a Cabinet before you fail. If you're seen it gives you a few seconds before you get a failed screen and have to start over from the last checkpoint, or if you choose you can start over at the start of the current Chapter. The stealth gameplay can easily be touch and go. The Mini-map shows you where to go, points you in the right direction, and also shows which direction the A.I. controlled characters you have to avoid are facing, unless you are playing on hard, On hard the Mini-map doesn't show A.I. controlled characters.

Along with playing the main story, you can also fight in an underground Fight Club style battle against other Inmates for money, you can fight around 10 different opponents. You are able to punch a Punching Bag or Lift weights to raise your strength. The fighting system is extremely easy to use, you can Punch, Kick, Counter, and Block, but all you really have to do to win fights during the Story and Fight Club is Counter, Countering does damage, knocks down your opponent, and still allows you to do damage while they are on the ground.

Overall Prison Break: The Conspiracy isn't a bad game, it has some issues, but it's at least worth a Rental, especially if you're a fan of the show. The Stealth system seems pretty forgiving for a Stealth based game. It's not a hard game, and is pretty short, but it's a fun game while it lasts.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/04/10

Game Release: Prison Break: The Conspiracy (US, 04/01/10)

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